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  1. (XB1)InfectedMonkey

    Coming Soon: Devstream #113!

    Thank you for tenocon and showing us railjack and what it could bring to Warframe. Can we expect crossplay of any kind in the future of warframe?
  2. (XB1)InfectedMonkey

    XboX/PC crossplay

    I honestly think you are over estimating the number of people who would play on the versus staying on their favorite console. Warframe is a great game, but there are other reasons why people picked their consoles over PC gaming. I personally would like to see either crossplay and or cross save access. Both would be great additions to the game and would not have such a hard impact as you are implying they would. Sony has the largest player base right now and not thanks to warframe, but because of their console exclusives. People love their console exclusives, I know I still like what is left of Microsoft exclusives.
  3. (XB1)InfectedMonkey

    XboX/PC crossplay

    So you're talking about one game mode, that is likely the least favored in the entire game. How do you know when someone random is playing with a controller or mouse and keyboard? If you play with dedicated friends, why does it matter what the other team uses? And in a game like warframe, mouse and keyboard is honestly not that much better than controller. Especially considering this game has a major pve focus over the the pvp side.
  4. (XB1)InfectedMonkey

    XboX/PC crossplay

    how are console players less efficient? i have played with both controller and M&K on both xbox and pc. never made a difference in my play style.And being mostly a solo player on console, i managed to do VERY well by myself. please explain what you mean here.
  5. (XB1)InfectedMonkey

    XboX/PC crossplay

    Crossplay doesn't mean you can purchase outside of your current platform. It means you can only play with other platforms. Look at fortnite. Crossplay and cross platform access let's your purchase on different platforms. If warframe only drops their borders to allow crossplay, no body would be losing money unless people just up and left their consoles. Which they can do now. It's what I just did to start a new clan on PC with a couple of friends. If cross platform saves ever becomes a thing, then I will definitely grab my Xbox account as it's much better than my current mr3 PC account. But if crossplay happens, I might not be as excited because I would still be stuck on a console that barely runs the game compared to my PC. On the other hand though, crossplay, even if it doesn't give me what I want, is still a fantastic decision for DE to make as it will combine all their platform's fan base into one mega group, all playing together and making the warframe universe feel that much more alive.
  6. (XB1)InfectedMonkey

    XboX/PC crossplay

    Sea of thieves is just one of the many games that have the crossplay. Ark is in a very similar situation as warframe, they have a steam release, Xbox and PS4 releases and a Windows 10 release which is a copy of the Xbox version and it's on the Xbox network. Sony requires a subscription for online play, it just works differently for free to play titles. There are plenty of ways crossplay can be achieved. And I 100% believe that it will happen. Just like I believed de would dabble in the open world arena, and more consoles. It's who they are.
  7. (XB1)InfectedMonkey

    XboX/PC crossplay

    Cool story, you come here often to offer nothing more than your negativity towards other players looking to make the game better?
  8. (XB1)InfectedMonkey

    XboX/PC crossplay

    Crossplay will happen. All the negative people on this subject will be proven wrong. The new ui was apart of a bigger plan to bring all platforms into one unified system so updates can be released more efficiently and quickly. The cert process is barely an issue at this point. It only takes like 3-4 days maybe 5 max, business days mind you, to pass cert. Would that really hurt PC? No it would not. The updates in the past have appeared to have been mash ups of the closes current patch, at the time of submission to cert for console. And by the time they got those out to consoles, PC had already been updated again. So the devs have to play catch up again. Not due to certification but due to the fact that they had to Port the updates over to the different consoles. And still do. Now the new you particles update and the new universal ui have changed this. Plus the latest interview with me on the switch announcement, stating publicly they want to push for crossplay, and even mentioned how sony isnt a ball player in that field. Why make public statements on your intentions like that if it's not something you are actively working towards. It's one thing to note it in the forums to your players. Let the negative people here be negative, we can't change their minds. Just let DE kill their hate, just like they did with the switch announcement, after so many people said it would never happen. Just like they released an open world, and new one coming that's 4x larger, and multi-crew full immersion ship flying and space battles with original star wars Battlefront 2 style gameplay for taking down capital ships. DE has done nothing short of impress and conquer the negative players.
  9. Is there any chance of us getting mouse and keyboard support on Xbox one? This isn't really a competitive game and i know from experience that on PC it ays much better with mouse and keyboard. It would be very nice to have because I have a disfigured hand that makes it hard to use a controller and having to use a xim4 is ok but doesn't compare to the real thing.
  10. (XB1)InfectedMonkey

    Melee: Present and Future goals!

    Please leave the combo counter the way it is. I understand the spin to win is crazy right now. And that needs to be changed. I love going into survival games with my nekros and melee weapons and building up my combo to 4x and going for as long as I can solo. It can be a fun challeng and efficient farm for materials. But if I have to use my heavy attack just to benefit from my combo then I'll probably stop using my melee. It's a slower animation, and on certain weapons I just really prefer to use quick consecutive melee attacks with. Polearms. Just the opinion of a random fan.
  11. MR16, started playing a month it dropped on xbox. took a break last year and my vet clan kinda went dead. now im bouncing around clans trying to find one that is actually active.
  12. (XB1)InfectedMonkey

    Coming Soon: Devstream #109!

    Can we please get Warframe on the Xbox play Anywhere program. Making Xbox games accessable through windows 10 and Xbox live, not to be confused with the regular PC version.
  13. (XB1)InfectedMonkey

    Coming Soon: Devstream #108!

    Thanks for the continued work and great updates. I have 2 questions. 1. Can we get some acknowledgment on Volt's "rework" having a hidden nerf to his 4th's duration? Is it a bug or intentional? He still feels like he needs work. 2. Can we please see some possible Xbox Play Anywhere release? I'm not asking for crossplay with steam. Just a version of the Xbox game through the windows 10 store, like Minecraft and Ark: Survival Evolved.
  14. (XB1)InfectedMonkey

    Kill wild animals with fishing spear: Wild Kubrow don't count?.

    This challenge sucks. Unless you're willing to put up with the sentient things and the difficulty of night time vision. You need to wait until day time. To find these stupid rabbits. And I have another one where I have to get kills from a drop ship, solo, while aim gliding, with the hobbled key. These new plains challenges make me not want to open these rivens.
  15. (XB1)InfectedMonkey

    Dev Workshop: Beam Weapons Revisited!

    Hopefully they see this feedback on the quanta and vandal version both at the very least. That gun was perfect to me. And now it looks like my laser rifle/shotgun is gonna kill me on reloads alone.