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  1. Can the MR30 players please get the cool Relay blessing effect as an ephemera?
  2. Any news to share / show, on the New Channeling mode that was to be added to the game in a unique way.
  3. Yo, same on the channeling effects. They did state a while ago that the new melee channeling system will bring something like that back tho. I remember when that was being discussed it was being joking referred to (by players) as bankai lol
  4. I love your comment haha. Its not toxic or negative its just feed back in its best form.
  5. Looks like we are the only ones that feel this way lol
  6. Hey fam, You can however, build and rank 1 and feed the other to your helminth tho.
  7. Thank you. Might just grab a mug for my buddy.
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