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  1. All the Orphix Venom dojo trophies are missing an arm on the kiddo.
  2. I hate to seem like I'm asking for too much, but after the new event, and all the new alerts, it would be nice to have an alert for a new orbiter windshield. 😏
  3. Between the extra mastery, the extra capacity, and how drastically the necramech mods can change the usability of the movement system, yes, it is worth it to me.
  4. Why not go all out and spring for a 30-day-beard? Plat for time, it is the best deal.
  5. I have not played Darksiders 3, so I had no preconception that Khora should be like that. I like some exalted weapons and not others, so I had no leaning one way or the other for what should be done with her whip. As the frame stands: I like it, but I don't have much specific call to use her. I can however (and I do) use her in a number of mission types. Survival, interception, defense, mobile defense, all these and a few more are good choices for her. Which Accumulating Whipclaw, she can perform well even at some high levels. I am glad that DE did not make the whip an exalted weapon
  6. Over my course of playing this game, and in playing a number of other multiplayer co-op games, I have noticed a cycle of my own emotions toward others in the game. At the start of the game, I appreciate everyone, and everything they bring; as I grow and begin to know what is good, I strive to organize an ideal setup, but when someone brings something that disrupts the ideal I start to grow irritated. At some threshold of irritability, I turn to solo play, organized grouping, or a consistent group of friends. In these situations I can hone my own abilities, but I will also grow bored.
  7. On the topic of slash vs impact/puncture... standard slash procs scale off of your base damage (exception: hunter munitions' slash procs scale off of total damage) and bypass not only shields, but also armor and all forms of damage reduction. This is likely a large part of why the enemies made to be "tough" are made to be immune to procs. This is also the reason that it is often better to pair slash with viral on a high status weapon, as corrosive procs become redundant. For high status weapon, or high crit primaries, slash is hard to say no to. Ah, you beat me to the punch. Oh well
  8. I don't think the idea is unlikely at all. DE tries to use these NPC areas to bring out some of the "human" element of the game, and Venus will be cold, and humans get cold, and fire is a solution to that. It wouldn't be strange to be waiting around a burning corpus barrel at the gate. I can see it now: I glance to my neighbor and say "Cold enough for you, eh?", and he grunts an affirmative in reply. I turn back to the barrel and stare into the fire for a while before I glance slightly further down; "...hazardous materials. Store in a cool, dry place. Do not expose to heat. Wait, do not e
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