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  1. Is this intentional? It's annoying to unintentionally unequip my sword. It doesn't help that the nullifiers in Jupiter endurance are the ones with provas, so they actively run towards you. Also it's inconsistent that the shield (Bonewidow's 2) can be kept out just fine while walking through null bubbles. It's a big sword of a big mech, not a Warframe power. Please let ironbride stay up within nullifier bubbles so we don't have to skirt the edges and whack the bubble/get lucky and hit the drone just to get to the nullifier.
  2. Kind of a bummer that applying a forma still doesn't split the energy colour.
  3. You only need 15 on solo. I have to stop assuming other people are trying this stuff solo.
  4. On Voidrig, Secondary consists of the matte paint markings and chest crest while Tertiary consists of the metallic joints and the skull. On Bonewidow, Secondary instead consists of the metallic joints. Tertiary consists of the matte linings, paint markings (shield only) AND the skull. Can this switcharound be rectified? I'd kind of prefer to follow the Voidrig's paint scheme for better consistency.
  5. I know about where the parts drop, I have 3 Sporothrix barrels and a receiver and just need the stock, then I can move on to Arum Spinosa. It's the blueprints I'm (and everyone else from the sounds of it) just clueless about.
  6. I jumped down that pit yesterday after figuring out how to kill it. There wasn't anything special in it other than a fallen mech.
  7. Does anyone know where to find these blasted things? They don't even seem to be listed as an iso-vault bounty drop with their respective parts.
  8. This does raise a valid complaint of Warframe's borked hitbox system. If you fire a large projectile at an enemy with a tiny weak spot, the game's mechanics only calculates the hit based on the very first enemy hitbox pixel that the attack strikes and ignores everything right after. If you're going to be attacking the reworked necramechs with a stropha, you have to aim all the way to the sides of the mech just so that what should be considered a glancing blow actually does damage to the mech. This very clumsy hitbox detection system is terrible.
  9. No it's not. All you really have to do is stand still or run around in little circles until a minimum of 5 infested are mobbing you. Bonus points if there's a splitter because that then splits into two marked enemies - two for the price of one.
  10. Considering that tiering system for bounties is completely broken and I've wasted 5+ hours grinding vaults for nothing, I followed your advice. Thanks.
  11. I'm sick of getting drenched in matrices and relics. Whatever faster method exists, I'll take. Should I just skip the escort phase for all 3 missions, or should it be done for the third iso-vault?
  12. I can't reach the glass statue because jumping isn't a thing in these "investigations". Nevermind, you aim at the head while standing around the pile of glass growths.
  13. In context of this passive rework, the "+50 armor per enemy swallowed" gimmick should just be integrated entirely into his Devour. Much like how other warframe abilities buff their own health/shields/armor (fire elemental ward/pillage/warcry). I accidentally left that tidbit out. I've edited the original post to better reflect this. The actual passive is knocking enemies down in the process of rolling. Turning into a depowered meatball acts as a visual indicator of said passive, and also showcases a hint of his ultimate more often than only seeing it when it's actively cast. Xa
  14. Grendel's 'passive' - "Gain 50 armor for each enemy swallowed" - is terrible because it's inactive until actively casted for, it actively PENALIZES the player while in use (energy drain), and by the standards of other Warframe abilities it should already be integrated as part of the skill that it's tied to! If you don't cast Feast even once in a mission, then Grendel might as well have NO passive whatsoever. To see how bad it is, take the Warframes below, strip out their existing passives then replace them with the following: Ash : Briefly turn invisible on casting Smokescreen B
  15. On day 1 patch they're agonizingly slow to holster. Then they're normal speed. Then they're just slightly slower than normal speed. And now they're back to agonizingly slow. Is this spaghetti coding in effect, or is the slow holster intentional and some dev is stealth-tweaking it? I mostly play solo, so it's not just a matter of whether someone had the Speed Holster aura on.
  16. Barrels, you mean? That makes more sense, thanks.
  17. I just noticed this in my profile across all the kitguns: The greyed-out entries are all under the primary section. Is this just a UI bug, or can primary kitguns give MR of their own? If so, That's 12k MR I've been neglecting.
  18. It's good that Vaporize now scales off of installed weapon mods in Dethcube's equipped weapon, but this precept still alerts enemies even if hush is installed. I'd like to minimize alert levels in my solo levels. Is there any chance that further mod applications can be added to dethcube's laser beam?
  19. 1) Multicoloured projectiles gave the Corpus character among their legion of identical repaints. Turning the cyan supra bolts, red flux lasers, brown oxium lasers, orange shockwaves etc. the same monotone shade of blue robbed the Corpus faction of what little variety and personality they had. 2) More importantly, it's made Oxium drones much harder to spot and single out in the heat of combat in narrow corridor tilesets! You can still hear the distinctive turret fire of their guns, but now you have to spin all over spot the oxium drone because its lasers are now similar in appearance to mo
  20. In situations like these, sometimes, you are the only one you can rely on. I can suggest to you what I do, but it may not be easy at first: Master playing ESO (to rotation D reward minimum) on solo mode.
  21. Apparently the slow effect from Temporal Blast (TB) competes against the full electric proc animation caused by Voltaic Blast (stun animation of the enemy standing in place and being fried out). So you get either one of two scenarios: Scenario 1: The enemy ragdolls and takes electrical damage and a partial proc. TB applies, and the enemy takes forever to slowly get up. Scenario 2: The enemy spazzes in place, then finishes waving arms around and resumes attack behaviour at full speed without any slow effect from TB applying. Scenario 2 is more likely to apply the further the oper
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