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  1. I'm sure its on DE's list of "Things we need to do" but its probably on the very bottom of it. Every once in awhile we do get texture passes for older stuff its just not a primary concern to them and yeah I do agree its showing its age and really stands out from anything made in the last 2 or so years.
  2. ...........No. This idea is bad and you should feel bad for even suggesting it.
  3. Try it in a bright yellow colour you'll not blind yourself but also any players in a 10m viewing radius.
  4. I started shortly after the game went open beta (I missed getting the braton vandal by like 12 hours or so), anyway when I started all you got was a frame (your choices were mag, excalibur, and loki) didn't know squat at the time and took mag (at this point in the game that was a massive mistake mag sucked against everything that wasn't corpus and against corpus she was a god of death) got handed a mk-1 braton a lato and skana then tossed out the door and into the game. There was no such thing as a tutorial back in these days (we wouldn't get a tutorial til 2 years later) so there was no how to do basic stuff like wall running (seriously I didn't even learn this was a thing til a month later I kid you not), weapon modding or even what button does what, the game was exceedingly confusing early on.
  5. Nurmetya

    Nyx rework 1.5 (More to Psychic themed)

    Its a "Vauban" quality rework, meaning pretty much nothing changed all and the same old problems are still there.
  6. Nurmetya

    What is this????

    One sec I'll go find it and put in an edit. Edit. My bad, it seems that is the Baruuk Mandala which is only available from the Baruuk collection in the market.
  7. Nurmetya

    What is this????

    Since no one actually answered the OP's question its a dojo decor item only, which is a pity cause its actually pretty nice looking. Also side note the image is only broken cause Imgur doesn't like direct image linking from their site to other places.
  8. The old design, at least you could tell which lockers could be opened.
  9. Nurmetya

    Nyx's rework was very underwelming.

    So its a "vauban" level of re-work then good to know.
  10. Nurmetya

    How would you rate Fortuna part 2?

    2/10 cause a 1 would be too obvious, too many spawns when doing the orb bounties, an ungodly amount of time spent on my ass due to the stupid amount of knockdown every Vallis enemy has, a grind for supposedly common resources that is just tedious, 3 different unskippable "pep" talks, missions that just break for whatever reason it feels like. All for what? Pretty much nothing you get a handful of credits and a single toroid worth 6k rep. I can farm twice that amount just farming the regular ones from various mobs in the labs/spaceport/temple in half the time it takes to do one mother so you can guess what I'm not going to be doing in the future.
  11. Nurmetya

    Redo old prime skins

    The only one that really could use some touching up is ol' Frosty, all he really got was a some trim swapped to gold and a new helm.
  12. Minor distraction and general meat shield.
  13. Nurmetya

    “Arbitration’s aren’t the end game we want”

    Arbitrations were an interesting diversion for maybe a day or two but now its just not worth it, I'm not interested in any of the mods it brings and its only good for getting an ungodly amount of ayatans where I just hand em' to Maroo without even bothering to slap stars in. Its just not fun and really aside from interceptions all the other game modes it brings up take way too long for so little payoff.
  14. And how would you tell the difference between getting DC'd or someone quitting cause of a failed hack?
  15. Nurmetya

    Any good kit guns?

    Got 2 I kept a Gaze/Haymaker/Bellows and a Tombfinger/Lovetap/Zipneedle. Going to re-make the Rattelguts I had wasn't happy with it and Catchmoon has too many problems with its projectile for it to reach its full potential.