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  1. So with this update it appears that the railjack look/aim sensitivity is now tied to the main sensitivity settings and not the railjack specific sensitivity settings.  Might want to fix that.

    Edit: Well, maybe... I can't seem to reproduce it reliably.  Had two missions in a row where this appeared to be the case, but then the ones after appeared to work normally.

  2. Just now, Lassie said:

    So I just bought the new Mesa tennogen and didnt get the helmet part. I assume this is a bug?

    I just had the same thing happen a few minutes ago with the Garuda skin.  If you had it happen with the Mesa skin it looks like it's a bug then.

  3. Hey @[DE]Bear, thanks for the update, and glad to hear you guys are looking into the issue.

    I think all anyone's looking for at this point is just a return to the Hotfix 22.13.4 status quo.  There didn't seem to be any real issues with arcane implementation/effects concerning exalted weapons/abilities prior to Update 24.4.0.  As others have said, I don't think having exceptions to certain arcanes is the way to go (e.g this arcane works on literally everything except this frame) because that just introduces confusion about what works and what doesn't, and limits player choice.  I'm of the same opinion that arcanes should work on all exalted weapons/abilities.

    23 minutes ago, SethSoul said:

    I would also like to add Growing power isn't getting proced from exalted as well. Not sure if it was said but just to make sure it's known. 

    EDIT: not sure what to classify Garuda as but nothing works for her as well. Arcane strike and Fury are not procing and Growing power isn't as well. 

    Yeah, Garuda's a bit of a strange case.  According to the wiki, Garuda's Talons are an exalted weapon, but it's not one that's tied to any of Garuda's abilities, and you only get to use it when you don't have another melee weapon equipped, which leads one to believe that it's just a melee weapon and not a true exalted weapon (e.g. Valkyr's Talons via Hysteria).  And yet, it's still affected by the whole arcane problem.

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  4. This bug affects:
    Carrier's Ammo Case precept mod

    If you navigate to Cetus from your Orbiter then go out to the Plains, or navigate directly to the Plains from your Orbiter, Carrier's Ammo Case mod works as intended, but if you walk back in to Cetus and back out onto the Plains, it's broken.  There's something about returning to Cetus that breaks Ammo Case.  When Ammo Case is bugged, Carrier will fail to vacuum and mutate any ammo types that do not correspond to the weapons you're currently carrying, and also will not increase weapon reserve ammo capacity.

    If any other ammo mutation mods or a weapon with innate ammo mutation (e.g. Lenz) are equipped at the same time as Carrier with its Ammo Case mod installed, walking back in to Cetus and back out onto the Plains will cause them to break as well.  If Carrier's Ammo Case mod is not installed, other ammo mutation mods and innate ammo mutation weapons work as intended.

    Ammo mutation mods, innate ammo mutation weapons, and Carrier's Ammo Case work just fine in the rest of the game.  This issue appears to be confined to Cetus/Plains.


    Thanks to PY-R0 below for mentioning the Lenz as I forgot that weapons could have innate ammo mutation - I've tested and confirmed that innate ammo mutation also breaks when Ammo Case is installed on Carrier but works fine without it.

  5. 37 minutes ago, Fleuria said:

    Primed pistol ammo mutation seems to have been working - I have been using that all over the place, especially in bounties.

    You should maybe do a real bug report on the forums.warframe.com site's plains bug forum, with exact details on your setup (if you have not done this already)?

    Just went and tested both primed rifle ammo mutation and primed pistol ammo mutation at the same time, along with ammo case.  Went from orbiter directly to plains, everything worked - walked into Cetus and back out to the plains, none of them worked.  Shotgun/sniper ammo on the ground was not being picked up or mutated at all.  And my primed shotgun ammo mutation behaves the same way.

    I haven't made an official thread on the bug forum though, so I'll go do that now.

    edit: Ding, fries are done - Plains -> Cetus transition appears to bug Ammo Mutation mods

  6. Still no fix for the following bug:

    Ammo mutation mods do not appear to be working if you walk from Cetus out onto the plains - this also affects Carrier's Ammo Case precept which does not appear to be working at all, even increasing weapon ammo count.

    If you go directly to the plains from your orbiter everything works normally, but if you walk in to Cetus and back out, it's broken again.

    Ammo mutation and Carrier's Ammo Case work just fine in the rest of the game.

    edit: While you're at it, just remove pool from focus entirely.

    edit 2: Here's an official bug thread for the above issue - Plains -> Cetus transition appears to bug Ammo Mutation mods

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