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  1. having played with railjack for a few days now I have some thoughts on the overall crew and several with the derpfest-pilots specifically overall a good addition to the setting, I can finally run missions that the RNG matchmaking of bad pilots, blind gunners and endless-breach-closure put me off from participating in. Alas, I have almost zero use of the ship-artillery/slingshot now unless I run without an NPC pilot (more details below). crew feedback - sort of first and foremost Ticker needs a "contracts" tab, needing to go to a space-based railjack dock 2-3 zone-lines away to
  2. I agree with the overall thought RJ is a really interesting system that could act as a linkage between other mission types and as a stand-alone mode for various mission types. while my dream is to start in a mission, get a RJ pickup, go to orbit/void, complete a mission, then finish with another mission, seamlessly (or any other variant f the mentioned aspects) having railjack taken over with effectively endless ground-missions is something of a letdown. there's plenty of room for further variety in RJ/crew co-operative missions for systematic destruction of stations, h
  3. This, absolutely this. I'd also like to have the option to link my sentinel/robotic pets into the railjack itself as a gunner/artillery substitute. As to beast-pets, defender seems fitting given the territorial nature of most animals, let alone ones trained and bred for combat. Ideally i'd like this as a bonus on top of existing crew, though I understand that having a sentinel-gunner would break the already powerful gunnery system even further. though if it's taking up a ship-weapon while having zero bonuses it's a reasonable compromise. and remember, pet-death is effect
  4. seconded the RNG stats is simply making getting myself an engineer-combat crewmember a case of login, check ticker, check statlines, tut in disappointment, do dailies. there is ZERO interactivity in this system, and 13 max-stats is low enough that the +3 from command ranks is more a fixer for all the RNG rather than something rewarding. Currently, any mixed-stat crew with 1-2 points everywhere are effectively useless beyond hitting the 3 crew maximum the first time. personal feedback Ticker - needs to have a contracts tab so we can hire and fire from one location. the onl
  5. only 50 credits for a duplicate? seems a bit stingy considering a single potato costs 75 and the "unique" items are the main reason to even bother with nightwave at all.
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