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  1. Eh, I can count the number of weapons or parts I've paid Plat for on prolly two hands. Don't get me wrong, I've purchased hundreds of dollars of Plat, I've just spent it on other things. For some reason I have that bone in my head that makes me want to grind for things. But DE has to give me a reasonable shot at them, and so far, at least via Scarlet Spear, my drop chances have not been 'reasonable'.
  2. Oh yeah, I keep an eye out for them. Lots of kills, just no drops.
  3. Grateful for the advice. But I'd rather DE incentivized playing Scarlet Spear by putting the better drop chances in their event, rather than pushing me to go pick up drops I want somewhere else. Just seems like a puzzling choice on their part.
  4. I've now played the event long enough to have earned all of the emblems, and purchased most of the rewards. I say this not to brag, but only to demonstrate that I've been playing the event for an appreciable period of time. It's been enjoyable, although a certain amount of rinse-and-repeat is probably unavoidable. So here's my .02, FWIW. The only Shedu drop I've gotten is a barrel, and that fell into my lap in the opening hours of the event; nothing in the days since since, and I've killed at least my share of Simbolists. I've been asking in my mission groups, and so far only one other player reported receiving any drops, and he only got two of the parts. Yes, I understand RNG, and I know this is the way RNG works, and there's nothing unusual about these drop rates. I get it. But grind isn't just about the maths; there are other aspects at play. Based on what I've read, like the Embolist before it, the Shedu looks to be not worth the amount of grinding it will take to obtain one, at least from an effort/reward standpoint. And I suspect that DE would not want WF to earn the rep of a game whose hardest drops are a waste of time. Seems like the simplest solutions would be to either make the Shedu worth the effort (and thus risk power creep), or conversely leave it as it is but bump up the drop rates somewhat, at least to the point where assembling the weapon seem achievable. Among the players I've been speaking with, most don't seem to feel that it is. Most don't seem to care about it. (A third, less desirable option would be to simply not include weapons/sparklies in the first place that most players will never bother working for.) At the point in the event where I am now, I'd like a reason to continue participating, but as long as DE keeps making the Shedu parts out of Unobtainium, there's not enough of a reason to grind for them. As I said, just my .02.
  5. I saw someone using that, but I've kinda stayed away from the whole Kuva Lich content, and have no Kuva weapons. Looked like a good choice, though.
  6. I see folk doing pretty strong injury to Condrix Balls (isn't there a better description for them? \-D ) and I'm wondering if Tenno have any recommendations for what snipers or bows work well against them.
  7. I ran RJ missions twice, ended up having to do them Solo (which is less fun than it sounds) but each time I deployed my OpLink I was immediately returned to my ship. Is this how it's supposed to work, or is this a bug?
  8. Or they could, y'know, create a system to put people together in a mission. They could call it, I dunno....."Matchmaking"! Yeah, that'd be a good name.
  9. I was going to read thru to see if this had been suggested before.....and then I saw the page count. Yeah, no. So my idea is similar to others, but with a twist. We’ve got loads of agile ‘frames, we have some ‘frames that are well -suited to certain mission-types and less-so to others. So how about a tank-esque frame whose Ult is to physically transform into a turret, which then can rotate but not move until his/her energy is exhausted. Lesser skills would involve an arm becoming a slow-firing heavy-damage gun, with 3 versions (his/her 1,2, and 3 abilities) of increasing damage and energy requirements.
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