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  1. I made this post to focus on the orbs, but here's what I can think about that scenario: If energy gained from abilities / consumables yield excess energy Obtain 30% of excess energy, then apply the same calculations as above with no restraints applied (cap at 30 overflow energy) I like to have less wasted energy than waste all of what's in excess, though you're right that there's still a cycle.
  2. "I've been thinking, Operator. I thought you'd want to know..." Currently, when our frames/archwings/operators/mechs (referred throughout this post as the "player unit") lose energy (or at least has not reached max energy), it tries to pick-up energy orbs (regardless if you're using Vacumm or not) to replenish and fill your energy meter. But there's the catch: they do it even when losing just one point of energy, regardless if it's practical or not, and each energy orb provides up to 25 units of energy. When you pick-up an orb after losing one energy, what happens to the 24 units? They're
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