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  1. Nurmetya

    Weapons that I would love to see

    I still want the Nox's toxic loogie launcher and a big rusty chainsaw of grineer design.
  2. Nurmetya

    Battle Royale

    No I really don't want this no one with even half a brain wants this for warframe and the "battle royale" craze needs to go die in a fire.
  3. Nurmetya

    So...the Fomorian event?

    Is the relay rebuild thing over yet? I don't remember what its end date was but if its still going on anything like the fomorians and razorbacks will be delayed til whatever the current event or special mission time is over.
  4. Nurmetya

    Mask of the Revenant: Update 23.7.0

    This can be said for 80% of the augments but then DE always did like their band-aids.
  5. DE's method of choosing the next primed mod is by spinning the Great Wheel of RNGeesus, place and time is also chosen via the Great Wheel.
  6. The more your space dog does not love you the less damage he will do and he eat your best shoes. A Loyal space puppy is a happy puppy.
  7. Nurmetya

    What's everyone doing in Warframe these days?

    Logging in for daily 13-14 days to the 3 rivens, maybe sortie, collect any taters, if its friday see if Saltlord Baro has anything decent, log out got play the old as hell Dayz mod for arma 2.
  8. Nurmetya

    Where is Update 23.5.0?! [COMING FRIDAY]

    No surprise really.
  9. Nurmetya

    Daily Tribute Dev Workshop!

    I get the feeling people are worried that this is happening next week and its going to make them restart at day 0 to get whatever their next tier reward was. Going by Rebecca's own post here it sounds like this is still more in the discussion phase and not too much in the development phase since all we've been shown are a few mock-ups and not the real deal.
  10. Nurmetya

    Can you crossplay

    Even then if you read that article its only a possibility between the Xbox 1 and Switch cause they've done it before with other games, but with zero chances of PS4 and PC being included for crossplay. Sony simply can't play nice with anyone else and we on the PC have accepted our fate as the guinea pigs for the consoles so you can get as smooth possible update. One thing most folks don't seem remember is that Warframe still supports Windows XP users (though that may change sometime in the near future), Windows 7/8, those OS's have zero capacity for crossplay at all as they lack the necessary software architecture to support it (and in the case of a Potato PC user probably hardware as well) and there is no chance of Microsoft ever adding it via a "service Patch" as they don't actively work on XP anymore and only do minimum service for 7 and 8 since they are actively phasing them out. Win10 can technically can support crossplay with the Xbox 1 but then DE would have to cut off every PC user still using Windows XP/7/8 and that is a lot of people.
  11. Nurmetya

    Will the Harnony Ribbon ever be colorable?

    I see no problems with it being recolourable since we have this handy lil' site to look up other potential ribbon colours.
  12. Lets take look at the history of.... - Things DE added that either died, were disliked, or generally ignored by the player populace - PVP - Added so the few that wanted it could have it. Whats its current state? Fairly dead with a small # of players keeping it from the grave. Lunaro - Added at the height of Rocket Leagues fame.....died in less than a month its just waiting for the hole to be back filled. Archwing - You either love it or hate it. Most seem to just seem to not care about it. Onslaught - Was fun for awhile but now its just a focus or affinity farm. People still do this exceedingly boring mode but I honestly hope it gets a second look it needs more than a just kill all the things mode. Trials - People used to love these but bugs and a lack of attention from DE lead to its demise, most folks would like to see em' return they were fun with friends if you didn't give a damn about it being a "perfect" run. Dark Sectors - Killed by a lot of players making use of cheap tactics so it got the permanent Armistice lock. Just from this list and there are more things then just these can you see why a "battle royale" mode in any form would end up dead or completely ignored.
  13. Nurmetya

    We need more operator cosmetics

    I would prefer a better hair stylist first. The current blind one-armed mentally challenged chimp with a dull chef's knife has got to go.
  14. Nurmetya

    Warframe PUBG PVP Mode?

    Bender - Oh, yo<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe>u're serious (Laugh Harder)
  15. Nurmetya

    A... Dumb question, but... Dead Eye affect Supra Vandal?

    Deadeye is for Sniper rifles only something the supra is not.