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  1. A bit of our... "lament" is that we know such private API exist, but we (obviously, cause private) aren't allowed to use or access them. Some of them, it makes sense: updating inventory, getting user data; but on the flip side are the untold wonders we could do with access to the simpler, more non-invasive ones that are known, like getting a user's profile data, or current loadout. Think of the tools we could build, and not beg DE constantly for, like the extension they teased and ultimately abandoned for streamers to get their current loadout on-stream!
  2. For that matter, nightmare missions, too. They both suffer the problem of being too easily lost.
  3. All good. Feel free to reference warframe hub's repo if you want/need ideas.
  4. Thankfully those are in the worldstate. https://api.warframestat.us/pc/events
  5. truth! I was more meaning for those out there that might not know, lol. anyone out there working to better the community's ability to stay informed or make awesome tools for theorycrafting and the whole realm of things.
  6. btw, for fellow builders, we'd love to talk over projects with you so we can see where we can help eachother
  7. Same, i think the problem right now is a very vocal minority, and a majority would love it, but don't get their voices heard together.
  8. Yeah, i mentioned that they also provide it over a json url that I'm able to consume It really is. making sure duplicates aren't send over mass-subscriptions without them gets pretty hard and dicey.
  9. There's been talks for, pretty much literally years, about having a complete amount of information in the worldstate api. The Reality Some fellow players and I got a usable Worldstate mirror set up providing the data from DE's Worldstate PHP (and the console versions) in an easy to use format for more people to use (feel free to read the swagger here, it's actually up to date now and I made a snazzy dark theme for it). However, there's always aspects wanting. @vaur06 brought this up in a past devstream thread, but we haven't been able to get much traction or des
  10. Noice! I'm going to be doing the next one on this coming saturday because of a commitment on thursday.
  11. Totally up to you 😄 I'm looking forward to tenno creativity, and hopefully new blood (competitors)!
  12. If you'd like to leave your fashion here, we'll still check it out and I can contact you if yours blows us out of the water ❤️
  13. Tenno! I'll be holding a FashionFrame contest at 7pm Thursday, May 17th, in the evening (CDT) on Larunda 2 in North America. Find your timezone here. I have 2 125-plat codes for the top contestants. Rules/Process: Make an outfit. We're going to give the theme another try tonight. This round's fashion theme? Prove your frame worthy of stepping into the Weave and tasting the fruit of the Cephalons by showing which of them you wish to follow in the footsteps of. Bring yourself and your best fashion-framing to Larunda 2 in NA. Find me! W
  14. We also have the data over at https://hub.warframestat.us, but an in-game timer like the FPS counter that we could turn on/off just so it's visible and available would be amazing.
  15. He saw it and thought it was frickin cool
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