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  1. (XB1)InfectedMonkey

    Buying Tennogen items with Platinum

    lol, thats not how it is valued man, that is just an encouragement for you to buy more plat, the value never changed, just the price you paid for it. its still the same value because you don't get permanent discounts. you can buy a dozen eggs for $4, then each egg is valued at about $0.33. but then you get a discount for a dollar off. so the new dozen is valued at $0.25 per egg? not to the company producing the eggs. they are still valued at .33, you just happen to have a discount for one time use to get more eggs cheaper. the eggs are still worth .33 until the company permanently changes the value of their eggs. now looking at platinum, in the DE store 75 plat = about $5, i round up because one penny is not that big of a deal. then you have 150 for about $10, with a bonus of 20 plat. totaling 170 plat for $10, but its BONUS plat included, so the real value of the plat is 150 for $10 with a bonus for just buying more plat. Now DE makes their own plat, because its a made up currency in a video game, it has no shipping or manufacturing fees or any other fees so they get ALL of the return for NONE of the cost, meaning they can name whatever price they want, but listing their prices as seen on their store, they have given official values to their platinum. just because you get more for less, doesn't mean that plat is worth any less then what DE made it worth. it doesn't disappear or have an expiration date, and there is no way of defining the plat that was discounted, but we know there are definite values to plat based on DE's store. Full disclosure, I don't know how much a dozen eggs are worth, just using them as an example to get my point across.
  2. (XB1)InfectedMonkey

    Buying Tennogen items with Platinum

    Regardless of where we recieve our plat discount, we still get it. And as far as plat value, just because you can get it discounted that doesn't away from its value, it's still whatever price de has it posted for on their website, steam and everyone's respective console store. If I get a soda for half off doesn't mean that soda is now that value in general. It's just a promotion to make you want more, just like the plat discounts.
  3. (XB1)InfectedMonkey

    Buying Tennogen items with Platinum

    We get discounts on plat on consoles as well, though not as often. It still happens. However the tenogen items can not be discounted, I am completely ok with, but coming to PC I can't see myself spending real money on all the same favored items. DE could offer a way to submit these through their own website instead of using the steam workshop. But idk, I'm just one guy.
  4. (XB1)InfectedMonkey

    Warframe's lazy people

    I found recently that if you do not participate in the mission, at least for endless missions, that you will stop receiving rewards for it. This was however in a kuva survival. I was trying to extract because my game was bugged. The people I was with would not let me extract, we had been there for 30 minutes already. So I sat my character at the exit and after being afk long enough I stopped receiving kuva rewards. But this may have been a distance issue. I'm not really sure. I never go afk in this game because my kid like to try and play in my place lol.
  5. (XB1)InfectedMonkey

    Coming Soon: Devstream #113!

    Thank you for tenocon and showing us railjack and what it could bring to Warframe. Can we expect crossplay of any kind in the future of warframe?
  6. (XB1)InfectedMonkey

    Remove kubrow quest from start of game

    i am able to access the void as a MR3 on my new pc account. The void is set up into 3 sectors now to be accessed at different points of you career progression in game. Your friend will be fine, especially if they have someone properly informed on how to farm and advance in the game.
  7. (XB1)InfectedMonkey

    XboX/PC crossplay

    I honestly think you are over estimating the number of people who would play on the versus staying on their favorite console. Warframe is a great game, but there are other reasons why people picked their consoles over PC gaming. I personally would like to see either crossplay and or cross save access. Both would be great additions to the game and would not have such a hard impact as you are implying they would. Sony has the largest player base right now and not thanks to warframe, but because of their console exclusives. People love their console exclusives, I know I still like what is left of Microsoft exclusives.
  8. Frame Fighter is the ONLY pvp I want or need from Warframe.
  9. (XB1)InfectedMonkey

    XboX/PC crossplay

    So you're talking about one game mode, that is likely the least favored in the entire game. How do you know when someone random is playing with a controller or mouse and keyboard? If you play with dedicated friends, why does it matter what the other team uses? And in a game like warframe, mouse and keyboard is honestly not that much better than controller. Especially considering this game has a major pve focus over the the pvp side.
  10. (XB1)InfectedMonkey

    XboX/PC crossplay

    how are console players less efficient? i have played with both controller and M&K on both xbox and pc. never made a difference in my play style.And being mostly a solo player on console, i managed to do VERY well by myself. please explain what you mean here.
  11. (XB1)InfectedMonkey

    XboX/PC crossplay

    Crossplay doesn't mean you can purchase outside of your current platform. It means you can only play with other platforms. Look at fortnite. Crossplay and cross platform access let's your purchase on different platforms. If warframe only drops their borders to allow crossplay, no body would be losing money unless people just up and left their consoles. Which they can do now. It's what I just did to start a new clan on PC with a couple of friends. If cross platform saves ever becomes a thing, then I will definitely grab my Xbox account as it's much better than my current mr3 PC account. But if crossplay happens, I might not be as excited because I would still be stuck on a console that barely runs the game compared to my PC. On the other hand though, crossplay, even if it doesn't give me what I want, is still a fantastic decision for DE to make as it will combine all their platform's fan base into one mega group, all playing together and making the warframe universe feel that much more alive.
  12. (XB1)InfectedMonkey

    XboX/PC crossplay

    Sea of thieves is just one of the many games that have the crossplay. Ark is in a very similar situation as warframe, they have a steam release, Xbox and PS4 releases and a Windows 10 release which is a copy of the Xbox version and it's on the Xbox network. Sony requires a subscription for online play, it just works differently for free to play titles. There are plenty of ways crossplay can be achieved. And I 100% believe that it will happen. Just like I believed de would dabble in the open world arena, and more consoles. It's who they are.
  13. (XB1)InfectedMonkey

    Devalued Primes

    Honestly it's toxic. But for me, I farmed out all of my Prime's minus 3. 2 I bought with plat I earned and one I got from the twitch thing and I didn't know about the twitch thing until I got it. I like to take my time building my Prime's. No need to rush them when the regular frames seem to manage just fine. In most cases anyway. The way I handle people like this, just give em the classic "Lol alright kid" response. Let that fire ignite in them and watch them pour their heart and soul into a response for you filled their hate. Then don't read it. Let them keep typing. It's the Internet man. As long as people are shielded by their modems, they will do this.
  14. (XB1)InfectedMonkey

    Xbox Play Anywhere

    This has nothing to do with the Xbox play anywhere program. Read up on it first please. Or actually read what I wrote. This is not a solution to what I suggested in any form.
  15. Again this is not the case. Console certs only take maybe a couple of days, not seen one take more than 5 days. And that was a while ago. You wouldn't be set back 1-2 months. PC is only a few hot fixed ahead. When PC launches as update the team then ports that ypdate to the consoles to release it there. But they also port other hot fixed as they release too. But the bee game design has unified the game across all platforms. So the porting process will be much easier and quicker. Making it extremely possible for consoles to keep up with PC. And allow for crossplay or cross platform saving.