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  1. (PS4)SektorZR1

    Mesa Fanboys in a Rad Hazard Sortie !!

    guys.... just use wukong on rad sorties
  2. (PS4)SektorZR1

    PS4 Oberon Prime: Update 20.6.4

    tried it, doesn't work -.-
  3. (PS4)SektorZR1

    Last Post Wins

    your name. how and what even
  4. (PS4)SektorZR1

    Last Post Wins

    says who?
  5. (PS4)SektorZR1

    Last Post Wins

    interesting. i dont think that should be such a huge problem :D
  6. (PS4)SektorZR1

    Last Post Wins

    i meant as in number of posts. these forums allow 20 posts/page idk about others. this is almost like 250k posts
  7. (PS4)SektorZR1

    Last Post Wins

    is this the biggest/longest thread in any game ever?
  8. (PS4)SektorZR1

    Prime Vault Opens! [Megathread]

    i don't want to pay 100% price for the 20% content me and probably everyone wants to use, so no money from me either this is destiny taken king all over again
  9. (PS4)SektorZR1

    Ps4 Control Scheme Is Ruined

    i tried this scheme and it worked until i had to revive someone and i couldn't so this is a no-no then i thought about moving it to L3 but then i realized i wouldn't be able to use cosumables on any of the touchpad commands again...
  10. (PS4)SektorZR1

    Ps4 Control Scheme Is Ruined

    will post pics soon
  11. (PS4)SektorZR1

    Ps4 Control Scheme Is Ruined

    can't bind secondary fire and melee channel on the same button if i have a melee equipped?? are you frickin serious??? and then comes the next problem which is i can't even bind secondary fire to ANY touch pad commands but why the hell not?? secura penta is majestic launcher but it is a goddamn bother if i can't even use it if i have a melee equipped i want the old scheme back!
  12. "trinity prime is out! better nerf her again!"
  13. (PS4)SektorZR1

    Paying Again For Syndicate Promotions?

    wow you were right my man it really didn't consume it, but now i bought another reactor for nothing bleh. 'priciate your support
  14. (PS4)SektorZR1

    Paying Again For Syndicate Promotions?

    44000/44000 rep ready to advance (to benevolent) but since i used a reactor for the next title and then got dropped down again to this title (to bountiful) by that meridian mission it wants me to pay another reactor for benevolent again. hell naw
  15. (PS4)SektorZR1

    Paying Again For Syndicate Promotions?

    it did consume it since this was the first time getting loka up to that title and i can't advance again so there's that