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  1. Not a good Idea. His base speed 1. More armor is likely.
  2. I just want to increase Nidus health. Inaros Prime, I wonder what they'll give him. More armor? More health? Inaros is the next or second next warframe to be Prime. Inaros has same armor as rhino.
  3. What hill? You are in space. Return to the void and bring back some data.
  4. I'm laughing too hard. Nothing kills Nidus is a lie. Fire, Toxin,Rad and corruption kills nidus. Nullers murder Nidus. They drain your stacks. Nidus isn't a tank. Without stacks Nidus is weak. You didn't answer my question. Why are there zero sentinent survival runs with Nidus? Sentinent would destroy all Nidus builds. That is why. I would love to see nidus runs on ODD.
  5. Get your data correct. Read the Lore. Read the skin description.
  6. No notice I wanted half-sentinent bosses. All they see is Prime mods and no new umbra mods.
  7. Alot of players accidentally delete a prime. When the prime you work for countless hours is gone and refarm or buy it again. A little lock may seem silly to you. It a life savior and makes sense. Since most MMO has this.
  8. Turn Valkyr prime around. Her tail is short like base valkyr. The gersemi has a long tail. The skin looks like a cat.
  9. The original valkyr is dead and was used to make the Zakuka prototype.
  10. The tail and face are valkyr. As well the rest of valkyr prime.
  11. Adaptation has a max 90% damage reduction. Nidus needs his stacks. All I see are youtube videos of nidus with Octavian specters, because nidus is weaker without a buffer. Inaros rage+Hunter Adrenaline= Scarab Swarm recovering tons of Energy. It also adds to armor cap of 100%. Remember that default 225? It now bigger. With just a max steel fiber it is 697.5. Scarb swarm when dispel refunds all health spent on it. Nidus suffers from viral,heat,toxic and radiation damage the most. They are the most common ways to destroy him. I seen zero nidus used in the scarlet spear events. Nidus lacks proper offensive against sentinent enemies. I have a challenge for you. See if the wisp boss can 1 shot your nidus. I want to see these mutation defense against the wisp boss. No sentinent or anti sentinent weapons.
  12. Warden is a class. Half spell caster and half fighter. Revenant isn't all about defense nor is he all about offensive.
  13. These older warframes are being replace with better and newer warframes.
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