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  1. this batch though😶… Number 6 for sure. He has that tail in the back.
  2. Number 2 has like a spartan aesthetic to it. Where in the world is our spartan frame, DE? I wan't an ult where he pops a shield and Gladius into existence and goes ham. At least that is what I wan't… As for the Ash concept I like, number 1 is the one I'd pick.
  3. Sp00nerism or Spoonerism was invalid for Xbox. Bikeman also. You put Mogamu and TacticalPotato twice. Edit: Thank you bro! Nice to obtain free stuff.
  4. Nah bro, you deserve every bit of it. You are spending days out of your life just to please others and using your skills while you are at it. Not sure if you are well compensated (or at all) but the fact is, people love your artwork you bring to the table and that is enough to be proud of imo. But it making it into the game is a whole other level of epicness. I run your Wendigo Oberon skin and love it. Hoping to see one for Nidus and Inaros down the road as well; thank you for what you do bro.
  5. ...but what about the king of infesteds - Nidus? Hoping to see someone come up with a Venom-esque look for him; Wide grin, all teeth - or the vamps from Blade, bro... The thought of that😶 - shoot, you could take the concepts of the Sangheili (Elites) mouths in Halo. Like how Nidus' 'eyes' or whatever those are open when you hit 10x stacks of mutation. The mouth could open too. Though I don't think Warframes can have teeth or a mouth. Still loving the thoughts on Ash though. Looking forward to see some concepts down the road. - But Nidus...😈
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