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  1. i did the same, 2 years break in 2018 and i can't agree more, i have so much stuff to do now in 2020-21. I'm not trying to rush things, i do it in my own pace, i'm going out my confort zone to try weapons and frames i don't usually play. OP, one thing i can say, don't try to take the most efficient route everytime because it get super boring. This for me could be one of your problem : There are ton of options i think that are not the most efficient but still fast enough. You talk about Protea, it's funny because it's one of the new frame i enjoy atm and she can be quite effi
  2. things that are somewhat annoying for me : We have to play a lot of low level content (lith, meso even neo relics, gift of the lotus and most alert, bounties etc) . i understand the reason, they want those missions to be populated but still, it's boring and kind of go against our power progression. They don't use Steelpath to spice up things, mess around with meta in some weekly type of alert for exemple. They don't have to care about new players so they could try a lot of things, we could be there to test those, just slap a few steelessence as a reward, but they don't. (just give me
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