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  1. TYPE: Trading DESCRIPTION: Trapezium Xenorhast and Cabochon Embolos can not be traded. REPRODUCTION: Try to find them in the trading panel. EXPECTED RESULT: That these gems would follow with the trade rules all other gems from Fortuna and Cetus, and all other gems in Deimos. OBSERVED RESULT: Trapezium Xenorhast and Cabochon Embolos can not be traded. REPRODUCTION RATE: 100%
  2. Conspiracy theory: Prisma Latron armor got nerfed to make Elixis Latron armor seem better! Heh. Oh well, I came here to report the same, but I'll just bump this.
  3. TYPE: Mission, Corpus Ship, The Tenets Fountain DESCRIPTION: Wall clinging to the covering screen for the relief at the top of the fountain before the relief is revealed will prevent the screen from disappearing, hiding the relief. VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: Wall cling to the screen before and during the time that the screen would normally disappear EXPECTED RESULT: The screen would disappear. OBSERVED RESULT: the screen stayed, even while the Parvos lines played. REPRODUCTION RATE: 100%, when wall clinging to the screen.
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