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  1. If this thread serves as a microcosm of the communities reaction to that eventual change; Dont worry about it, because more people on this thread alone are in favor of the removal of Spin2Win Macros and otherwise than not.
  2. This whole bit right here, while understandable is why I am against cross play or account sharing across platforms because updates will be pushed out for long periods of times for simple things just like this.
  3. I agree with 90% of this post save maybe the warframe parts. What you seem to be asking for is a stale warframe economy. There need to be warframes that excel at dps, and ones that do none yet excel in many many other aspects. Bringing every warframe to the same level really creates more problems than it solves. As for the squad complaints, i get that you don't like playing in a squad and not seeing a enemy for the duration of the mission, but most of those players I would imagine, are solo players like my self who play alone for 99% of their 5k hours in the last 6 years like I have. Their builds are specked for that. If a individual is bringing a say, Oberon; a great frame, into a run and expects to get any kills with a well modded Ember/Saryn/Equinox/Volt and many others that can wipe areas if they are built that way. Well i think you need to adjust your expectations. Every warframe in this game has a role they play or at the very least one they are best at, taking a frame in the opposite category and expecting them to perform on par is just un realistic. IE: Expecting Vauban to out kill a Saryn or a Wukong to out CC a Nyx.
  4. Chill. The original post states the next set of changes will be reward pacing related.
  5. My Wife And I Bought Tickets To Attend This Year, However We Were Wondering If There Were Any Deals On Hotels Near The Event Location Like Last Year? Or Perhaps They Are All Booked, As We Had No Luck Clicking On The Hotel Links Provided.
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