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  1. As far as I've seen its even fewer numbers then conclave goers.
  2. And here we get to see Glassmaker drag itself out longer then anyone really wants it to. Don't know about some of you but I'm tired of glassed enemies dropping in. ...Aside from disapointment that everything else looks fine.
  3. Since you can oly have a max of 15 pins anyway and really the only pin anyone needs is to mark deck 12 or whatever it was again in The Vallis for ease of entry finding, there's pretty much no reason for this item to exist.
  4. It can work but I don't recommend it as it can result in a buggy installation and errors with future/current patches and updates, this is coming from experience with doing exactly what you propose. So unless you are under some sort of bandwidth limit I would recommend re-downloading the game.
  5. Not in the slightest, I literally give 0 (insert explitive here) about the Helminth system.
  6. I'd prefer it if DE would just seperate A,B and C from each other less need to build another frame unless you want to and each letter would be its own thing, just need more forma per frame which wouldn't be too unreasonable.
  7. *glances at a heap of slowly dieing Sly Vulpaphylas* No issues with that if I ever want to get a new catdog thing.
  8. ... ..... This is a plain honest terrible idea, pvp in Warframe is generally dead and I don't adding in a griefer mode will help revive it in any way. Just let conclave rest in piece, its already got both feet in the grave all it needs to do is lie down and let someone back fill the hole.
  9. 0 Will probably remain 0 too since I have no interest in feeding Helminth, he can order some space Burgers if he's hungry.
  10. This "subsume" mechanic with Helminth isn't even in the game yet and I already don't care about it. Like everything DE adds it'll end up broken and forgotten in a matter of weeks.
  11. ... .... ..... What? ... Her motes zap what? 1 maybe 2 enemies at a time? And have a bad habit of zapping an already electro stunned target to boot that makes this entire arguement invalid.
  12. All prime parts, prime blueprints, various keys, all mods (except for Primed Chamber) and platinum are tradeable. To actually trade you need to be rank 2 minimum and it helps to be in a clan where they've built the trading post.
  13. They also need to pay employee's, bills and make sure the shareholders are happy. Do you think that they can do all that? I'm all for charity but it needs to be done with enough of a financial foothold to be able to afford it. edit - Oh dear seems I was ninja'd well played lad.
  14. Nurmetya

    Delta Beacons

    DE changed defense and survival prosecutor drop tables, they will only drop deltas now and very rarely anything else. Kappas are the new deltas now, but I hear doing sabotages and just not extracting from it will spawn prosecutors fairly regularly.
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