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  1. There is no better ship space combat game than railjack in warframe, sure we have games like EVA where you look at your still screen and excel sheet on second screen, but that barely counts as looking on excel presentation, it sure as hell does not count as space combat. The best thing is that it is the only space combat game where you are taxi driver for 3 other people who will reward you with deep silence or by comments like "defense mission, really DE? What the fucoid." There is no comparable experience to this, so get real and realize that this is pure perfection please.
  2. I m maxed in conclave and the rewards are fantastic, the only big failure from DE was adding conclave set as something you can buy for cheap ammount from market. but 3 things should be changed 1. shield gating should go bye bye in conclave 2. cosmetic stickers should get update or new ones that are as fancy as new stuff 3. i should be crowned as undisputed king of pvp
  3. dex railjack or necramech skin would make sense, but i think it will be something of lesser value, like dex skana skin.
  4. I think that would be good suggestion, old kind of railjack on one planet new kind of railjack on other, just the loot and enemy levels have to be same on both. If you lock all good rewards to one of them, that will ofcourse mean no one is going to do the other one.
  5. Yes, i liked railjack to be about railjack stuff instead of minigame before the real mission be it defense, exterminate or whatever the objective is. Maybe you are right and after the feedback of "taxi is not quite what we wanted" they may just buff grineer location and people will have meaningful choice between doing railjack or more familiar normal missions with this little space foreplay. But virtually no one does the suboptimal farming spots, be it exp or resources. So I hope for them to be on same footing when it comes to that. I can deal with the huge RJ nerfs that happened in thi
  6. Can you find post where i claimed such thing ever before? I have 1306 posts, should be super easy to find! I disliked 3 things in whole warframe when it comes to updates (ignoring ancient pay 2 win practices) 1. meme strike nerfed to the ground (i just loved that mindless spin to win) but current E smash is just as bad so i do not see the point of it. But melee 2.0 was what actually made me not like it, because i m whip fan and they lost 80% of aoe and do not think anyone uses them now. 2. Introduction of liches in current way (i mean that whole combine cards to kill lich thing, i do
  7. I agree that it is worst update i've seen for this game but Nautilus is actually super op and will get nerfed. It makes all enemy ingame to ignore you and nautilus+ groups them together for that sweet melee E spam.
  8. I still do not believe "excalibur and underperforming" in same sentence I used to just click 1 button on him and win every mission imaginable with huge aoe instant kills.
  9. I really really want this, but if you combine 666 MK6 with your local K9 unit, warframe should just turn in to afk clicker game that aut plays random anime episodes on your second screen while playing itself and just updating you about the stuff farmed per hour.
  10. As someone who quit for years after the lich introduction i might agree. I do not get how is it still not reworked to something acceptable. It is easier to ignore railjack, for there is not much mastery in it but liches got like tens of thousands of mastery. More than all event weapons combined.
  11. Yeah anything vertical would give you black screen for 50seconds and then respawn you at strange places... I already tried it.
  12. That is not even call, but corpus does use ramsleds ON THEMSELVES I had good laugh when i noticed that. Also you need to destroy whole ramsled as object in such instance, not just the crew. Most common occurance of this is in defense mission in corpus tesseract or however do they call it.
  13. I'm quite sure he does not use mechs, operators, liset, guns, melee weapons, resources, ducats, platinum or anything else that is not warframe.
  14. I do agree with OP that current railjack is trash and it was better before. Now railjack does not even exist as gamemode, it is just loading screen for normal missions. Before: Actual unique space combat missions with fluid transition with instances per player. So people could divide the tasks at hand like a real team. Now: Normal missions with forced squad for every part of it, if you are in bonus objective u will get teleported to squad mission anyway because flip you.
  15. As someone who buys rivens for 5pl and resell them for 25000 just few hours later, yeah it works and that is why it is done. I m not saying you get instantly 10 messages but do it for 2 hours and you will get one or two. Then when selling this trash roll just type Selling GOD [riven link] 25000pl never forget to say "god, best, or at least perfect" when selling your piece of trash riven do you instantly get 10 messages? No. But wait 5 hours and you will get 25k for the 5pl riven that you just got. The only thing you need to do is this: Pick popular weapon, not popular by players but po
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