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  1. Agreed. Let's wait for further updates for the Necramechs as i'm sure that DE will make further blueprints / modular parts to create your own mechs like the rest of the custom armaments found in Cetus and Fortuna.
  2. FEEDBACK FOR NECRAMECH: • Needs more mobility and agile, dashing while cornering is quite difficult. But i am able to adapt to it. A little bit more tweaking on it. • Back Dashing is basic maneuvering skill which allows the mech to avoid incoming melee attacks in-front. (Warframe has basic maneuvering skill which is a back-flip). • Hovering Dash / Back Dash is also basic maneuvering skill which would be helpful when shooting down enemies from below your ground. (I am not aware if there someone already gave this feedback as i am not reading any previous comments or feedback prior
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