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  1. Can the room in the clan dojo the temple of honor i belive its called featuring a statue of loki be of other warframes and can we perhaps choose which warframes to be there instead of loki
  2. Is there any chance if you're rolling a riven that is already equipped on a weapon we can have stat comparisons for that weapon to see what the weapon stats would be before and after we select the new or old riven roll
  3. Especially for pet companions and perhaps moas it'd be nice to command them like you would khoras pet perhaps telling them to defend or attack or heal if they have a healing mod equipped or maybe even hold position and click again to follow
  4. New corpus fists that one hand is used to pull / tether the enemy in a grip than with the other hand pounds the enemy into the ground while the enemy is still grappled with the other hand this could also be a stance but would be really cool as just a weapon of its own with the alt fire being to tether / grapel enemies and while grappled you can pound them into the dirt. This would also make for a cool new enemy type
  5. How about a spear that you can empale your enemies with shocking them and then has a cable attached to the end where you can pull the enemies empaled towards you
  6. This is a huge problem in warframe right now especially in the open worlds excluding demios and especially in extermination missions. Far too often do I reach extraction in extermination missions after killing all the enemies on the map only to find out I have to wait 5-10 more mins waiting for more enemies to spawn in. As for the open worlds they are so vast yet feel so empty there should be platoons and garrisons at basses rather than 5-10 enemies infested mission types never seem to have this same problem but if the AI of the game is lack luster and lacking in quality to say the least they
  7. Some things in life you can't solo warframe should have somthing like that if you dont like it 99.99% of the rest of the game is soloable
  8. In plains of ediolon you can steal the dargyn ships in the Cambian drift you can fly on the infested bug creatures can we make it so there's a vehicle in fortuna you can steal. Preferably the rolling cars
  9. When you see the clan showcase it looks cool but it would be even cooler if you could select your own clan mates on the showcase as the clan leader so you could show who won the last clan event and what not
  10. I do realize that but the point is I want to be able to kill two birds with one stone it makes no sense that you can't get cryotic from the ones in open worlds
  11. Yes they are but the point is they don't realize cryotic
  12. The way I organize meetings i have a speaking podium that allows one person to talk at a time for bigger clans of 100+ this is nessisary and I want to kick people from the dojo who are just their to troll and stand on the podium so not everyone can see who's really talking. Even if I kicked them from the clan and chat they will still be in the dojo until we all leave the dojo. This would just be really convent on my part and is how I run my clan which alot of people also appreciate a little bit of organization and order. Is it absolutely nessisary ? Ofcourse not... but it would make the game m
  13. Can there be an option to remove players from the dojo I host clan meetings in my dojo and for various reasons I need to kick people from the clan meetings in our meeting hall who aren't following directions and what not even if I kick them from the clan they would still be in the dojo until we leave anyway can we kick people from the dojo as an option in the dojo in game chat box.
  14. You can convert mods into credits and endo Anyway we could convert resources into credits and endo or perhaps even other resources ?
  15. Alot of the time the extraction wave point isn't showing up in the proper place or not showing up at all on the mini or inlarged maps
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