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  1. a lot of good changes but that's only one step of a long walk also why persisting in rng stats when you know it's crap. i mean you say yourself taht riven where a wrong implementation of customisation why persisting with kuva weapon and railjack component ?
  2. no need to have rng stats for that. upgradable stat is way better. there is no need in a squad to have a mate that get a +100 caus he is lucky and one who get a +90 because unlucky
  3. what about no more random stats ? but upradable stats instead ?
  4. wreakage slots mean build wreakage slot you can't buy blueprint slot actually (i know its a bad feature)
  5. please don't, but remove the random stats and add an way to improuv the stats of your reactor by i don't know adding more resources
  6. So ... this was a bug ? i mean you took so long to fix that that it was like a regular pasive for me Also still no fix to remove the "Armament Wreckage unique stats" that you are speaking of
  7. Still no fix for those random stats appearing on all the rail Jack stuff ? i mean you added random stats with riven and say it was a bad idea the redoing it with kuva weapon and railjack ... Why ?
  8. my weekly nora night mission are still reset
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