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  1. I suppose you could call me a minmaxer - I just see it as a principle of "bringing the best tool for the job", and making sure that tool is modded out to the best of its ability. I'm not going to run interceptions with Warframes that have no CC, just as much as I'm not going to run captures and exterminates with slow defensive warframes with stationary powers (Frost etc.). The best times when my minmaxing really pays off is when my builds are taken to their limits when soloing a rank 5 lich - those fights can be quite challenging. I don't farm for plat via trading.
  2. I'm not a breeder, and neither do I particularly care for fur patterns but I'll strive to answer your questions as best as possible. 1: Don't expect, of course. Rare breeds are called rare for a reason. Do you mean fur pattern or temperament (the ability set)? There should not be a rare temperament. 2: It's not the ability set that matters much to breeders, it's mostly just the appearance/fur colour/size. 3: Last I checked, you can only make 2. I'm not certain if the template use is permanent or you can make more templates after months, a kavat I swore I made templates off of years ago can make them again when I recently looked it up again for making a Vasca. 4: Nope. Helminths cannot be imprinted. You're stuck with a total random roll when it comes to rolling chargers.
  3. Or team mates jumping in front of you.
  4. Kuva Bramma can do much more raw damage than Kuva Ogris, but lacks access to Cautious Shot. It's easier to gauge a safe distance to shoot the bow safely since the charge can be held down and distance planned as opposed to the semi-auto shot of the Kuva Ogris, but an option to allow Cautious Shot on K.Bramma would be great. At least the mortar bomblets don't deal self-damage so that's a consolation. Other critiques of Bramma would be its low ammo count combined with reliance on the rarest sniper ammo type while lacking the innate ammo mutation of the Lenz, requiring Carrier or a mutation mod to guarantee a steady supply of ammo. Suggest to increase the Bramma's max ammo to 20~30, and allow it to use Cautious Shot. The mod's inaccessibility seems more like an oversight rather than intentionally done.
  5. Wow, these are amazing! I'm not quite a fan of that little scrap of cloth hanging off the handle of the weapon skin - if it were me I'd find a way to tuck that thing back into the handle before it unravels. But other than that, wow.
  6. That's very ironic of you to say, considering that between the two of us in this thread I'm not the one that's going about openly parading a superiority complex, insulting random strangers and throwing a childish tantrum. And not to forget your petty response to @Kaadu. While I agree with his assessment that the heavy use of forma to squeeze out MR from all the kuva weapons feels forced(65 to r40 the 13 existing kuva weapons), at the same time I'd say he isn't required nor obligated to use up all his forma on them, or that he can take his time to work on them all slowly. No need for the edgy /s hyperbole.
  7. On the contrary, I'm a vet and I think the ephemera boost (and other changes) is great, because I can't be arsed to spawn a lich knowing I'll get a weapon I won't want, a lower bonus % roll that's useless with the current iteration of Valence transfer, and no ephemera. All these changes are great. Does this make me less of a vet and more of a cry baby by your standard?
  8. The Caballero skin has its nacelles slanting at a diagonal angle, but the engines continue to be lined up at a straight angle. The nacelle-engine alignment clashes as a result, exposing huge empty placeholder gaps of the railjack engine connector as well as with parts of the nacelle clipping into the engine. Please fix ASAP, a 225 plat skin deserves better than this. https://imgur.com/XTh6Qzs
  9. Oh, I recall that one thing in one of the patch notes. Thanks for mentioning it.
  10. Great to hear - the only thing that'll suck will be missing out on shedu parts or rare cache scans.
  11. I want to be able to multitask with party members; someone clears the anomaly, someone clears the grineer side-objective and someone else pilots the ship or something like that. Once that player clears the anomaly will everyone else get the shard as well without entering the anomaly?
  12. One of my friends who was lagging in an anomaly veil match entered a crewship, causing the door to the reactor room to not be openable. The crewship then disappeared from the entire game and it took a host change for it to become visible - I had to alt-f4 and rejoin upon logging in. The crewship was now visible, but it could not be entered at all through the back hatch. It also had zero AI, did not move or attack and was completely still where it floated. Using up all dome charges would not destroy it either.
  13. Nope. Open up a secondary's modding window and type "zoom" into the search bar. You'll notice Air Recon (-zoom while gliding) has the exilus symbol, while Hawk Eye does not.
  14. Remember when Gauss received an amazing rework to all his skills, turning him from decent to amazing? Grendel's changes were mostly bugfixes on the other hand, and a minor tweak or two. He's got pointlessly low shields, it's hard to tell what buff you'll be getting when casting Nourish, the heal from Nourish needs to be improved (and it'd be great if the buffing radius heals allies too, even if to a lesser degree) and a bunch of other issues that hold him back. His current passive is completely tied to his 1. A passive shouldn't be reliant on an ability in order to work (or vice-versa in Chroma's case), and should be active on a 24/7 basis. Glutton (the aforementioned passive, +50 armor gained per enemy swallowed) should just be listed as a feature of Feast, and Grendel be given another passive on top of it in relation to his heavyweight theme - heck, I wouldn't mind if it was just a copy-paste of Atlas' own passive (as opposed to only being active if he's doing a heavy attack with the Masseter). Also, the energy drain should be looked into. Frequent use of his abilities makes Zenurik's energy bubble quite hard to use since the drain halts energy regen - though to be fair Nourished Energy does buff Zenurik's gain rate, but it still forces players to frequently remove enemies to benefit from those.
  15. If Eagle Eye (+zoom for primary) can be an exilus mod, I don't see why Hawk Eye (+zoom for secondary) can't. Either way most likely an oversight.
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