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  1. Today I was not able to melee damage a nullifier's bubble who was like 3-4 steps above me on the stairs in ceres which wasnt a problem before. I was able to melee through rails in the same map though... what is going on?! 😐
  2. Its the same old tactic(cast spore and toxic lash melee around killing n spreading it) except this time you are tank-ier, spores deal crazy high damage and our panic button4 got its high range back. All in all good rework xD
  3. Eutuxia

    Update Failures

    Update 22.18.8 update failed I tried resetting internet explorer settings and firewall and even updated windows. Also Warframe.com opens on my internet explorer.
  4. So many tracks, Omg! :O Love your work! Can you make one for me too please? This is from Guild Wars 2, Sylvari Hologram Dance Beat https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j13ZOsw6zD0&list=LLuf5vXECIuAlQM6bn_2On0g&t=0s&index=18 from 0:25 to 1:06 Thank you!
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