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  1. Bumping; offering information on how to escape the tile in exchange for a fix 🙃
  2. Ostron decorations in the same way we got Fortuna/Entrati decorations. Grineer decorations as was mentioned, but particularly scrubbed from the Sealab tileset. Glass. Just... more glass. A water surface decoration, either simply of a determined size, or one which extends its edges until it finds collision. An atmospheric similar to the beacon atmospheric, but one which is not simply a billboard facing flat texture, but can be rotated to different angles and scaled meaningfully. (bonus points if it can be recolored) And this thing...
  3. "We have too many turrets. I propose replacing a turret with a tachyon wave analyzer. Significant data returns may be anticipated." -Cephalon Suda crew member, Pion-Rec Arev Yes please, where can I buy one? I would love to replace a railjack turret with a scanner, to give my crew members (or myself, if I must) a chance to scan all these enemy fighters and crewships.
  4. Perrin crew members can acquire misaligned datapads or lose them entirely if you switch the crew member out for another. Edit: As an aside, the energy color of the Perrin crew member helmets being uncolorable is also a tad annoying, along with the animation color of the Suda crew members.
  5. Yep, all the Orphix Venom trophies are missing an arm. It's been an issue since they were given out. I'm maybe 3 months out from just trying to fashion the poor guy a new arm out of other decorations.
  6. TYPE: In-game, Conservation, Sentinel DESCRIPTION: Nautilus's Cordon pulls conservation targets. REPRODUCTION: Taking Nautilus's Cordon with you while conservation hunting. EXPECTED RESULT: That Cordon would not affect conservation targets, to not risk sabotaging the animal captures. OBSERVED RESULT: Animals being flung around at inopportune times. REPRODUCTION RATE: As often as Cordon procs in range of the conservation targets.
  7. Dealing with this annoyance is getting old; I would definitely say that this makes the invasion panel more irritating than helpful.
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