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  1. I recently picked up the Mephisto skin for Revenant, (have to say, I like it a lot) but didn't realize you equip the tunic separately, as a Syandana. So for a few missions, I just had this nekkid-looking dude running around. And he really does look...well........nekkid. You can see where this is going. My mind being what it is, I bought a new 'frame slot just for my little Nudeling, my exhibitionist Revenatwearinganypants but I could use some suggestions as to the best pallet and numeric location (X rows down, Y columns across) for "skin". Of course, the answer will vary depending on your definition of "skin". That's great; I like diversity. But right now, ol' Buck Naked looks about as pink as a Sunday ham. I'm sure there are better choices than this ~ help, Community!
  2. I didn't buy the bundle, just the skin. But I'm also missing the upper tunic, front and back. Ed: Appears tunic-less everywhere - login screen, profile image, in-mission and in orbiter. Never mind: not a bug. The tunic has to be equipped as a Syandana.
  3. Already been to the Gilders in Cetus and Fortuna, neither one offered me the option of gilding my L30 Hound.
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