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  1. Its cause DE hasn't done anything to her since the minor hotfix shortly after the initial Sisters update, honestly Merulina just doesn't work. I've never used Helminth before (and honestly I've not bothered with it so far its still rank 1) but I am tempted to use it on that ability just to get something useful on her 2.
  2. Yeah issue isn't quantity of the keys but the "quality" of the drop chance, raising the number of keys given isn't going to help if you rarely ever see em' in the first place. I'd rather you guys work on Yareli, she's fun at times but is also godawful.
  3. on the date of August 24th Destiny 2 will have crossplay/save, they've already got a plan in place for its pvp elements. pc will match with pc and consoles with consoles, the only time it will mix the two is if a pc player invites a friend that is on console into their fireteam then starts a pvp match. And its something they will be keeping an eye on and seeing what needs to be adjusted. This isn't the best solution but it is a viable one. Either way its pvp and the concept of pvp is basically dead in warframe nothing will breath life into it with or without dedicated servers.
  4. Same places its always been Hydron, Sedna to rank your frame, once its at 30 a few rounds of ESO can finish off weapons fast.
  5. All the quest did for me was make me remember why I basically gave up on k-drives. An archwing is just plain superior and you know less catapulting your frame into low orbit cause you struck a tiny pebble of oddball geometry.
  6. As a "veteran" I can easily say this... I don't care for helminth I named it space tumor after being forced to get the segment just to shut the gameup about it and then promptly gave it the finger and locked that door.
  7. The weapon specific ones? Not at all, pretty sure I didn't even keep a copy of em' for the collection. The event ones though see more use depending on my preferences.
  8. Honestly going by the last stream it sounds more like NW is either going to get shelved indefinatly or the next one is delayed for a long time off since it sounds like they haven't even thought up an idea for it to revolve around.
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