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  1. overall i think this update is a good direction but i have notes > Combo counter should glow with the same colour from the heavy attacks slam to help train the player to associate the two, as it currently feels misleading and is not directly explained in game.(if combo counter is not changed to affect main attacks as well) >heavy attacks feel slower than they need to be, a small increase in base charge time would see them being used more. >i do not like combo counter not directly affecting the damage output of the main attacks & would like to see it benefit damage output in at-least a small capacity >natural combo decay is good >stances need work (see community comments, not currently a personal problem)
  2. mostly good but amount of thralls needed to farm makes it feel really tedious, i suspect the intention was to encourage kuva litches to be handled over a longer period of time however it feels more like a drag on the process detracting from the fun value of mercy killings and so on because you just have to do it so many times. >the special mods do not show an own'd status in the relics menu making it harder to find the one your missing >please decrease number of thralls needed per clue (had a kool 1v1 with my lvl 5 litch, felt nice to fight something that could fight back 😄 but took awhile to get there)
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