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    tenet diplos

    Hip-fire is powerful, but agreed that the homing system is awkward in how it's forced. From the looks of it, Diplos has two gun mechanics mixed: the "Switch firing modes on zoom" that Kuva Quartakk and Quatz have, and the "Target enemies and fire homing projectiles" gimmick the Sepulcrum has. Sepulcrum's gimmick is non-intrusive because you have to actively select for it (MMB). Mixing it with the "switch on zoom" gimmick of K.Quartakk/Quatz, however, makes it intrusive. If you want to auto-fire while zoomed, do what Update 25.4's notes instruct for the Quatz: *Quatz Pro Tip: start firing from the hip and aim while keeping the trigger held down to stay in auto mode! My suggestion is for DE to make the firing modes swappable with MMB instead of forcibly swapping it on zoom. It should also not have that delay after firing the homing projectiles.
  2. While that's a decent argument, part of the issue is that K.Zarr features a manual hand-loading reload system for each shell - so the moment you stuff in the first cannonball and it goes to x/14, the vacuum sucks in a sniper pack that can give +10 shells, only giving +1 and wasting the rest of it. And if you slap on an ammo mutation bandaid mod it defeats the whole point of said "balance" anyway. That's nice to hear, although I haven't been farming SP Arcanes, just very focused on farming ephemeras and strengthening my tenet weapons until recently. Having used Tenet Plasmor without said arcanes I think it's fine, primed fast hands can be used if reload is an issue. It's just +0.2 seconds for a base damage that's more than double that of the normal plasmor (at +60%), making the upsides outweigh the downsides. Ammo isn't an issue, it's 10/40 to the normal plasmor's 10/48 (so not a massive reduction) and it kills enough enemies per shot to spawn replacement shotgun ammo.
  3. Normal Zarr is 3/84. Kuva Zarr is 5/15. I was having fun with KZ at first until I realized I ran out of ammo too quickly, then spent the remaining half a mission running around looking for sniper pickups, failed anyway, and extracted. Is it really necessary to gut ammo capacity to these extremes with the Kuva Seer, Bramma and now Kuva Zarr?
  4. The people you should be blaming here are the ones who just have to make videos demonstrating and gushing all about it. I may not exactly do this "wait for a charm" and just run normal steel path alerts whenever I feel like it, but DE wouldn't have picked up on this had a showoff decided to publish how he got 500+ essences in a single sitting.
  5. Because level 5 MRs can get it early in the game and breeze through the star chart with it, and that's way too much fast-fun for DE. It's not even that powerful for the Steel Path and takes seconds of focused fire to kill a single Grineer in late SP. Remember when they nerfed the Kuva Bramma six feet under because MR5s could get it? Instead of, I don't know, walling off future MR5s from gaining it so quickly?
  6. What was that reassurance we got a while back on a devstream? "No nerfs! But we will be improving the gun mechanics across the board." So much for that, eh?
  7. The changes to Berserker is going to absolutely destroy it. Decoupling it from Fury and making it 70% instead of 75% are fine, but to make it "oN kIlL" AND reduce the max duration to 10 seconds will make it impossible to use on end-game steel path with ridiculously tanky Corpus or Grineer! Players will be forced to run around to look for a Butcher/Moa to kill before moving onto Bombards and Techs, and all you're doing is making Primed Fury the new meta! What next, Primed Fury gets nerfed because you don't like it making certain end-game melees move too fast? Who in DE thought this was a good idea, and does he/she even play the game???
  8. Sssh, don't mention the bramma possibly getting nerfed even more, lunatic defenders will come in and nag you to just install even more band aid mods! But yeah let's keep letting MR5 newbies run around with access to end-game kuva weapons, that'll go so well for any new meta kuva weapon
  9. In his current iteration he's in a pretty bad spot, he's a jack of all trades and a master of none. He's got the squishy EHP of a caster combined with the low energy of a brawler. Give my more comprehensive review a look if you want to see my full low-down on him.
  10. The difference is the MR15 is still steamrolling the star chart, but with just as if not more OP weapons that never got the nerf bat by virtue of not being overused by literally everyone at the time thanks to the lack of MR restrictions. And yes, the MR5 brought down the lich, the Bramma's still in the foundry. Just delayed on being clickable.
  11. Your point being? I could just as much say the Bramma is faster to hit 0 and reflexively swap weapons on, and how Lenz comes with a cold proc AoE which you yourself conveniently forgot to cite. I'm arguing about the ammo mechanics, don't be disingenuous yourself and drag their very different damage stat distributions and setups into the mix.
  12. I get MR5s were running everywhere with this thing and steamrolling the game early on, but instead of doing the logical thing and locking this thing in the foundry with Mastery Rank, the Bramma's ammo pool got nerfed into the ground where 1) ONLY SNIPER DROPS work for it and ONLY GIVE ONE ARROW AT A TIME. Five arrows and it's out. Now look at the Lenz, which has the same low ammo pool BUT has one extra arrow (total six) and more importantly comes with INNATE AMMO MUTATION. Please give the Kuva Bramma innate ammo mutation, or buff its capacity back up to 10 or something. Just prevent low MRs from being able to claim the damn thing from the foundry until they're MR15 or something.
  13. Sevagoth looks and sounds cool, but otherwise feels very mediocre to play. His base stats are weird - he's a got the EHP of a squishy caster frame, with the low energy bar of a tanky/combat-oriented frame. He's a jack of all trades and a master of none. And couple all that with his slowness in both forms*. *The shadow technically has 1.1 sprint speed, but feels slow due to his large size Criticisms of each skill: 1: Reap 1) It's easy to mispress 1 and double-cast this skill (although I guess it's good for shotgunning enemies in your face, especially when considering point 2: 2) The shadow only damages enemies once per cast. After this hit, you can make the shadow spin circles around the same enemy over and over, but nothing will happen. 3) The standalone damage is only great for Star Chart enemies. The damage done to endgame-tier enemies (Sorties, Arbitrations, Steel Path) is beyond abysmal. 4) Coupling the fact that the exalted bar is only charged by KILLS with point 3, this means Reap will never charge the Death Well in endgame modes. SUGGESTION: Allow Reap to use the Shadow Claw stats, especially with mods. Allow Reap to fill the Death Well slightly with enemies who survive being struck. 2: Sow 1) A glorified emo Molecular Prime that only works when 1 is cast. 2) Passive DoT effect is too weak. 3) Can do respectable damage to Sortie/Arbitration-level enemies, but only if they're clustered up for multiple explosions and DON'T have armour (Grineer). SUGGESTION: Allow Sow to fill the Death Well slightly EITHER when Reap hits and detonates enemies who survive, OR with each DoT tick. 3: Gloom 1) Drowns your vision in darkness if you have a Sentinel equipped - I expect this to be rectified at least. 2) Charge rate is way too slow, standing still to completely empty a filled base energy bar with primed continuity and streamline only gets it to 75% charge. 3) The slow radial expansion feels highly unnecessary, why not just have it be cast at max radius? SUGGESTION: Have the radius come out at max size upon cast. Speed up the Death Well fill rate for Gloom, unless the suggestions for Sow and Reap haven't been done already. Also, get rid of that ground shadow aura on Sentinels. 4: Exalted Shadow Relatively decent, but still has his fair share of issues. Core amongst them: 1) Pressing 5 forcibly deactivates this exalted mode, so you can't refuel energy mid-use with Zenurik's Energizing Dash. 2) Entering Exalted mode handicaps you with a half-filled low-base energy pool, forcing you to pre-prepare energy orbs or a Zenurik bubble cast in advance to be able to use abilities a little bit more often. 4.1: Embrace No issues with this, it's straightforward, has good range and really bunches up enemies in a conic radius quite well. 4.2: Consume EXTREMELY BUGGED/UNOPTIMIZED SKILL. 1) This ability only hits and affects ONE enemy exactly, no matter how many the Shadow flies through. This is literally OG Slash Dash/Rhino Charge if those abilities only hit one enemy. 2) No phasing ability - dash can be halted by a bunched-up group of enemies. 3) Hydroid Tidal Surge all over again - no steering capability beyond "auto-aim". 4) Unreliable auto-targeting, seemingly selects a random enemy if the Shadow is encircled by enemies. SUGGESTION: Just make this thing be like OG Slash Dash/Rhino Charge, and hit+affect EVERY enemy in the travel path. 4.3: Death's Harvest No complaints besides one MAJOR one: The Shadow's own claw kills do not refill the Death Well. This feels like either a massive oversight OR an anti-fun mechanism. SUGGESTION: Please allow Shadow Claw kills to refill the Death Well while the Death's Harvest effect is active. 4.4: Reunite Not much to say, but as someone else pointed out it'd be nice to be able to hold 4 to teleport back to the original cast position. Also, I find it amusing that 4.4 effectively makes the whole exalted mode feel like Operator Mode 2.0. Would be nice if pressing 4 inflicted some other radial debuff or something but, oh well.
  14. Big animals like Velocipods and Predasites can take a few tics, smaller ones like Avicaeas get 1shot. Please decouple Haven from targeting them.
  15. Nah the shadow has a pretty different head from the main warframe. Just have the scarf detach then fade in the head+spine.
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