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  1. Much awesome, very thanks. Could we get an update on when we'll be getting arbitrations in the worldstate, as well as PoE and Vallis times?
  2. So, yet another PC update delayed because of consoles having terrible cert processes? if you're not going to do cross-prog or cross-play, why? TBH, this leads to another question: why don't your console engineers sync in changes from mainline more often if that's what they're going to end up needing pretty steadily along the whole time and only rebase when there's new content in from mainline? You've mentioned that optimizations are shared amongst all platforms, but if that was the case, your console engineers should be contributing to make sure the builds are getting optimized the whole way along, then it'd be a smaller matter to release for console, from the little we know of your processes.
  3. It's not gone forever, former guides have it still.
  4. It's been an honor! (and most of us aren't going anywhere, speaking for myself, i'm gonna keep doing what i've been doing )
  5. I didn't see if anyone responded, but now-former guides are given the armor to keep, alongside the sigil, but will no longer have the accolade in our profiles.
  6. Does this mean our blueprints in our inventory will turn into built arcanes?
  7. A friend and i alse ended up doing one, and i serve it over bot and api: https://drops.warframestat.us
  8. will the new structs be in the worldstate in advance so community tool developers like me can prep for launch? context
  9. So, when are those super cool driveable vehicles coming, @[DE]Steve? we heard about how ready or at least in-dev they were not long after we caught a glimpse of Fortuna, but still no word on stealing/using those.
  10. Could we get more data in the worldstate (vendor inventories, cycle times) and potentially something akin to a player profile api, only showing the details already available from "/profile" for programmatic use to developers outside of the game? See our thread below
  11. Thank you for another dump on veteran players who have played the game for a long time and had to refarm under-dropping resources on a new planet after promises that we'd be able to either convert or easily find ways to trade existing resources into new ones. By the way, this is sarcasm, this isn't cool.
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