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  1. can we get legendary or another varient of the core mods to skip the grind and rank up warframe and possibly weapons too this would make legendary cores price increase as well
  2. on any bounty steel path or other wise in orb valis this glitch is pissinng me off and wasting my time and failing my missions when it won't even let me investigate the 0/4 agents dead bodies on the floor Fix this glitch today! Its ridiculous and happens every single time ever since heart of demos dropped. Wont even show the option to press Square
  3. I hate wasting my time and thats exactly what I did wasted my time playing Steel path on fortuna 4 times in a row and every time I got to stage 5/5 and the last part where it wanted me to search the dead bodies everytime I t glitches and wouldn't even let me search the bodies at all and failed the bounty for no #*!%ing reason this is the wodst glitch in my 7 years of playing this game ever I restarted the game and ps4 and still it keeps glitching what the absolute F&$*%[=> s;$*
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