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  1. Dommage de cacher la noggle prime d'une warframe derrière l'obligation d'acheter la prime, alors que le pack Accessoire est clairement acheté par ceux qui veulent farmer la warframe, tout en ayant les cosmétiques du prime et en soutenant DE.
  2. wait .. leaderboard with limited score per account ? this doesn't make any sence
  3. and 2 part are missmached btw go ask support if you did claim the twitch accesory but didn't get anything
  4. realy hope they will correct that thing because i want to equip the mask with some lens and i currently can't
  5. a quick ctrl + f on Khora would have give you the answere wich is Yes
  6. PLease DE stop Doing Big Major Update with 10000 new thing and changes and prefer doing many small update It'll be better for everyone player that have to adapt and learn those new thing people with small connexion that have to Download update of more than 1 Go wich take very long developper (you) that will be able to track and catch new Bugs as soon as they appear because of a new thing / changes Any Way Great Changes and addition in general :) still missing a lot of stuff asked a lot of time ... some of those changes are Way to late like
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