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  1. Highly approved!👍 Keep up the good work!😊
  2. This sounds really really good! A Very welcome surprise!
  3. Many Many people have said this before, but i shall join them and say it again: Why not a Turret? You already have a mesh, textures, the code to spawn it and the aiming&functionality in the Xiphos Sentry Gun - just copy that and test how vauban works with them. All you need to do is make it scale with Power Strength (Health & Dmg) and duration - done. Optionally you could make it an exalted weapon and allo mods to be extra awesome, but that would admittedly be more work than some copy paste.
  4. Why was titanias Dex Pixia's Critical chance nerfed by 5% base? that's a 33% nerfed base critical chance, not a buff - why?
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