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  1. i want to see the announcement to know what accesories will have chroma prime, i hope he could have an armor, cause he havnt many golden parts, so he needs a bit bore golden....stuff 😄
  2. Physio7

    Chroma needs a rework

    DE, if u cant work in a big rework for chroma please, at least let us change his elements when we are in a mission as he is the master of elements
  3. Physio7

    Chroma needs a rework

    Well, something simmilar happend with oberon prime for example, befroe he were released they were working in a rework for him but they couldn't release it with the prime, but finally they released his rework some weeks after his prime release But i'm sure they are working in a rework for chroma, at least they have give him a week plus since limbo prime was released (when a prime is released there's a period of 90 days, after this a new prime comes, that means that chroma prime would be release this next week, but it will be in sep 25, so they have give chroma a plus week
  4. Physio7

    Chroma needs a rework

    Well if we look at what happend with Limbo Prime, they released a rework for him a week before his release, if chorma prime will be released at sep. 25th, is so possible next week they can release a rework for chroma
  5. Physio7

    Searching for Chroma Prime art concepts

    Ok guys i've already see how is chroma prime, DE showed officially us in yesterday prime time and his design is awesome for me, i know he doesnt wear many gold ( but i think he haves more goldy parts under his pelt) he reminds me to daedric armor, i luv it <3<3<3 Oh and today they are going to show us chroma prime in action in today devstream, so stay tuned :0
  6. Physio7

    Chroma prime leak

    Not exactcly, at first as DE confirmed gram prime is going to be the next prime weapon and the dragon joke, please, just imagine Atlas with gram prime.... so weird, oh cmon atlas is one punch man he uses his knuckles :0, the gram prime is for the Dragon Knight, oh and every year comes with 2 males and 2 females, in 2018 it would be limbo and chroma, so many people were especulating in june about what male prime would come first, between chroma and limbo, as it was limbo now is the chroma's turn, as Atlas and Wukong are set for 2019, about mirage prime is cause she was released in holidays, DE always change the prime order in those dates. English is not my main language but what i'm trying to explain is that.... imagine a box that says 2018, inside the box u have zephyr, limbo, chroma and mesa, so in that year u have to release that 4 frames but in the order u like, so in march of 2018 it would be possible that mesa would be released but was zephyr first, so the next female one is mesa, and the same happens with limbo and chroma, as limbo was released before now is chroma's turn, but not atlas or wukong, cause they are in the box of 2019, i hope i can explain u all how it works, i hope u can understand :S
  7. Physio7

    Someone made a mistake

    IDK about akjagara, but i'm really sure that gram prime will come with Chroma Prime, well, as the wiki says, Gram is the name of the sword of Siegfried, a nordic hero that used his sword to kill the dragon Fafnir and bath in his blood to become inmortal, it's so related with dragon myths; in fact Rebbeca made a dragon joke when they showed the concept of Gram Prime.( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)
  8. i pray for chroma, i really want a golden smaug, and maybe Gram Prime is related with dragons theme, as the wiki says: This sword was named after the sword of Sigurd (sometimes known as Siegfried) from Norse Mythology, that is the sword which killed Fafnir, who was a dragon. Then, Siegfried bathed in the dragon's blood and he became inmortal, but with a weak point, so similar to Achilles myth
  9. as DE makes primes with the normal model i hope they could change his pelt to a scalie shape, with golden scales around his pelt cause i see his normal pelt and looks so ugly to me, it looks like meat, so i want that they could add many golden scales over his pelt, like a dragon , and make a better texture for the scales around his belly, the interior skin of chroma haves like small dragon scalles and it would be great if they make a better texture of that scales too 😄
  10. Physio7

    Searching for Chroma Prime art concepts

    well i'm not searching for an artist to make a concept, i'm just searching for concepts already made about what people expects about a prime version of chroma, i'm just curious about what people wants, what they think about what is going to be Chroma Prime
  11. Physio7

    Searching for Chroma Prime art concepts

    well chroma haves little scales around the belly, maybe they make him a remastered version of that scales with better textures
  12. Physio7

    Searching for Chroma Prime art concepts

    ah another thing, if they use normal version of warframes to turn them to prime, please DE, change his feets please xDDDD chroma feets looks horrible, add some claws or something there
  13. Physio7

    Searching for Chroma Prime art concepts

    About a heart concepts for chroma i imagine a crystal prism xDDD as he is the master of colours (chromatic) , about his skin i want something more.... with scales, i think he could looks great with a pelt with scales, white and gold scales
  14. Physio7

    Searching for Chroma Prime art concepts

    the idea for a huge elemental wings looks cool, about the pelt i wonder if it could look as a real dragon and not like an empty shell, i know is just a pelt.... but it would be cool to have a real dragon with us
  15. Physio7

    Searching for Chroma Prime art concepts

    dont worry, i hate the regular pelt too.... looks like barbecue meat , but i love his regular helmet