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  1. Melee has always been one of my major ways of playing Warframe. I actually enjoyed melee enough to actually create certain builds around it as well. While not all of my builds were effected (as many of the other posts go on about), one setup I had was majorly destroyed for lack of a better term. The build I use is specifically for the Ack & Brunt. Since blocking is no longer something you can manually control, Guardian Derision and Electromagnetic Shielding both have no effect as it requires you to be "blocking" for the effects to go off. The block that occurs apparently doesn't counting as "blocking" as it doesn't trigger the effects of these mods and has killed some major runs for my guild and friends due to this not working. Even if the mods did work with the new blocking system, I imagine it wouldn't be useful as you have virtually no control over the taunt or protection mechanics of these mods anymore. To me, the way the old melee worked was fine. It had things about it that needed to be fixed but this phase 1 fixed most of those things. I definitely don't think removing block/quick melee was the answer though. This is Phase 1 though so I remain optimistic that these issues will be addressed, granted I won't be able to use some of my favorite setups until after the updates.
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