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  1. i did the same, 2 years break in 2018 and i can't agree more, i have so much stuff to do now in 2020-21. I'm not trying to rush things, i do it in my own pace, i'm going out my confort zone to try weapons and frames i don't usually play. OP, one thing i can say, don't try to take the most efficient route everytime because it get super boring. This for me could be one of your problem : There are ton of options i think that are not the most efficient but still fast enough. You talk about Protea, it's funny because it's one of the new frame i enjoy atm and she can be quite effi
  2. things that are somewhat annoying for me : We have to play a lot of low level content (lith, meso even neo relics, gift of the lotus and most alert, bounties etc) . i understand the reason, they want those missions to be populated but still, it's boring and kind of go against our power progression. They don't use Steelpath to spice up things, mess around with meta in some weekly type of alert for exemple. They don't have to care about new players so they could try a lot of things, we could be there to test those, just slap a few steelessence as a reward, but they don't. (just give me
  3. I sometimes go pub in spy in premade relic runs, i usually propose it because people often choose a longer mission when spy is just the faster option. The only times i go pub in spy sorties is when i click on the mission, then i forget i'm not in solo mode and the matchmaking won't let me abort despite me mashing the esc button while my brain goes oh no oh no oh no. But even then, you only need one other guy who knows how to do them to complete them before someone mess up and you can always ask for the others to stay outside the vaults if they re not familiar with the mission. It's
  4. I've seen more pink warframe on forum screenshots than in game. Those are rare super rare.
  5. yes please, everybody wins : those who wants funny visuals can and those who wants the game to remain normal will be satisfied. Plus, they are way to wide, they block the view
  6. Well, everyone was talking about your data being stolen by Tencent and chinese CCP but nobody expected their first move was to transform warframe into a generic asian mmo. Joke aside, make an option to disable holiday cosmetics, so people who wants to keep them all year long can and people who want to keep a normal game aspect can, everyone wins. edit: at least give them another state where they don't block everything, they are too big, it's clipping everywhere and even block the end screen mission.
  7. It was a Discord exclusive so it must be a glitch. edit: the service from Discord was discontinued i think so you can't have it anymore
  8. Oh, that took you long enough but thank you anyway. I would still have made the area smaller but i'll try to test it as it is. Thanks again !
  9. I remember something that goes along what OP wrote : i think in the tutorial quest the first segment you install in the orbiter is the market. IMO it should be the last. If you look at some let's play on youtube you will see that some people are throw off by that, the introduction feels awkward. DE must have their reasons but it's looks like a cheap move from them and it's a shame considering how good the F2P aspect is overall. Let the new player discover the game just a little bit more before showing them the market. And it kinds of ruin the immersion at the beginning too. Moreover some
  10. DE should just put some nitains through invasions during the down time between the end of a nightwave and the next intermission. The other ways to get nitain are simply not viable.
  11. you should post a screenshot of the options you use in the display tab of the game so people with similar config could tell you if you need to change an option. Also some low fps situations could be not your config fault but the game fault. If you see some weird fps drop in specific situation/tileset where everything else is fine and if you can reproduce it then try to post each instance on the bug forum to help them fix the game. the temp is quite high btw, you sure that doesn't activate the protection? Could also be a directx thing Good luck mate
  12. it might be on your end or the server you dl from is maybe overloaded.
  13. if i remember someone from DE gave an answer for something similar here : It looks like what you are talking about
  14. This is not the support website, you won't get any answer from them on the forums you have to submit a request here : https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/hc/en-us
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