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  1. I'm just enjoying the hell outta this entire thread!!!
  2. I was running the first Mercury mission, and after my partner left me for dead early in the mission ($#%&!!) I clicked "Abort Mission". The screen went to black for 5-10 seconds, and then a message panel appeared, with an "okay" click button. But my cursor was gone. Eventually by doing 'circles' with my mouse I was able to 'find' the cursor when the Okay button highlighted as it passed over. But even though I was able to click on the Okay and it made the proper sound, the click didn't register, and I was left dead in the water, as it were. Eventually I had to Alt+Tab out of the window
  3. Yes, but I didn't see any tips about HOW to combine them. Low-level Card w/ high-level Core? High-level Card with low-level Core? Stack Cores and then fuse them? CAN I stack Cores? What?
  4. +1 What he said: Guide (or some tips) please!
  5. Keep your head down. Beyond the poor attempt at humor, folk are really going to have to work to rebuild their WFs, and taking bullets like Superman is out, at least for the time being. We're going to have to play, at least initially, like we're mortals again. Kinda sucks for the moment, but in a week or two we'll be back up to near our old strength and/or used to the new way of doing things. And all that aside, some tips from the Devs regarding different strategies about combining Cards & Cores would be appreciated.
  6. I know it sounds trite, but "This, too, shall pass". Every one of us was at a very similar position a handful of weeks ago, when we first started. Yup, right now it's frustrating as hell. But DE wants to make a great game, they aren't going to just wreck it. But learning this new way of doing things will take time. So...give this time. Learn to enjoy killing things the hard way again. It will get better. A Stratgegy Guide about how to use what we have would greatly be appreciated, though...
  7. Good advice. I'm lost in the dust at the moment...
  8. LOOOOOOOLL!!!! We're all feelin' yur pain, brudda!
  9. You're asking him to do it AGAIN? I see what tried to do there...
  10. Le pant! Le sweat! Le wait!! LE SUFFER!!!!
  11. I hear they just added a combination hookah and coffee maker (also makes julienne fries).
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