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  1. So nerf Amesha, nerf Cyngas (riven dispo especially), got it. You said yourself that you think that even maxed out MK3 railjack can't compete with your setup. I heavily disagree with that but if I accepted your premise then the only logical solution to your "problem" is not to buff everything else in order to make railjack even more irrelevant but to nerf your entire setup through the ground. 4x AW is not meant to be the optimal way to do railjack missions.
  2. Fighters die automatically when they crash into obstacles. Like when you trigger ionic status effect on them and then they hit an asteroid. I think this is what causes them to die since railjack does count as them hitting an obstacle. It's not due to any ramming damage however, it's an instakill and you need to crash into their front. If you ram them from behind (lol) it does nothing.
  3. I did state that Cryo is something of an exception since that extra damage can bring you in the oneshot range of fighters so it's more efficient. It's just the DPS weapons that are not very efficient at all. It feels like you're doing more damage in bursts but over the course of the fight it usually kills slower unless you have perfect aim. I tried it solo many times and I can kill 60 fighters considerably faster with Sigma Carcinnox than Zetki Carcinnox. And if you're using Cryos as your pilot gun it's good to have Carcinnox (not Zetki) as your gunner weapon because then the gunner can bring enemy fighters within your oneshot damage range as you close in on them and clean up any low HP stragglers as they break away that one of you would have to waste considerable heat on otherwise. Then there's the fact that gunners make for excellent point defense if they take time to shoot rockets down (can lock down two crew ships at once if you focus on their volleys). This might not be that big of a deal with full Zetki hull/armor avionics, but it does come in handy from time to time.
  4. It doesn't outperform sigma series. As in that's not an opinion, that's a mathematical fact. At base with 0 bonuses for example Zetki APOC does 50% more damage while having 4x the heat build up. So over 10 seconds accounting for the downtime it will do the exact same amount of damage as any other manufacturer. Carcinnox is only slightly more efficient at 3x the heat. So with all the additional downsides of the overheat you get the net benefit of 0 extra damage over any significant period of time. If the gunner manages to mess up and oveheat at any point your overal damage goes down. Now, things would be different if Zetki guns rolled +% damage bonuses. But they don't, they only roll fire rate so that means the bonus to DPS also causes downtime more often so any actual damage increases cancel out over any period of time longer then the active firing time before the gun overheats.
  5. The idea as always is for this to be a long-term goal. it's something to do when you see it pop up and over time you gradually collect this cool new thing. Que the locusts just frothing at the mouth at the idea of flogging parts for plat before they inevitably crash the price by doing the very thing they're doing. I don't envy DE the job of trying to create a loot system which satisfies casuals while keeping locusts from stuffing themselves to the point of burnout.
  6. If I see Zetki anything (except for Cryophon) I'm not touching it. Sniping fighters one by one with slingshot/teleport loop is genuinely faster than trying to use Zetki Carcinnox/APOC to kill stuff. And it works on fighters with the bugged healing. Also, keep in mind that projectile weapons and lead indicators get really unreliable with lag. So if you're even slightly laggy as a host Carcinnox is the bare minimum you should be using. People won't hit anything with APOC. I think Pilot Cryo + Gunner Carcinnox is a great combo. Most Cryos people use tend to fall just short of oneshotting fighters in veil at various ranges. So spreading damage around with Carcinnox to reach that breakpoint can help you absolutely shred through fighters. Don't be afraid to spray around. But of course you can't do that with Zetki versions, have I mentioned that I hate Zetki guns?
  7. I'm not a fan of the Gunner capstone (max level) ability. In its current form it's terrible. Having my aim briefly snap to lead indicator is only gonna throw me off. On the other hand if it was a true aimbot then I don't want to get it because I hate the idea of the ultimate expensive ability in a tree entirely invalidating most of my skill. At that that point you might as well make the turret automatic and save me the trouble of holding two buttons. Either way I will actively avoid getting the ability. Instead the ultimate ability for gunner 10 should be to link turrets from the other gunner station (if no one is using it) and hence have 4 guns maybe at a slight heat build up increase. Also, as it is now there's pretty much never two dedicated gunners on a team. Most teams are pilot+gunner/engineer+2x away team, even dedicated engineers are rare unless the ship takes a lot of beating and boarders (which decent gunner+pilot will prevent). So the second gunner station goes unused rather often. Meawhile the pilot should get some limited control over the artillery gun from his station as one of the perks. Preferably replacing the 10% damage reduction at lvl 9 which is currently pretty useless. I know that the idea is to make people work together but think of the time you might want to use the artillery cannon. You can't use it when pilot is dogfighting since you will not be able to hit a thing. The ship has to either be still or accelerating in pretty much a straight line towards the target. So if the cannon is pretty much unusable unless the pilot does nothing then it renders the teamwork aspect pointless. Might as well give the pilot some control over the gun.
  8. Ok, resource and repair voes aside: What's with the battle avionics drop rates? I still only have Tether after grinding through earth and saturn several times.
  9. Can we get an archwing built around it being used as a missile? Because that's he best use of them in Railjack. Launch yourself at the enemy be it a crew ship or an outrider. In that sense Itzal is still the best since you can at least stealth yourself for the teleport back.
  10. It's good to keep in mind that you can shoot down enemy projectiles and doing so along with some decent piloting skills can prevent a truckload of damage you'd otherwise take. For that reason I think stuff like Cryophon or Pulsar is a subpar choice for a pilot. Between dodging and shooting you can negate a surprising amount of damage. Also, lead markers turn pretty useless the moment the host is even slightly laggy. If this is your case make sure to use Cryophon or Photor for your side turrets because gunners won't be able to hit pretty much anything with APOC if the host lags. Other than that I think most guns are pretty viable. Well, maybe except Pulsar. Just don't slap Zetki on everything, it's often extremely inefficient. Take zetki APOC which does about 30% more damage while having 4x the heat build up. That thing will actually cripple your DPS. Zetki Cryophon might be worth it if you have at least 1200 heat capacity and/or Gunenr lvl 7 though.
  11. This actually seems to be a trend with intrinsics. IE Gunner lvl 10 automatically locks onto lead indicator when aiming so all you have to do is hold two buttons and that's it. Makes gunner a glorified automatic turret. Imho making capstone abilities remove all of the player skill and gameplay is weird. They should enhance the playstyle not remove it.
  12. Nah, with a good gear and avionics railjack can hold its own somewhat. The problem is that the progression is out of whack. So to farm everything you need to feel somewhat comfortable running highest level earth missions you'll need to farm so many resources that you'll be almost out of Saturn. So once you finish the entirety of Saturn you just might be in a decent place to farm top missions on earth without resorting to cheese. And I do consider juggling invulnerability phases to be pretty cheesy. That timer should probably decrease on consecutive cirtical breaches but I do not suggest DE change that at the moment when the balance is all over the place.
  13. When you slingshot into a crew ship just as its reactor is about to blow up al sorts of bizzare things start happening. You get AW with your frame weapons to start and then all of your frame weapons stop doing any damage. not even getting 0 numbers, just nothing. Only status effects still do damage.
  14. Repair costs are ridiculous. What's even worse is the repair drone for 50p. What DE might not realize is that they just put a very clear price on the grind and time of repair. So at MK2 the price of the time it takes to grind out 2x8k of basic and over 100 of rare resource is just 50p and that is with 20p for the rushing. And it only gets worse in higher tiers since repair costs inflate while drones still cost the same. I'm sorry but that is a bit insulting. Plat farming or paying money is they way to go here clearly. But this doesn't make me want to spend plat, this makes me annoyed at DE. I don't want to trade to get through railjack progression DE, I want to play the railjack.
  15. Resource gathering is a big problem in Railjack. The best method being tediously farming rocks in Archwing is very bad since it puts emphasis on the least fun part of the system. This is made worse by absurd prices on repair. People will burn out on this pretty fast. Railjack desperately needs a "loot" mission that doesn't require you to fly all over the place. I propose some kind of convoy raid. Make it tough and the higher in level you go the more ships/trailers are in said convoy to blow up and loot for a good chunk of resources. In the meantime however reduce the costs on repair or increase drops. Right now it feels like you need to grind the hell out of missions you cannot comfortably beat (inviting all sort of cheese) just to get resources to beat them at which point the cost will go up again with the next rank of missions. Also, reiljack feels like it should have about 1k extra non-scaling hp/shield. Kinda like Warframes have with their base hp and then their levelup hp. As it is it really reminds me of back in the day when mod update just hit and all frames were suddenly squishy as hell.
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