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  1. As of yet, they haven't released syndicate outfits for operators, but that would be pretty swank.
  2. The API i linked (with docs) has all the names/values updated and translated by a team of community peeps that updates stuff like nightwave challenges when they release so the rest of the community (and bot-makers like OP) don't have to.
  3. Yeah, he mentioned us in the vid. Not really gonna expound on it, but most of it was lack of understanding how discord bots work (they need user messages to respond to user messages) and internal team stuff on the server.
  4. I'm curious, too. I run the place, and the shadiest thing is a patreon for keeping the bots running cause I ain't made of money :D (oh, with a public budget spreadsheet)
  5. The easiest would be the api that some of us have wrapped the official one in: https://api.warframestat.us (docs: https://docs.warframestat.us) You can read more of what we wanted to do and have made here on our forum post or here on our discord server. Also, that updaters file will cease to exist soon. Sorry. (because we rewrote the whole site from handlebars to vue.js)
  6. It seems like an odd error, and it could be that the one you're trying to get is flagged and throws errors on DE's end. I'd recommend trying again in a few hours/days and contact support if you can't get it working.
  7. If you have Google Pay, they do accept that. I'm definitely not seeing stuff like Boku pay anymore, but I don't think the payment options are up to DE, from what I'm seeing, because it's through a third party.
  8. It's not gone forever, former guides have it still.
  9. It's been an honor! (and most of us aren't going anywhere, speaking for myself, i'm gonna keep doing what i've been doing )
  10. I didn't see if anyone responded, but now-former guides are given the armor to keep, alongside the sigil, but will no longer have the accolade in our profiles.
  11. Does this mean our blueprints in our inventory will turn into built arcanes?
  12. A friend and i alse ended up doing one, and i serve it over bot and api: https://drops.warframestat.us
  13. will the new structs be in the worldstate in advance so community tool developers like me can prep for launch? context
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