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  1. Fair. The problem is that Amazon's tentacles are stuck on this and there's no openly accessible agreement between them and DE on whether this stuff can ever be released outside of their twitch prime nonsense.
  2. You're probably talking about Static Reactor Prime, the only sigil that applies a mild ephemera effect to your warframe as well.
  3. I missed out on last month's Verv Domestik drone because I wasn't paying attention that these things last for precisely 1 month now. It's not a game-breaker but I like to collect drones so I'm a bit bummed out about that. Anyone know anything about this? Setting to companions tag as the closest thing because this forum's tag system is atrociously limited.
  4. That got rid of the sparkles, thanks. Tysis' cotton balls are still there though so they're not GPU particles since they're all using drawn graphics. Catchmoon's weird "warp tunnel" trail also remains but it's way more tolerable without the spinny vortex of opaque sparks. Is it set on 'disabled'? "GPU Particles" ranges from Disabled to Ludicrous (barely any difference from the default 'Medium' I was at). I set GPU Particles to disabled and the sparkle vomit is gone.
  5. Hangon, didn't they destroy Ivara Prime's cloak effect because one player complained about vision issues?
  6. Who thought adding more sfx on top of sfx was a great idea? Some weapons from recent updates now vomit out so many sparks and ovals and light flashes it's impossible to tell where it begins and ends and makes it impossible to track the projectile trajectory! I don't know the full list but here's the tombfinger, catchmoon and bubonico's secondary: TOMBFINGER - There's bright cameraflash-like lines on top of the sparks being vomited out - even worse, the flash veers off harshly to the side and makes it almost seem that the Tombfinger's projectile is flying sideways to the right instead of towards the screen center (that blue fuzz at the middle of the flash's upper length is the actual projectile). CATCHMOON - I don't want to see the vortex of opaque sparks and dark hole lingering in the trail of the projectile, I just want to see the energy ball and the enemies it hits! Why did 10+ overlapping clouds of sparks have to be layered in the path? Bubonico (Secondary) - The spark vomit is so opaque and excessive I can't properly gauge the flight trajectory of the projectiles while standing still - which, coincidentally, is the moment when I'm using this secondary fire the most during mobile defenses and the like. More isn't always better. Other weapons worth mentioning: Epitaph has some sparkles thrown into its charged shot - while not enough to hide the projectile, enough to clutter the field of vision and be annoying in the middle of a firefight because it's extra moving objects in between the player's vision and enemies. Sporelacer has these thick opaque oval sparks added to its projectile flight path. While not as bad as Bubonico's it still begs the question of why it had to be added - the gassy trails were already great enough as a projectile trail! Tysis has some weird cotton balls drifting in the flight speed's path. Shoot enough times and it clogs the vision (and headshots) with them.
  7. Yeah it's annoying to see the Nychus' obvious bug be left alone for so long.
  8. TYPE: In-game DESCRIPTION: Awkward positioning for Tenet Exec when using alternate holsters VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: Simply equipping different holster positions for the Tenet Exec EXPECTED RESULT: The weapon should be holstered in a practical position, with its handle at the same position of other Heavy Blades OBSERVED RESULT: The game treats Tenet Exec as if it's being holstered in its full size, causing its compressed form to shoot forward (hip holster)/upwards (reverse holster) out of place, looking incredibly awkward especially in hip holster position. Due to the *very* limited range of adjustment there is no way to "slide" it down the hip into a more practical position (not sure about reverse holster because I haven't bought that one). REPRODUCTION RATE: 100%, all the time.
  9. TYPE: In-Game, Corpus mission DESCRIPTION: Permanent Zenurik Temporal Blast effect on self VISUAL: N/A REPRODUCTION: One too many radiation procs from a Sister's Tenet Cycron while slowing her down with a Zenurik void blast, unsure if getting petrified several times by the Spectralyst she summoned contributed to the bug EXPECTED RESULT: The effect on self should wear off after 20 seconds or so. OBSERVED RESULT: The effect was permanent and I was fighting at a severe handicap from then on. REPRODUCTION RATE: One-off incident, unsure how to reproduce. Combination of radiation procs, temporal void blast on self and getting petrified by an enemy Atlas?
  10. RS219

    tenet diplos

    Hip-fire is powerful, but agreed that the homing system is awkward in how it's forced. From the looks of it, Diplos has two gun mechanics mixed: the "Switch firing modes on zoom" that Kuva Quartakk and Quatz have, and the "Target enemies and fire homing projectiles" gimmick the Sepulcrum has. Sepulcrum's gimmick is non-intrusive because you have to actively select for it (MMB). Mixing it with the "switch on zoom" gimmick of K.Quartakk/Quatz, however, makes it intrusive. If you want to auto-fire while zoomed, do what Update 25.4's notes instruct for the Quatz: *Quatz Pro Tip: start firing from the hip and aim while keeping the trigger held down to stay in auto mode! My suggestion is for DE to make the firing modes swappable with MMB instead of forcibly swapping it on zoom. It should also not have that delay after firing the homing projectiles.
  11. While that's a decent argument, part of the issue is that K.Zarr features a manual hand-loading reload system for each shell - so the moment you stuff in the first cannonball and it goes to x/14, the vacuum sucks in a sniper pack that can give +10 shells, only giving +1 and wasting the rest of it. And if you slap on an ammo mutation bandaid mod it defeats the whole point of said "balance" anyway. That's nice to hear, although I haven't been farming SP Arcanes, just very focused on farming ephemeras and strengthening my tenet weapons until recently. Having used Tenet Plasmor without said arcanes I think it's fine, primed fast hands can be used if reload is an issue. It's just +0.2 seconds for a base damage that's more than double that of the normal plasmor (at +60%), making the upsides outweigh the downsides. Ammo isn't an issue, it's 10/40 to the normal plasmor's 10/48 (so not a massive reduction) and it kills enough enemies per shot to spawn replacement shotgun ammo.
  12. Normal Zarr is 3/84. Kuva Zarr is 5/15. I was having fun with KZ at first until I realized I ran out of ammo too quickly, then spent the remaining half a mission running around looking for sniper pickups, failed anyway, and extracted. Is it really necessary to gut ammo capacity to these extremes with the Kuva Seer, Bramma and now Kuva Zarr?
  13. TYPE: In-game DESCRIPTION: Spawning candidates to make a new Sister, WEAPON PREVIEW DOES NOT APPEAR above mercy prompt VISUAL: https://imgur.com/a/YJFNzVO REPRODUCTION: Unknown trigger mechanism, been mostly 1-shotting Candidates with a Tenet Tetra bomb (screenshot was taken after a 1-shot with an envoy) EXPECTED RESULT: The weapon should be previewed above the candidate's head OBSERVED RESULT: Weapon preview panel does not show, resulting in a blind generation of Sister weapon if proceeding with mercy REPRODUCTION RATE: Feels like a 20% chance to happen, incredibly annoying since it takes more time to generate a Sister than a Larvling.
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