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  1. —Yeah. Been playing this game awhile. Any person who’s skilled at a frames ability, shouldn’t or won’t die that often. Ratio wise. Even Banshee kan basically “freeze” all enemies in place. Why worry about damage if they’re not moving at all... AND offers Team Damage Buff. —This kould apply to a number of frame or person with any true skill set. If a team mate had a frame, he’s not the 1st one I would pick for them to choose for a Party 🤷🏾‍♂️ That’s all. I was happy to be done leveling him *Heck, you’re able to heal ur self with a certain Op ability to boot.
  2. —Yeah, Inaros sucks. Heavily disappointment. I studied Egyptian lore... even a fan of Gara from Naruto. —That ability that “eats” them...for 3minz(Health pending). WTF is that. When most squads nuke stuff in milliseconds. Turns them into a Pet for micro second(so many frames do this better) after u spend more time... you kno 🤦🏾‍♂️ I’ll sush. It’s just bad.. like full rework bad. —That aside, any well player shouldn’t die... with any frame. At least not allot. I’ve seen it. High or low level. So I think that argument is moot.
  3. —Always found it puzzling that they one hit threw all their Regen abilities if the enemy had a lasting attack
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