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  1. I don't want Plague Star. last time it was a janky broken mess as it is not fully set up to run properly on the revised Plains. So unless they've taken the time to fix it completely I don't want to see it, it'll just be in the way.
  2. Its like HL2ep3 or even HL3, everytime someone asks they add another year on the release timer.
  3. You know aside from Hek all of that is stuff I haven't used in years, nd I know I have weapons and frames that have seen more use then what is listed. Proof I've been around since the open beta too, got my cane ready all I need now is a cloud to yell at.
  4. That is due to there being no actual storyline its more like a painting, but the painters tool of choice is a drippy sippy cup. DE had planned out a storyline at one point, Natah is the start of of it but its been dragged out to a point of nonsense over the course of 4 years.
  5. No way to buy back a sold item, you will need to re-craft it.
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