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I always play the hero. I'm not talented, but I am relentless. I started playing Warframe back in the days of the Closed Beta, and I played almost every day after that, for almost five years. I loved Warframe, and I still enjoy parkouring through levels as a super-powered space ninja near-Jedi juggernaut. But I don't do that nearly as much anymore.

I gave up on Warframe in the fall of '17. I still play the game now that my frustration has died off a bit (although still less than I used to) because it's bones are strong, and I enjoy the fluid gameplay. But I've given up on the idea that the co-op game I used to love will ever return, or that it's still possible to progress in the game and acquire things through farming. (It's still mathematically possible, of course. Chances are very good that the one part you want does drop. It's just that the drop chance in many cases is less than 1%, sometimes far less. To paraphrase something someone much wittier than I once said, "Yeah, your part won't drop. It might drop...but it won't.")

There were a couple of reasons for my loss of faith. One important reason was the disintegration of cooperation in the game. By the time I walked away from the game there was very little "co-op" about it. Alert missions were nothing more than players using each other to either collect the Alert reward as quickly as possible, or to show off their speed/fashionframe/skilz in front of a 'captive audience'. Nobody does any killing anymore, unless it's a Defense-type mission and they have to. It's pretty common for me to have more kills than the rest of my teammates combined. Teams no longer work together to achieve anything except getting the missions over as quickly as possible, except in very rare circumstances. And as I said, I played this game nearly every day for almost five years - I watched the change happen.

Another reason, and perhaps the more important one, is the massive increase in grinding. Now you have to grind (to get Relics) for the privilege of grinding (using the Relics to try and get the part you need). That's kinda nuts. When Sumpo / Leyou / Perfect Worlds Entertainment bought Digital Extremes back in '15, Warframe began to change. DE began finding ways to increase the grind. It may seem strange to you now, but originally virtually everything in the game really could be obtained by farming and grinding for drops. I know this, because it's how I obtained almost everything in my account, which at the time I stopped pursuing the game's goals was essentially every Warframe and weapon the game had to offer, with just a handful of exceptions. But with PWE's purchase of DE, revenue-generating cosmetics became the typical release, rather than weapons and warframes, as had been the case before then. Income-generation became the obvious focus of DE's efforts. I understand this; the new owners probably set revenue targets for DE, and DE had to hit them. So while I don't like it, I get it. Like every business, DE has to make a profit for the people/companies which own it.

But as of late 2017, IMHO the game had become Pay-To-Play (which is not the same thing as Pay-To-Win). You can still play the game for free, of course, but unless you want to spend the vast majority of your time farming the same missions over and over to acquire needed parts, the only reasonable method of progressing in the game at this point is to buy the weapons, warframes or parts you want or need either directly from DE for Plat, or else from another player for Plat. And while you can obtain Platinum in a number of ways other than to buy it directly from DE, ultimately somebody somewhere did buy every single piece of Plat from DE. So DE doesn't care that you didn't pay them for your Plat, because they know that at the beginning of the chain, somebody did, and you really can't get the things you need anymore without either Platinum or a LOT of time to waste grinding. And of course, the grind is there specifically to frustrate you into buying Plat.

A third (and more minor) reason I've become disenchanted with the game is that DE now wants to tell players how we should to play their game. They've always had tendencies this way, but when they introduced the Plains of Eidolon expansion, many players including me became frustrated that, in order to obtain or achieve A, you had to perform B first, and in many cases in order to get to B, you had to get through, obtain, or perform C first. No thanks. Ninjas want to play free, DE - don't confine us to your "way" of playing. Let us mine, fish, OR FLY as we want, rather than as you require us to play.

I decided I'd had enough of PWE's changes to Warframe, and DE's neglect of how their game was being played. It was time to say goodbye to an old friend who had changed, not for the better, and go see what else was out there (Steam) to play. My clanmates left before I did, and are actively angry at DE for their choices over the past few years. I came back to the game to some extent; I don't think they ever will.

If you've somehow stumbled on this screed, I hope I've at least given you something to think about. Because you know that old saying that goes 'Watch how someone treats the waiter, because someday, they're going to treat you the same way'? I'm saddened to tell you that DE has become a "big business", and IMHO is no longer the caring, feisty independent developer it was during the first few years of Warframe's existence. You can't see the 'suits' in the Devstreams, but unfortunately I believe our friendly group of devs are all now wearing their invisible corporate suits. Some of that is natural - Warframe has become hugely successful, and the Devs simply can't stay in touch the way they once could. I get that. But unfortunately, I believe some of it is arrogance.

I hope you enjoy the game; I certainly did. But pay attention to how Warframe continues to evolve. Because Perfect Worlds has the reputation of ruining the games they buy. And as Digital Extremes' owner, they're the ones in charge of Warframe now.

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