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  1. was only doing events and new quests but even stopped doing that now, my feedback is, as a player i felt my time was not valued, and a lot of mission structure is "stand here wait for 30 minutes" i think the recent (1-3 months ago) event where the entire alert board was full of those kinds of missions, and i just nope'd out of the game havent looked back also, as far as combat, everything dies in 1 hit, and its not like a satisfying diablo kind of way, where you feel empowered. the death of the enemies feels static ? combat not engaging enough? anyway thats my feedback, great dev team and loved the dev streams hope you guys work on new and different games in the future
  2. so much for my booster which i had no choice when it applied automatically on key redemption.
  3. just please never make it required to have windows 10
  4. the front page of your website should advertise the dev streams, its always obfuscated. like front page, front and center, every time you plan on doing a dev stream. i had to click through the front page, 0 mentions, click community, then click forums, 0 mentions, clicked live streams sub section, how many potential viewers did you lose every stream because you don't surface information appropriately? its like your UI and obtuse game mechanics , you gotta surface information better and make your content be easy to approach and access
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