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  1. 0 not exactly impressed with the state of yet another island of content to be forgotten.
  2. 1 - Stance Forma has Zero right to exist. It is literally worthless. Remove it frome the game. 2 - There's this little concept called "Scaling Rewards" you might want to look it up, getting the same old mission rewards as the base node is not worth even bothering with. 3 - I'm sure there is a third point but aside from the Khora deluxe this update was not worth the download.
  3. All this has told me is that DE still hasn't learned a damn thing from prior experiences. Vauban got a similar treatment after his last rework just basic flat damage buffs and he still struggled to do anything with his kit, then they changed it to use scaling damage and it was a whole new ball game, he actually became a viable frame choice. Did they learn from that experience? Seems not since they just made the same mistake with Protea here.
  4. To those saying Solo/Invite Only, yeah thats an option but it shouldn't be the only option. To be honest only the host should have access to the navigation console, an option I can think of for allowing other players access to it would be to do what a game called Helldivers does with its mission console: allow others to view and make a suggestion by clicking a mission node that highlights it and plays a ping sound.
  5. Honestly I'll just run this current season for the rewards and thats it. The story side of it can go die in a fire, not gonna sit around for yet another timegated enemy.
  6. Is it just me or is DE actually getting more work done from home then they do when they are at the office?
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