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  1. Downloading the new update: 40MB dl'ing at 12k/second (through a 90Mb/second pipeline) OOooo, goody - It'll be done just in time for Christmas!! *sssssiiiiiggggghhhhh*
  2. Yes, that was my reference. When the Mire first dropped, players started calling it the Bacon Sword because it's default coloration and 'melted' lines (compared with the more geometric lines of more typical swords) brought the idea of a cooked slice of bacon to mind.
  3. Just noticed, while building the Smoking Body Ephemera, the Foundry displays what appears to be the Bacon Sword 'image'. Not sure what they could have done instead, I guess Ephemeras don't really have construction 'images'. Just a little odd.
  4. Not Safe for Work? New South Wales? Naval Strike Wing? NegaSonic (teenage) Warhead?
  5. I've noticed these have started showing up for completing 3 of certain missions, and which allow you to then play an extra mission. Do these do anything other than that? Or are they just incentives to get Tenno to play Invasion missions (which I guess the rewards alone weren't accomplishing)? Seems like you get one, you use one, have a nice day. Am I missing something?
  6. OP, before you make any claim of something making the game "Pay To Win"....can you share with us your definition of "win"? I'm not sure Warframe HAS a "win" state, but if you believe it does, please describe it for us.
  7. "Preciate the time extension, Fearless Leaders. It'll be even more fun once we can successfully complete a mission against her. 😒
  8. I know that, 24 pages in, prolly no-one will read this, but..... 400kps download speed, DE? Really? I'm on a 90 Mb/sec connection on my end, so this issue is on your side.
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