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  1. Hiya, would like to ask if anyone is encountering issues regarding some energy things in the game? How did you fixed it? I am finding some energy walls, some energy effects, and even some energy attacks becoming so faint it's invisible. Some non-combat examples are posted in this imgur link. EDIT: I feel like this is the wrong place to post this... Apologies, would like to ask for this to be moved to its proper place...
  2. I couldn't care less, my post is gonna be buried anyway. One piece of advice I could give is to listen for other perspectives, no matter how far they are from your views. It helps you ground yourself and find more level-headed solutions. Not everyone who disagrees with you are "abusers", or "middlemen", or "looking for someone to rip off". Going back on-topic: A blanket action to address the few is not good because it doesn't fix the problem, only imposing a will that not everyone may agree to submit to (unless it's DE's will, which is the Law for this is their game). This is why the suggestions I offered revolve around "time-gating traded items". We need not peer into how people trade, only to do the right thing (which is to report scams and other behavior when it happens, with evidence), and hopefully, deterring their actions, even if it's just a week or so.
  3. To weigh in on this: From what I have read, the OP is offering a solution that: 1. Tries to restrict trading to the point of "well you didn't earned it from playing, so you can't trade it again" 2. Focuses on alt accounts made for reselling items they got, one way or another 3. It assumes that it's in DE's best interests to limit their playerbase's freedoms to do anything they want with the items they have in their possession, regardless of where they got it 4. It assumes that players who are "gifted items" are indebted to the giver and as such, should act regarding these items on the basis of such I have problems with how the topic is approached (point 2) and discussed (from further replies of the OP). By only focusing on only one segment of the playerbase, any suggestions to restrict it is just wishing ill on the other segments who have other motives that might be more legitimate that what is being discussed. If a lower MR player (which I won't assume if alt or not, it's not our business to know) gets an item, it's theirs. They can do whatever they want with it, charity be damned. Although I myself would personally respect such actions (was gifted a primed set before, and have built-rushed the same items out of respect) and want those I give to use it well, I can't assume that everyone would behave in the same way. All that we could do is to hope that they benefit from it, in which, if selling it for plat is beneficial, then so be it. Here's a different perspective, instead of focusing on "stopping alt accounts", why not just promote "legitimate trading with all accounts, with no assumptions if main or not"? Here's an alternative solution: 1. Instead of outright restricting trades of a particular item once traded, put them on a "temporary timer", minimum of a week, maximum of a month (should depend on the type of item, and the MR of the receiving account). This would not immediately deter unwanted trade behavior, but it ensures that such actors are barred from quickly performing their plans at the soonest. 2. To address "sharing items between friends", why not implement a "clan stash box" that allows clanmates (who are usually friends) to leave items for specific members so that they could share items without waiting for each to be both online. To prevent abuse, have it so that shared items cannot be put up for trades by anyone except the primary owner of the item. 3. Any plat earned from trading will be put into a "temporary timer" as well (should be based on the MR of both accounts, as well as the amount earned), restricting usage to the market until such time expires. This also doesn't deter unwanted behavior, but can delay such. 4. Implement a "premium trading license" probably 500 plat for a duration of 30 days, where the restrictions of points 1 and 3 are severely reduced, a "verified check" is shown on the player name at the trading screen, and taxes are slightly reduced for both parties. This legitimizes "flippers", but also allows DE to focus their efforts in monitoring trading behavior on those who aren't.
  4. Hi! Can I contribute to the UI 3.0 discussion? Where? Thanks!
  5. I honestly think that permadeath is a unique idea, but sadly, not gonna work in a game like this. I'd rather have some items taken from Destiny 2 to make it so that the fear of dying is not quickly translated to toxic rage: 1. There's bleed out state with the timer reduced to 5 seconds, and have the revive time increased by half. (Inspired by Destiny's "respawn restricted" 30 second revive delay for dying) 2. Once you die, you need to wait until next round to return to the game without penalties (inspired by the "respawn restricted" concept). You won't get the rewards from previous rounds where you died, but you get another shot for loot on the next. Example: In an interception mission, Player 1 gets downed, his teammates would get 5 seconds to try and revive him. If they fail, he is dead for that round. At the end of the round, if his squad mates were successful, the remaining players get their rewards, and choose if they will continue for one more round. If yes, Player 1 returns to the game, giving him another shot at Arby glory.
  6. Any "breathe new life to old content" things going on? Say, a revisit to the lore of syndicates, or the settings of old quests like an expansion of The Silver Grove, and the Mycona Colony?
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