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  1. Hard pass on Twitch Prime. Pity since the decoration looks nice.
  2. https://twitch.amazon.com/prime/loot/warframe Not really worth it to be honest.
  3. 1 - Limbo I leave matches as soon as I see this nuisance, that trolling griefer stink will never him and even after his last "rework" I still find them getting in the way. 2 - Volt Speed buffs with almost no duration and stupidly high strength and constant spam cause it has no duration that few even want most of the time. 3 - Equinox Only type of Equinox I ever see these days is Dayquinox and maim builds, time to NERF it DE you killed Embers WoF cause it did exactly what this build is doing why has she gotten a pass for so long?. Starting to find the monkey and his lil' brother to be annoying too now.
  4. Around that time yeah, last year they left somewhere around December 20th and didn't come back til around January 20th so about 4 weeks and even then we still didn't see any fixes for anything for almost another month. So again I'd rather see work done on the liches then sit around with my proverbiale thumb up my rear end for basically 2 months or more (likely more).
  5. Honestly with how little time time there is left to this year (which is about 2 to 3 weeks due to the holidays) there is no point in releasing anything having to do with Empyrean it would be a waste of their and our time, I'd rather they just spent the next few weeks fixing the damn liches.
  6. Its probably gone down the same path as the Arcata weapon, tossed aside and forgotten then eventually given up on cause its been left in limbo for too long or its "too difficult" to animate properly despite a good chunk of useable anims are mostly there with AW guns.
  7. Taking all Bets that... A. Vauban will barely have anything changed again, leaving him in his barely mediocre state. B. Ember will be in a worse position then she was before.
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