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  1. I honestly hate Volt's speed buff. And I was dreading having to use it to make her beam somewhat useful. Yet I don't mind the speed increase at all on Wisp and I finally found out why. Her floating animation makes the ridiculous speed look somewhat natural while the regular gotta go fast run animation is just too silly to look at. Wisp is just really fun. Her abilities are seamless and responsive. Her stats are decent and improved by buffs (I don't think glass cannons work in WF anymore). She has nice solo survivability with the invis but she's not as laughably easy to play as Innaros or Valkyr. She's a good example of the "new" frame design. You have to work for her damage and survivability a bit as opposed to pressing a button. Sure, sometimes DE goes a bit overboard with synergies and timer juggling (hello Harrow) but I still much prefer it to the old design of one-button room clear/invulnerability.
  2. Technically, Lotus is a name for ruling authority of Tenno. So Lotus is a position, it can even be a council of representatives. So I don't see much of a problem with the term Gift of the Lotus.
  3. What exactly is A-tier? Because at high levels the amount of tools you have render most of the ability types obsolete. Healing? Say hello to my healing arcanes. Fast healing while completely invulnerable or 9k HP in 5 seconds. Works with every frame in the game. Armor stripping? I'm tripping over weapons which can strip armor in nanoseconds, half of them in AoE. Once gain, works with any frame. CC? Take your pick. Do you want AoE slow, radiation or knockdown? I have everything you need. Even my operator has AoE knockdown. And of course, weapons do pretty good damage. What I truly need on "high level" is a slab of meat with enough HP to take fire and buy me enough time to dish damage out. As such Innaros is the one and only A-tier frame in the entire game. You don't get to tell me I'm wrong because my A-tier definition is about as arbitrary as everyone elses. Warframe has only two tiers of frames anyway. Lazy frames for when you really don't want to have think or worry about aiming, moving, cover or anything really. And then there's everything else which requires you to work for your damage or survivability at least a tiny bit. Wisp is not a lazy frame but then again most frames aren't.
  4. I'm getting very inconsistent results with Wisp's beam. I actually think it might be bugged in some way. Case in point I fired at an enemy -> heat procced and he started flailing around -> I held the beam on him and he took no damage at all until he suddenly died. I know there's a ramp up of damage but this has been happening over and over for me. I aim at the enemy and they take no damage (not just little, none) and then they get instakilled. This is againt all factions (so it's no healer ancients running around). I've been having issues where a single enemy in a group (the same enemy type, not heavy) is undamaged while everyone around them dies. This combined with the fact that it's hard to even see what's going on while using the beam makes judging the worth of the ability pretty hard. Status procs might interfere with the ability or the radius is so small that it's possible to miss a single enemy in a group of enemies, Either way the ability just behaves very weirdly for me.
  5. It was Ballas who betrayed Orokin by conspiring with Hunhow to get Natah as a spy to Lua. It very well may have been a bait-n-switch. Ballas got Margulis back somewhat, destroyed Sentients and got his revenge on Orokin for killing Margulis (though it's unclear whether he knew that would happen). Then he could get revenge on Tenno by turning Lotus against them once more. That would make Ballas the mastermind of pretty much the entire "plot" of Warframe. And then there's the lore tidbit about how kuva restores sentient replication ability. So there you have it, drink some red juice and you're good. There's no need to adopt a bunch of homicidal angsty teens with superpowers. And DE really has to clear up what a sentient really is in New War. Most are the size of a bloody ship using presumably drones for ground operations and then there's Natah which is just fine being the size of a human. So are they a hive minds? Are they individuals? How does it work?
  6. What I wonder about is where do these "new" sentients come from? Void renders sentients sterile. This was supposed to be a failsafe by Orokin since because there's no solar rail leading to Tau then the only way to get back in a timely fashion is to use void jump and therefore nuke Sentient's replication ability. Well, they returned anyway and were indeed made sterile so they presumably did use void jumps to get back for old war. PoE lore states that the earth's sentient indeed was sterile and that he discovered that Kuva restores his ability to replicate. So old war sentients used void jump to get back and therefore rendered themselves sterile. As such when Tenno destroyed them there were none left in the system. So where do these new sentients come from? If they come from Tau then they should be also sterile and then go after Grineer to steal their Kuva to restore their replication abilities. Or they travelled all the way from Tau using conventional space travel since the end of old war and as such it took them all this time to actually get back. As for why they fight us: - Grineer have the Kuva which sentients would be VERY interested in. And I doubt they'll just give it up. Tenno are also interested in it btw. - Corpus are the descendants of orokin. And orokin greed is the reason why sentients returned to wage war in the first place since they believed Orokin would ruin Tau system as they did Solar system. So Corpus are fair game for attack. - As for Tenno, Natah does mention that their judgemenet is coming. So presumably it's simply a matter of justice or revenge for them. - Gameplay has to happen.
  7. Since I've provided some somewhat scathing feedback back when Wisp was first showcased I've got to give praise to balance things a bit. Wisp is looking really good. I complained about the lack of synergy, chaining of her 3rd ability to her reservoirs and the fact that her 2nd ability was imho incredibly overloaded in functionality. All of this has been fixed. There's a lot more synergy now, her 3rd ability is its own thing (and has a synergy with her 1) and the decoy ability has shed some of its fuctionality in order to make for a better decoy and a better teleport. Good job, DE. I'm pretty happy with how things are. If I could change anything it would be to make her beam a mode toggle and then have separate attacks activated via LMB or RMB instead of channeled ability. I'm not really fan of channeled abilities to begin with though so it's just nitpicking.
  8. I actually do hope DE implements invasion mode just to see wannabe PvP-ers flooding forums crying and screaming about how they got ganked yet again by a squad of players farming drops or how the one poor newbie they managed to macthmake to fight after 10 minute wait just went and disconnected on them. It's gonna be cathartic for sure. But how do I know this is gonna happen you ask? Well, because there's an entire series of games with invasion mode and these are things that happened there! The Warframe setting makes it even worse. So let's break down shotcomings of invasion mode shall we? 1) Most people will opt out right away, most high MR players will be opted out merely by the fact that they don't run around with marks on them. Orbs, Eidolons and Thumpers don't trigger marks. Most high level players don't regularly go farm starchart bosses. Also, I do like pausing in an online game for a change. If a PvP mode hurts this functionality I have a bloody right to be pissed about it. So anyone playing solo better be opted out as well. 2) So now that we established that most people will be out, who do you actually get to fight? You get to fight people who want to fight you or farm drops aka gankers. And those will come in squads and they will come with big guns and mods. Those big guns and mods are gonna be PvE "balanced" since they're still in PvE mission. Have fun with that. I'm sure your skillz are very 1337 but I still wouldn't bet on you. Also, keep in mind that while your opposition has all that you have limited (and therefore predictable) loadout. DE would have to make the player stalker near invincible for them to be competitive. 3) So lets say that the player Stalker has humongous damage reduction, huge damage and immunity to pretty much all CC. That already makes the fight an annoyance since an enemy who simply turns off your kit is simply not fun to fight. But even with that... what do you do about things like operator spam? I can stay invincible pretty much forever via operator just to annoy would be Stalker. So turn that off too I guess. Does the idea of fighting a jumpy, tanky nullifier appeal to you? Cause it doesn't appeal to me. When I PvP I like to strategically use my abilities and gear instead of having them turned off so the poor bugger on the other side at least has a chance. 4) P2P connection is a serious problem. Host has a huge advantage and in case of an invasion the invader will always be at a disadvantage. People can lobby DE to host conclave on dedicated servers but I doubt DE will host the entire game on dedicated servers just for invaders. Regular players have absolutely no incentive to keep invader mode on. Even if they somehow got invaded by surprise that they can simply disconnect. Unlike Fromsoft I doubt DE is gonna ban anyone for doing this. Those who do want to fight you have every incentive to use all of the gamebreakingly OP PvE stuff against you because they want to FARM, and we all know how Warframe players get when you get in the way of their farm. I doubt DE would be willing or able to rebalance pretty much everything in the game to affect Stalker differently. So you'll get the full brunt of all of mods, all of cheese and all of the rivens. But hey, I guess I'm just not optimistic enough. I'm sure that DE will figure all of that out.
  9. I'm pretty sure that 60 out of 60 people in region chat think Nezha is a CENSORED. So it's about time DE made that canon... maybe through a cinematic quest?
  10. The beautiful dream is that this mode will result in a tense battle between the Stalker and the host as they play a game of cat and mouse through the mission. The unfortunate reality is that the Stalker will be exploded by a squad of roided-up metabuild gankers the moment he loads into the level. Think sunbro ganksquad but with weapons of mass destruction instead of swords and shields. I think this is the main reason we don't have the mode yet.
  11. I genuinely like K-Drives. Even if the trip takes objectively longer than with an archwing, sometimes it feels shorter just because you have to think a little while you travel. I have to think about the enviroment and can throw some tricks in. I understand though that this is not the case for everyone. Efficiency wins in the end. The problems are that: 1) In pugs people will always rush and hence K-Driving gets you left behind. I think this is a shame because a squad of players racing around doing tricks could be fun. That never happens though. 2) K-Drives lack any sort of utility. I can travel through the world but while I'm on the board I lack the means to interact with anything in the world. It might have been a mistake by DE to remove consumable charges from AW deployer. They were very cheap if a bit annoying. If charges were still a thing K-Drives would be much more popular imho. DE also hinted at weather affecting AW. I'm not saying that AW should be made entirely unusable at random intervals but some enviromental effects would be nice. It would also make using AW slightly more fun. As I meantioned it's more fun to have to think at least a little bit about where you're going than just holding forward and sprint. As a side note holding 3 different buttons to achieve top speed is rather tedious. K-Drives can hardly ever compete with AW in speed. They would have to be so fast they'd be unusable. But DE could add a lot of utility to them through mods. I want a vacuum and enemy radar for boards. And if you're not gonna allow me to shoot then add a mod that automatically destroys containers/spores/etc. in a large radius. Add tools that help with mining, hunting and fishing. The typical problem of air travel over open world areas is that you can't engage with the world. But as it currently stands you can't really much engage with the world from a K-Drive either. So we might as well take the extra speed.
  12. Garuda is actually a pretty damning comparison to Wisp. Theme aside Garuda's abilities fit together extremely well. Wisp is on the opposite spectrum where her abilities feel disjointed and random. 1 and 3 are outright chained together. This hints at some set up -> execute type of damage dealing strat but then she also has a random beam nuke as well as a backup I guess? DE probably realized that chaining 1 and 3 together will makes for a really hollow kit outside of stationary objective missions. Hence why they overloaded her 2nd ability so much (it teleports, it taunts and it CCs) so the kit would feel "full" despite the limited amount of abilities. In my humble opinion Wisp's 2nd ability should be split. One way to do this is to make the ghost faster and cc stuff it flies over which will make it better teleport and CC. The decoy is then moved to a new ability on 3 with additional functionality or replaced completely. Wisp's beam should then become her main source of damage and given synergy with other abilities and especially her 1. That way she would be a bit more mobile and yet retain her set up -> execute gameplay. Once the gameplay aspects fit together working out the theme is just a matter of adding flavor to the FX. Example: Ghost chills enemies it flies over and the new 3rd ability recinforces this part of the theme. Meanwhile the synergy between 1 and 4 reinforce the portal theme (ie: shooting into 1 opens multiple portals creating AoE burning field).
  13. Wisp's design is really weird. Her abilities actually work against each other in some cases. 1) First of all, this is never going to get used outside of defense objective missions unless the buffs are MAJOR in which case it will become an annoying upkeep ability (yay!). Secondly, you generally place stationary buffs in obvious places close to the objective where your teammates can easily get them. But the secondary damage function encourages you to place those buffs in chokepoints away from the objective. Having teammates run into groups of enemies to get their buff is a pretty unique take on support play. 2) Oh boy... here we go. It's an awful decoy ability. It's too fast. It's a horrible cc ability, it's too slow. You make it faster and it will be worse decoy, you make it slower and it will be worse CC. The design is at odds with itself. And that is only the first part. You need to teleport into enemies to CC them... why? Is Wisp a tank? She has no close range or melee abilities whatsoever. Even Inaros doesn't teleport into enemies for his blind and that guy heals on finishers. But here comes the best part: almost every other frame in the game has radial CC/damage ability. Wisp is very much an exception in that her major nuke is a beam. So if you want to CC enemies before you lazor them you have to walk back to line them up again after you teleported into them. What a bloody mess of a design her 2nd ability is, holy S#&$. 3) As others have said. Does it work without her 1? Her 1st ability is already a waste outside of stationary objective missions. If her 3 requries those static buffs then she has lost two abilities for the price of one outside of any defence objective missions. Many frames have useless abilities but damn this is just depressing. 4) Not much to say. It feels really out of place in her kit and with her theme. Other than that I think it's pretty cool but has no synergy with her kit whatsoever. I like the passive and visual design though. Other than that Wisp is imho one of the worst designed frames in recent memory based on this preview. Things might change of course.
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