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  1. Physio7

    Chroma needs a rework

    DE, if u cant work in a big rework for chroma please, at least let us change his elements when we are in a mission as he is the master of elements
  2. Physio7

    Chroma needs a rework

    Well, something simmilar happend with oberon prime for example, befroe he were released they were working in a rework for him but they couldn't release it with the prime, but finally they released his rework some weeks after his prime release But i'm sure they are working in a rework for chroma, at least they have give him a week plus since limbo prime was released (when a prime is released there's a period of 90 days, after this a new prime comes, that means that chroma prime would be release this next week, but it will be in sep 25, so they have give chroma a plus week
  3. Physio7

    Chroma needs a rework

    Well if we look at what happend with Limbo Prime, they released a rework for him a week before his release, if chorma prime will be released at sep. 25th, is so possible next week they can release a rework for chroma
  4. Maybe cause they could get more warframe hype releasing umbra and a new prime and... well, many people were waiting too a limbo or chroma prime version..... as many people want umbra too (oh, i forgot, this summer comes too the open vault, so this will be a big economical summer)
  5. (i think) it could be as Umbra haves an own quest but not the primes, and there could come Limbo or Chroma (as other order changes like valkyr or mirage prime) Ithink that too cause over time, the primes enter in the vault, but i dont think it could happend with umbra, i think Umbra will be The Sacrifice reward
  6. oh gawd... i can feel how the golden dragon aproaches..... *w* I wonder how could be the Chroma Prime is supposed to be the skin of a sentient, and about his quest "the new strange" i never understood the phrase: "the eyes of day drinking the night"... (maybe the eyes of ballas... idk)