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  1. Is there a possibility for companions having the same controllable AI mechanics as specters?
  2. + Hope im wrong though, but i can't really dismiss the possibility of RMT happening. I mean, sure platinum can't buy you tennogen stuff but it sure can buy most of what warframe market/trade tab can offer. AFAIK there are no items in warframe, that can be bought in platinum, that costs above 1k, and there aren't really limitations on how much plat we can place for a single ammo max mod or anything else, right? All it takes is a conversation outside warframe and a leap of faith. Just my 2cents as i've been through an awful lot of MMORPGs since 2000 (played on private servers aswell 🙂 ), and usually on official servers some groups will try and manipulate in game currency. I really do hope im wrong.
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