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  1. 2007? Game ain't old sonny, its only been around for about 7 years including its closed beta time which was only about a year or so in total.
  2. Probably won't happen til Thursday. Seriously its DE when was the last time you can recall an update that wasn't just a measly hotfix have semblance of being "on time"? Most of the time is usually late or delayed.
  3. One of the last 2 devstreams don't recall which,I believe Rebecca has also mentioned it.....several times, and this.
  4. Season 2 will have an infested themed set but DE has also said there will be a way to do stuff for season 1 so you will still have a chance to grind out Saturn Six armour.
  5. So I guess I'll just stick to playing Don't Starve or Don't Starve Together until I see something that isn't a "We swear we are 'Working' on it" post. Maybe I'll fire up Oxygen Not Included instead and see if I can build a base to run entirely on the power of farts.
  6. And there's the announcement of "It's delayed to update next week" and its only Monday.
  7. You do know DE purposefully nerfed the Tactical Wolfie right?
  8. Geoff said its release will most likely be post-Tennocon with more information probably during Tennocon since they seem to be falling behind on their own schedule. Jovian Concord is supposed to be sometime this month probably around the 15th since that is when the current Nightwave season is supposed to end and Empyrean (Railjack) is still tentatively pre-Tennocon but that is only if they can get back on schedule.
  9. To be honest I don't it at all, not to belittle Liger their art is amazing but this is way to over detailed for Warframe will probably have to be modified so the end product won't even look like this.
  10. Didn't see him til the middle of the 4th week and didn't see him again til 3 days ago only got a handle off of him and nothing else. See loads of his buddies scattered around though, hell almost a quarter of my NW ranks came from them alone.
  11. If I do make it that far before this season ends its going to one place only.... The garbage bin.
  12. So from what I can gather DE finally decided to go and make most of the changes to crafting requirements and cost of various Cetus Items that players have asked for and only after most players will have already pulled up their socks and ground it out. Good job on doing that by the way guys you are only about 2 and half to 3 years to late though but none the less good job. You should have done this long ago but then you've always been pretty much blind to the future, barely cognizant of the present but your hindsight? Your hindsight is of crystal clarity.
  13. Scan Thumper enemy for the codex, maybe poke around a bit and see if anything "new" was added out there, shrug and wander off for something more relevant.
  14. If this was during the sortie yesterday it was an Elemental Enhancement Sortie and all the enemies had Toxin damage mixed in with their normal damage, and toxin damage ignores shields and will affect health directly and Valkyr while being fairly tanky in Hysteria can still take damage and toxin damage isn't affected by hysteria's damage reduction and ignores shields. So yeah Kela ain't broke.
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