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  1. Nurmetya

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.0.7

    °³° ...Why would you need bait for sapcaddy's at all? just walk out the gate and bam bajillions of the little nuisances.
  2. Nurmetya

    [Fortuna Map] Orb Vallis mapped and ready

    I think I know which one you mean, Its not so much a "cave" but a hole in the ground with a total cave depth of about 5m so its not something you'd immediately recognize as a cave when you first see it.
  3. Nurmetya

    [SPOILER] Is Legs still considerd Human?

    Duct tape.....lots of Duct tape and maybe some band-aids for cheap insurance.
  4. Wait it requires that vitus essence from the Arbitrations? Well that is unfortunate since I've given up on doing those since the reward is usually not worth the effort required.
  5. Nurmetya

    Garuda Feedback and Discussion

    Well it looks like DE didn't even bother to read any of this particular thread, pretty much nothing changed about Garuda aside from the "ult" going from a mobile blender to to an AoE placeable blender. Looks like I'll be doing the exact same thing with her that I did with the Revenant..... level it to 30 then toss it in the rubbish bin, good job DE.
  6. Nurmetya

    New Fortuna Mod Sets?! Thoughts?

    Just gonna farm em for the collection then promptly forget they even exist none of em' look particularly useful.
  7. Nurmetya

    Knell is gonna be awesome secondary weapon

    Probably only works for that one shot and not the buff if you manage to land that headshot .
  8. Nurmetya

    Something worse than a leech

    Took Rubico prime today did all the heavy lifting for my group.
  9. Nurmetya

    Frames you just can't get into

    Limbo - I loath every aspect of his kit which is a pity as his prime is pretty good looking. Wukong - Other frames do his "job" better. Ash - Boredom personified. Revenant - Eeyup I wanna spend all my time turning into a giant laser disco ball... Saryn - pre Pablo Saryn I used to use quite a bit, post Pablo Saryn went in the trash. Equinox - 2 frames twice the boring.
  10. With how tight modding space is on pets exactly where are you going to put this?
  11. Nurmetya

    Disappointed With Nyx rework list

    With fortuna probably so if nothing goes wrong the "first" week of November. And I put first in quotations since there is always something that comes up and delays things.
  12. Nurmetya

    Disappointed With Nyx rework list

    Because Revenant doesn't even get to control 7 enemies since they have no way of not immediately dying from your self or your own teammates.
  13. Nurmetya

    Garuda Feedback and Discussion

    So I just got around to watching the devstream wasn't live just the recording and from what I've seen of "garuda" hasn't gotten me all that....what is word? oh right excited. So we have a bad passive to start off with, less health = more damage, this is going to get people killed or frustrated at any source of healing cause you know and I know and everyone here knows someone is gonna want that bonus damage up at all times and if any one player has a rejuv aura or is player a frame that can heal I can guarantee that garuda player is gonna complain about it. Her first ability looks clunky and bland its both a defensive ability and a damage ability, as a shield it looks like it will only block damage from what ever direction you are facing but with warframe being a horde shooter we have damage incoming from pretty much any direction. Range mods had best work on this particular ability or else its gonna end up ignored and it better wrap around the frame and not just make it wider. As a damage ability...well I guess we now know where the lunaro ball weapon idea went huh. Her second ability is a AOE heal, okay seems useful does it affect the whole team or just you? if it affects the team then it might actually be useful, if its just you then its completely pointless isn't it since a health restore is usually cheaper to use and it heals your teammates too. The thrid ability is cut yourself and get energy back so its an emo frame?... this is just plain old stupid this will probably kill you since you know everything in the game wants you dead and with this it just need to wait til you cut yourself enough to kill you with a gentle poke and since energy is literally easy to come by this needs to be thrown out and redone. The fourth ability.....we just got this one only with lasers no need to do it a third time, first being Inaros's sandstorm second being revenant's danse macabre and now garuda's "Will It Blend!" do something new. All in all this frame has a nice looking model with an interesting form but it has the most lackluster, bland, uninspiring, and down right lazy set of abilities if I were you I wouldn't release this frame at all in its current state.
  14. Nurmetya

    Operators suits need to be reverted.

    Well DE has decided to revert the current changes anyway since operator fashion basically took a dive into the gutter and re-do the whole thing from the ground up basically.
  15. Sadly none will allow that, as soon as it leaves the range of black, white or grays it turns to the element of the other colour being mixed in is. Its why I feel Chroma needs a passive that is an actual passive and have his element selection be a toggle either in the modding screen or on his abilities screen.