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  1. I could really do without grid-fest events. I already have to repeat low-yield missions I don't like as much just trying to round out the last of my collection. 5-7 tedious missions per-floof (going to assume 20-25 kills per mission), 3-4 per mod 12-14 for the scene assuming you don't want it all (no scene) that's 50-70 runs of the exact same mission for HALF the items that's a 4-6 hours of sequential tedium (ignoring queue, load score times) for a "fun" short-lived event. Well done DE, you turned a distraction into a nightmare time-sink MID NIGHT WAVE
  2. agreed lowering the re-roll cost by 3-5 degrees of kuva would make sense if you just hit a riven with a nerf
  3. First off, I like the melee changes so far. It has however opened up a few issues. movement: Too many melee combos force movement onto the player so you find youself lurching about about where previously quick-melee would let you spam your way through some enarby enemies while holding whatever ground you chose (such as withina bubble/hallowed-ground/ledge/volt-shield). Early days, yes, but if you are forcing fully-equipped melee systems on every warframe the movement and combo systems need to be closer to dynasty warriors than the current method. By all means keep the special movements but hold them under charge/sprint variants of the combo chains. There's a reason I only ever equipped melee weapons to use life-strike before this 2.9999 mode was activated. TLDR: I want to position my warframe, not bend to the whims of differeing melee combos each swing. Thrown weapons/Charged-throws: Frankly this is unacceptible, you need to default all charge weapons (including zenistar) to the dual weild system while equipped ASAP because holding a button down, and then having to press another unclearly telegraphed "charge" function in order to trigger specific special moves is a pain in the ass, even more so when my secondary weapon is deliberately selected as a single hander or when a single miss-key can turn an instant-kill to a zone-wide-alert. example, i'm using a lenz, furis/orvius build I shoot the lens, an enemy is up close, I charge attack the enemy that got out of the zone but the disc boundes off his head and starts pinging round the walls (I forgot to hold down "melee channel" or simply miss timed a button press), seeing this happen I figure "hey I have a dual weild set-up I'll just shoot him with my furis", the LENZ swaps back in and I kill myself. To shoot the furis I needed to go back to my lens (aim), then swap weapon, then wait for the dual weild weapons to kick into my U, 2-3 seconds work in all but that's 2-3 seoncds I NEVER had to deal with in the old system. Horrible to use, less intuitive than before and highly vulnerable to miss-clicks. TLDR: ALL thrown weapons need to be swapped over to the dual-weild control interface/system. if the player is dual-weilding then using melee attack should OPTIONALLY become a weapon-swap (from main hand to dual-weild) Standardise the trigger press timing for activating the charge-throw if you must but the "new" system is wholy less useful than the old when it comes to thrown weapons.
  4. In regards tot he new ability UI. I'm concerned about making things prettier while also removing functionality (see item labels as a good example). When you update the ability UI I have the following requests and one MUST HAVE the must have: -the with/without mods comparison for abilities NEEDS to be on the warframe mod-build screen, either by overlay or through single-click link into a more comprehensive stat screen visible at a glance and without any additional clicks/hover-over/navigation involved to see the full impact of our mods (including the option to toggle temporary effects such as growing power). requests -link the new abilities screen to the market (allow pre-purchase evaluations) -have a larger area for "tips" (expand upwards, don't overwrite the other ability screenspace), -some warframes have a lot of features only documented on the wikia, these need to be clearly visible IN GAME (oberon's armour buff mechanics, saryn's spore proliferation mechanics, mesa's peacemaker not targeting bosses, etc) -let players swap from mod-screen to viewing abilities without the additional click to back out into the root menu
  5. When do you intend to link Titania razorwing vacuum to the presence of similar mods on your companion? Innate vacuum is useful until it's not.
  6. yep, exploit the mechanics early and often because DE punish those who take their time while rewarding the inventive/captain-obvious'
  7. Sill not seeing the removal of that stupid fail-timer (or at leaswt a mechanic by which t can be greatly delayed through active play) It's far from that I can't, it's that I shouldn't have to rush the fight (it's not like the profit taker is trying to escape us as a capture target would, it litterally turns and fights us head on)
  8. I have to say, less tetra is appreciated as the never ending sequence of enemies fly-kicking me into orbit (while laying down bounce pads, slowly expanding knock-up auras and spawning hyena with various nonsense dash-leap attacks) every other second gets monotonous real fast when they spawn behind you every 10-15 seconds.
  9. Agreed, i'd rather see sentinel weapons get some "flavour" than see them totally abandoned on the riven front. We currently have 2-3 truly special weapons (vulklok for damage, sweeper for status, deconstructor for the 1-2-3 punch) but the others could really use a little love and balancing to perform closer to their mechanical compatriots and animal friends
  10. The most recent/current arbitration mission is bugged. Supposed to be defence versus infested, ended up in a standard dark sector reactor defence versus lvl 30 enemies.
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