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    When I do Profit Taker it has the pylons underneath the big mushrooms and you are not able to get them! They are also upside down. Have a pic but couldnt insert it.
  2. Please fix Paracesis Elemental effects! Lost it when update came, also the Mantis Liset Prisma Skin isn't the same either doesn't move as much and doesn't look that good as it did.
  3. Same for the Paracesis energy not showing
  4. Fixes towards Kavat eye color not being applied This did not go toward the Kavats eye color on mine it changed the another color to be permanent yellow no matter what color you chose . Please fix this. Forgot to mention this is on the Moonless Kavat pattern. On the other it changed the tail and eye to yellow from what I had before this hotfix.
  5. Haven't heard anymore about Somachords in Orb Vallis. What is the status on them, and will it be any changes to finding them faster? I have only gotten one so far. It makes it difficult to find just one and then you have to go in and come back out to find just one again! Thanks for any info on this.
  6. Why doesn't the Grineer leave at night? When hunting the Eidolon they interfere , kill your lures etc. When Plains of Eidolon came out it showed that even the Grineer leave at night. They are there anyway. And can we have a change in finding the Soma chords in Orb Vallis? There are way to many to try to find in the big open space of Orb Vallis, and when you finally find one you have to go in and come back out to find another one.
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