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  1. Hell I'm only on my first lich and I'm already sick of hunting thralls for the stupid murmurs, 10 to 15 thralls seems like a decent number to hunt but right now I'm at 40 and I still haven't even uncovered my first requiem yet.
  2. I'm glad slide melee was killed off it needed to die.
  3. Short list of "Things we are all still waiting on." - Railjack, now in 3 parts cause reasons - Kuva Liches not actually part of the above til later. - The Mythical Melee 3.0 - Fatboi aka Grendal confirmed to be at least soonish with a side of SOON™* - Probably a recycled Halloween event - The New War, which might be part of that "find answers" - Nightwave intermission 2.....insert suppressed sigh here... I could go on but just don't feel like it at all. This has been a year of "Hey! Check this cool thing out, oh but it won't be ready for at least another year but its cool isn't it?"
  4. Taking all Bets that... A. Vauban will barely have anything changed again, leaving him in his barely mediocre state. B. Ember will be in a worse position then she was before.
  5. Still isn't enough to make me want to grind that out, maybe if it were higher # per kill or Nakak's prices got lowered sure but as it currently is? Still a hard nope from me and many others I'm betting.
  6. + 1 for drunk Kela De Thaym. - 10 for mindless points grind. Also on a side note you broke arcanes and I'd like to see it fixed.
  7. That's cause it is, the 2018 drought hasn't really ended the only real difference between then and now is that DE is trickling little things at us to stave of a full drought. Another way to look t is they keep handing us tiny lil' salads when we're all waiting for that steak.
  8. Yeah not the biggest Wukong fan but that deluxe went from looking pretty good in its earlier state to wow this is ugly, it seems to be using a similar rocky look as the Atlas deluxe but I'm also one of those that thinks the Atlas deluxe needs a 2nd pass as the stone texture just looks so god awful. Aside from that I hope we have things to do between now and Fall as we wait for Empyrian, cause right now I and probably many others are just logging in for the daily login maybe a sortie and see what the daily NW task is. It isn't enough to really keep me in the game and I love this game but all we seem to get is short term filler. Getting sick of the salads, I want a friggin' steak.
  9. You know I'm less interested in what sounds like yet another Tennocon recap (trust me this has been covered by literally every one of your "partners") and more interested in say ... State of melee 3.0? Can I expect this to be finished in my lifetime? Companions rework? Any information would be appreciated since you've said its being done but then went all silent on us Updates on the loot-frame nerfs? Remember that "Design-a-weapon" contest you did a few years back? It had 3 winners after all and we've recieved one of them (Jat Kusar and we got it barely 2 months after the contest was ended) but where are the other 2? its almost been 2 years now. The infamous Zephyr Deluxe? Forget about another Ash Deluxe a bad frame design wrapped in a shiny suit is still a bad frame design. Third Spider fight is where? Is it even started? Do you even remember that its a thing? Vauban's Re-work and when? Literraly should have been done a long time ago. Dark sectors rework? You mentioned it once then we never heard about it again. Nef Anyo boss fight? Phorid remodel? We ever going to see these? Rictus ghouls saw weapon? Are we still getting one to use or did it get thrown out like the Lunaro Arcata weapon? The Nox's Booger Blaster? Will we ever get this as a weapon? Trial's Rework? I miss these. Finally burying Lunaro, the corpse is beginning to stink. These are just the things off the top of my head too, I'm sure if I sit down and actually think about it I could turn this list into a snarky grumpy rage filled monster list.
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