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  1. Not entirely right to me. Alad didn't have access to Sentient tech and only just started talking about them as his first witnessing of them during the Second Dream. Not to mention he began dabbling in the Infested shortly after his removal from the board. I'd move " - Alad V meets his new "Partners" and "- Alad V augments the Wolf of Saturn Six " to the end of the list, shortly before "" - Alad helps the Tenno kill the Ropalolyst".
  2. Hello everyone, got a question but also need so sleep so I won't be around for the next few hours. That friend I talked about a while ago is finally on Warframe! It only took him 7 months of slowly, agonizingly downloading the game. He is able to play Warframe with or without Steam turned on. This leads me to my question: Is there any way to get Warframe to resync with Steam and update his Steam achievements if he was playing without Steam turned on prior to that? I know there's manual force-unlocking via Steam Achievement Manager but I'd like to know if alternate options are available before resorting to that.
  3. Sucks that DE's done nothing to directly alleviate having to comb this entire map for one fragment. Put in multiples, or lessen the spawn locations... At least Primed Animal Instinct is a thing, doubled it with Venari and a sentinel along with Loot Radar and Thief's Wit. Pretty large radius.
  4. *shrugs* if enough people begged they could, but... I sadly don't see that many people raising their voice high enough for DE to notice.
  5. Well it's still new, so it remains to be seen.
  6. For a new AND extremely hard weapon to acquire, the Wolf Sledge is still a bit lacking compared to other existing hammers in its size bracket. It's currently got the model of being the largest and longest hammer, except its reach is still lower compared to the other longer hammers! With a maxed Primed Reach Wolf Sledge can strike enemies from 5 meters away; in comparison, Volnus, Jat Kittag and Arca Titron can hit enemies from 6, 6 and even 7 meters away respectively! Please increase the Wolf Sledge's innate range slightly longer than 1.5m so it can keep up with the other long hammers. IMO the throwable gimmick doesn't really make up for this. Edit: Let's not even forget the monstrous reach of the thing that is the Dokhram heavy hammer zaw.
  7. Most of this rework so far is good but it highlights two problems: 1) the RMB combos feel a bit more forced to perform now, having to mash the E button or else you'll swap back to your weapon. 2) Sparring weapons have superior quick attacks; removing them just highlights the slightly more inconvenient Grim Fury, and the outright annoying Brutal Tide. Because hurling myself 2 meters past the enemy I wanted to punch with the first press of E was totally something I wanted to do 😕
  8. For reference, Nidus Phryke has extra effects over Nidus' 1 and 2. Nova Asuri has the extra hands coming out in all 4 abilities. In Atlas Karyst, only his Rumblers get the deluxe treatment. Is there any chance to remodel Tectonics to have the Karyst treatment too? The pieces already exist, just take the rock chunks from Atlas and the rumblers and mash it all together into a squarish shape. Edit: Heck, even the rubble passive could have been remodeled to look like inverted geode walls instead of the lumpy grey rock bits that normal Atlas wears.
  9. I mean, they're big enough to cover fist weapons and Atlas came with Tekko. Tekko would be PERFECT for the Tecton fist weapon skins. I mean all you have to do is delete the Tecton shoe covers and you're basically done with making the fist weapon version of Tecton, right?
  10. Wolf dropped a spare BP for me. Will trade that as well as a head and handle for the motor.
  11. I've been camping missions for 5 minutes to force Wolf to spawn. It's getting increasingly maddening as his spawn rate doesn't feel increased at all, and I'm now swimming in wolf sledge handles and heads with nary a BP or motor in sight. DE said he'll be buffed so much we'll be sick of seeing him, but as it is I'm sick of getting nothing or yet another sledge head or handle whenever I finally get to encounter him.
  12. What the title says: both a head and handle for either BP or motor. Will trade 2 heads and 2 handles if you have both a BP and motor to trade. PM me in-game or send me a forum message if interested, thanks.
  13. It is odd, I do agree with you. She said she's had NMM running 24/7 for the last few years she played Warfarme so unless she downloaded some new NMM mod into it that affects RAM, it shouldn't be the culprit. Nope, it's a pure english one, made in english, made by westerners actually. So no machine translation was involved. I've been reassured the fact that it has the word "Trainer" in its title shouldn't flag the ban, but I can't help but suspect if it did in fact cause it. See my response to Deadoon, pure english game. She has been warned before to turn off her other-game trainers by Warframe's launcher. Sucks it doesn't do that now which places innocent players at further risk, feels like a layer of comfort/security has been taken away.
  14. Can I PM you a few extra details beyond my friend's circumstance? You're the closest thing I've had to an official reply from DE regarding the matter of permabans.
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