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  1. Hey man! Sorry for the late reply but seeming as we already talked on discord I'll just say it's all good haha. I hope he enjoys the clan! ❤️
  2. sent you a message! How much do I owe you for both? 🙂
  3. Hi there! Just letting all new players know that we have a new event coming up in a few weeks! It is mainly for lower MRs but I'll try to make it fun for the higher MRs too! Prizes will be posted later on closer to the event release. Hope this interests you!
  4. Welcome back to warframe~ Sent an invite! Should be in your inbox. If you have discord let me know 😊
  5. Hey! Sorry about the late reply, I've been really sick. Let me know when you've left your clan! Thanks for waiting ❤️
  6. Hey! I've invited you. Hopefully we can help you out with the game! There is quite a few Australian and Kiwi members so you don't need to worry about time zones too much. Hope our clan has what you want ❤️
  7. Invited you! Make sure to check your inbox 🙂. Hope you like it here ~
  8. () Hey look I'm back a year later. Two things, my clan has talked about the 'noise' on my original emblem I had done by you I don't know if this even is fixable (100% cool if it isn't possible). It's not necessarily blurry and I still love it more than anything, I was just curious if anything can be done with it to touch it up. Clan/Alliance Name: Alliance: Flames of Anor Preferred Payment Type: Platinum and Cash (half half) Design Details: Same background circle as in the Teleri emblem, instead of saruon's eye, a ring and fire to be somewhere on/near the ring Links to reference images: Original emblem linked above Ring: https://static.turbosquid.com/Preview/001291/970/JE/_D.jpg https://amp.insider.com/images/5c9df5a992c8864f68747cd4-1920-960.jpg https://www.dhresource.com/webp/m/0x0s/f2-albu-g10-M00-E1-C0-rBVaVlyz9zOAa5y3AADBJfvD43Y723.jpg/the-lord-of-the-rings-hiding-ring-jewelry.jpg Additional Comments: The alliance is between a friend and my clan. Her clan's name is Phoenixs of Helios. Basically her clan is based around fire, while my clan has sauron's eye for the emblem. I wanted a combination of both so that there could be a firey aspect to the ring. Hope this all makes sense!
  9. Hey tgn's friend! I'll speak to you through tgn ahha. Hope you like our clan and hope you get everything sorted soon ❤️
  10. Hey! We actually have another clan member from Germany too! I've sent the invite, make sure to check your inbox! Hope you like it here!
  11. Hey! Just letting you know Silosm added you :). Hope to see you in game!
  12. Sorry I've been at work, jumping on now to add you :). Also love the name! I change from one game to another 24/7 so I feel that in my soul haha. Hope to see you in game 🙂 Edit: It says you're currently in a clan so let me know once you've left~
  13. Hey so sorry for the late reply! I got one of the leaders to add you cause I was sick. Hope to see you in game!
  14. Just letting everyone know we have a new clan event! If PvP is your thing we will be recruiting until we get to 280 members 🙂
  15. Hey! Forgot to reply here cause we talked on discord. You're already in our clan so welcome! Hope you like it here 🙂
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