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  1. (XB1)InfectedMonkey

    Completing a survival without killing anyone

    Op, just get Loki with decent duration, go to Got in the void and maintain invis and set on the support pods until it hits like 4:30 then run to extract.
  2. (XB1)InfectedMonkey

    Question about Kohm

    Based on what? I have looked for Information in that regard but I only get told exactly what you just said with no reference. Not trying to create an argument or anything, just looking for the facts to back it up as in my personal experience, the gun seems to be functioning as intended. And what exactly was "fixed"? I'm not sure what was "broken".
  3. (XB1)InfectedMonkey

    Question about Kohm

    yes, as long as the kohm is the one that deals the killing blow from what i understand, i just try not to use the wikia as my basis for my argument because people hate information given that way and just refuse to accept, even though the wikia should be renamed as the Warframe Bible because it has NEVER misinformed me to this day.
  4. (XB1)InfectedMonkey

    Question about Kohm

    Thank you for this, it just shows that there are some people out there who are too hard headed to listen to reason. I understand the CP, as i was playing on my pc account and just don't have it yet, mostly because it haven't tried to get it, but its not my first rodeo in endo farming and i haven't needed cp before so that felt petty, but not as petty as the mr11 part and them telling me i know less because im only mr11 on that account. oh well, toxic people create toxic environments, its why im building my own clan now.
  5. (XB1)InfectedMonkey

    Question about Kohm

    ok, so im not completely new to the game. but i have been under the impression that the kohm behave like this it shoots multiple pellets that when killing an enemy with slash proc, it can cut them into up to 5 pieces, using that with nekros creates more body rerolls. am i wrong on this? or was something done to the kohm making it less effective? this all came from someone not letting me into their endo farm group because i didnt have CP on, i was mr11 and i was using the Kohm. MR and CP aside we had a heated argument on the kohm, and it seemed to have been performing just fine from my point of view, was i wrong about it? if so can someone point me to the correct and updated info on the gun? also, sorry if this is the wrong place for this post,.
  6. (XB1)InfectedMonkey

    Make Tanks Useful

    Exactly. Those three alone as a team are amazing.
  7. (XB1)InfectedMonkey

    Make Tanks Useful

    Exactly. Those three alone as a team are amazing.
  8. (XB1)InfectedMonkey

    Make Tanks Useful

    I like to use his one on that one off enemy i may have missed that shoots paper bullets at me, i just send em to the moon.
  9. (XB1)InfectedMonkey

    Make Tanks Useful

    Having used both characters extensively over the past 4 years, I'd say you just need to keep tweaking your builds to find their sweet spots. Rhino is a tank CC character and valkyr is terrific for improveming the teams melee power. Honestly i think both characters have scaled tremendously over the years with barely being touched. Why fix it if it ain't broke?
  10. (XB1)InfectedMonkey


    after 2 weeks of making my pc account, i have 17 oberon sets without trying. op needs to learn the grind better.
  11. (XB1)InfectedMonkey

    Buying Tennogen items with Platinum

    lol, thats not how it is valued man, that is just an encouragement for you to buy more plat, the value never changed, just the price you paid for it. its still the same value because you don't get permanent discounts. you can buy a dozen eggs for $4, then each egg is valued at about $0.33. but then you get a discount for a dollar off. so the new dozen is valued at $0.25 per egg? not to the company producing the eggs. they are still valued at .33, you just happen to have a discount for one time use to get more eggs cheaper. the eggs are still worth .33 until the company permanently changes the value of their eggs. now looking at platinum, in the DE store 75 plat = about $5, i round up because one penny is not that big of a deal. then you have 150 for about $10, with a bonus of 20 plat. totaling 170 plat for $10, but its BONUS plat included, so the real value of the plat is 150 for $10 with a bonus for just buying more plat. Now DE makes their own plat, because its a made up currency in a video game, it has no shipping or manufacturing fees or any other fees so they get ALL of the return for NONE of the cost, meaning they can name whatever price they want, but listing their prices as seen on their store, they have given official values to their platinum. just because you get more for less, doesn't mean that plat is worth any less then what DE made it worth. it doesn't disappear or have an expiration date, and there is no way of defining the plat that was discounted, but we know there are definite values to plat based on DE's store. Full disclosure, I don't know how much a dozen eggs are worth, just using them as an example to get my point across.
  12. (XB1)InfectedMonkey

    Buying Tennogen items with Platinum

    Regardless of where we recieve our plat discount, we still get it. And as far as plat value, just because you can get it discounted that doesn't away from its value, it's still whatever price de has it posted for on their website, steam and everyone's respective console store. If I get a soda for half off doesn't mean that soda is now that value in general. It's just a promotion to make you want more, just like the plat discounts.
  13. (XB1)InfectedMonkey

    Buying Tennogen items with Platinum

    We get discounts on plat on consoles as well, though not as often. It still happens. However the tenogen items can not be discounted, I am completely ok with, but coming to PC I can't see myself spending real money on all the same favored items. DE could offer a way to submit these through their own website instead of using the steam workshop. But idk, I'm just one guy.
  14. (XB1)InfectedMonkey

    Warframe's lazy people

    I found recently that if you do not participate in the mission, at least for endless missions, that you will stop receiving rewards for it. This was however in a kuva survival. I was trying to extract because my game was bugged. The people I was with would not let me extract, we had been there for 30 minutes already. So I sat my character at the exit and after being afk long enough I stopped receiving kuva rewards. But this may have been a distance issue. I'm not really sure. I never go afk in this game because my kid like to try and play in my place lol.
  15. (XB1)InfectedMonkey

    Coming Soon: Devstream #113!

    Thank you for tenocon and showing us railjack and what it could bring to Warframe. Can we expect crossplay of any kind in the future of warframe?