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  1. It would be handy if Ayatan sculptures would auto-waypoint on pickup like syndicate medallions already do, and/or have the waypoint disappear when everyone in squad has picked up the marked sculpture.
  2. Time to bump this again, and time to add more info. 1. The jet colors only show as incorrect in mission when you are host. The energy trails show as correct at that time, however. 2. When you are a client, the jet colors are correct, but the energy trails incorrectly revert to default, and are spaced for the Step Tens model jets. 3. When you are in the Arsenal, the colors for the jets do not show correctly, unless (as someone stated above) you are actively picking a color. 4. The color selection of the entire board carries over when you are selecting another board to equip, but switches back to the appropriate colors (barring jets) when finally selected.
  3. Bumping this, and adding a bit of information. I am only getting this issue with k-drives built from parts, rather than pre-built bought k-drives. That makes this bug look really bad; first bought k-drives come with a polarity, get a name, and to top it all off, now are the only ones that can take forma. I'm sure it is a just bug, I'm sure it is unintentional, but it looks really bad on the record so it is not low priority.
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