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  1. Count me in - I have completed an Arbitration Mission.
  2. As per title, since the last update i can't access my own dojo anymore from the star chart. The only workaround i have been able to find is going into the raijack from the orbiter, then jumping in a random mission and docking right after, thus ending up in the drydock. Please fix asap.
  3. Clan name: Akisenshin Clan tier: Ghost Clan platform: PC Your Clan role: Founding Warlord Relevant info: We are Akisenshin, a Rank 10 Ghost Clan that’s been active for years, built by a group of real life friends and new ones met during this wonderful journey. Our dojo is designed to look like a realistic spaceship featuring functional rooms and structures both on the inside and the outside; we are also planning to make an artwork showing how it would look like from the outside. The dojo is constantly being upgraded, with old rooms being updated and tweaked daily and new rooms being added every now and then The idea behind the Dojo’s design is to replicate through reverse engineering cutting edge technology from Corpus, Grineer and Orokin factions and implanting them on a Tenno baseline. VIDEO PRESENTATION FULL GALLERY
  4. The kuva seer nerf, such an over present weapon on my radars. Seen thousand of kuva seer users around. Oh well, I guess it will increase with the next balance pass.
  5. Man it's a month long event. Once the battle pay is properly given, the grind is fairly easy. Managed to get everything new in the first two days and i have a lot of points to spare already. It's bearable now, price is fair. Let's see now how the rare arcanes are priced.
  6. That was a really appreciated apology. Thankyou. Now i'm back to farming.
  7. Done in the same flottilla two runs for 2.295k points and one for 1.3k. Murex fleet was wiped, 100/100. Got a rank1 and a rank2 emblem from it. That's all. Should have gotten the 10k credits as end of wave reward. It took me and my friend 2 hours of farm. Not doing anything else in the event until you fix that broken reward system.
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