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  1. Normal Imperator has 2 animated features along its model: 1) A spool that rotates during firing, and 2) A slide on the front end of the barrel that slides back and forth as the gun is being fired. Imperator Vandal doesn't have this, and hasn't had it for a very long time (not sure if all the way back from Eyes of Blight). Can this be looked into? Thanks.
  2. This poop applies to Stovers, Kubrodons and those ugly burrowers. It cannot be reached, and as such permanently hogs up one spawn slot for one of these animals for the entire duration of that play session. It's been around for a very long time (I've noticed it since the introduction of the second-wave wildlife).
  3. It's good that Vaporize now scales off of installed weapon mods in Dethcube's equipped weapon, but this precept still alerts enemies even if hush is installed. I'd like to minimize alert levels in my solo levels. Is there any chance that further mod applications can be added to dethcube's laser beam?
  4. Please don't let him be stuck with the same generic ball that's also used in air drop calls. The balls from normal Vauban sort of look like the plugs he has going down his torso, right? Why not make Vauban Prime's golden grenades look like the angled, spiky adornments going down his torso?
  5. Until DE adds what you request, I have some advice to help you along: Get a "can opener" warframe as well to delete as many loot icons from the map as quickly as possible; 1) max-range limbo, 2) max-range equinox. Limbo is best because of continued energy regen in the safety of the rift as well as being able to aim and direct the cast point of cataclysm. Wait half a second to allow it to expand fully before pressing 4 again to deactivate it. Add intensify to guarantee it can destroy resource deposits too. Once you cast 4, you just have to watch all the icons vanish - any icons that move a little are generated resources, and those that remain should be the cache.
  6. Yeah I'm pretty sick of it at this point. The previous orb vallis song was better, and I honestly want to go back to the Sacrifice's ominous chanting.
  7. Burst fire is already highly inefficient as it is for the Acarius, as you usually only need one shot from Acarius to wipe star chart mobs. However, Acarius' small ammo pool (10/20) makes it even worse, because being forced to fire in bursts of 2 effectively halves the ammo pool to 5/10. Please change burst to semi. I don't need to waste 2 shots on one elite lancer unless this is the sorties or something.
  8. I can't believe this thing's gone unaddressed ever since it was created, let alone greenlit and released. You can even see-through to the background on the third pic.
  9. Are there any official reveal pictures of Wukong Prime? Like the ones previously shown in previous Prime reveals, which includes a picture of the accessories worn by a blacked-out version of the prime warframe. I need to show these pics to a friend. Nevermind, found them.
  10. Have you waited for 7 days for the pimple to fully mature in order to unlock access to the room?
  11. I don't think you need to ban those people - just highlight their "high scores" as targets to deride and mock. Put a clown symbol next to their names on the leaderboard or whatnot and give their number to the next closest legit player. I'll bet that 9/10ths of exploiters will cease this practice once they become targets for ridicule.
  12. Most of this rework so far is good but it highlights two problems: 1) the RMB combos feel a bit more forced to perform now, having to mash the E button or else you'll swap back to your weapon. 2) Sparring weapons have superior quick attacks; removing them just highlights the slightly more inconvenient Grim Fury, and the outright annoying Brutal Tide. Because hurling myself 2 meters past the enemy I wanted to punch with the first press of E was totally something I wanted to do 😕
  13. Wolf dropped a spare BP for me. Will trade that as well as a head and handle for the motor.
  14. What the title says: both a head and handle for either BP or motor. Will trade 2 heads and 2 handles if you have both a BP and motor to trade. PM me in-game or send me a forum message if interested, thanks.
  15. 1) Is there any update on the Helminth Cyst's usage beyond being used to grow a Charger? I recall Steve apparently saying more is planned for the Cyst (a new resource?). 2) Also since it's related, is there any updates to the chamber at the back of the Helminth Infirmary? 3) How far up the pipeline is a rework due for Valkyr and Chroma? Valkyr's 1 still suffers from dated Parkour 1.0 mechanics and Chroma's passive still needs to be reworked to play a more active role beyond the colour palletes. 4) Will there be any word on making the Orb Vallis Somachord fragments easier to find/scan? It's ridiculously hard as it is to complete the Fortuna tracks! Please don't turn this into another "we won't do anything because some players already completed it we don't want to rob them of their sense of achievement" thing like the Hema.
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