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  1. Nicht nur das Start-Platin ist nicht handelbar, sondern zusätzlich alles Platin, was aus Promo-Codes stammt. Falls du also mal einen solchen Code eingegeben hast - CBS vom letzten Jahr zB - dann wird dir dieses Platin im Handelsmenü nicht zur Auswahl gezeigt.
  2. As recruiting officer of a German clan, the people I need to address usually reside within the German Recruiting channel. However, I have been playing the game on European English for most of the time and am uncomfortable with relogging or having a second client running, just to access the German channels. The protocol behind the chat system supports users to join / part channels of their choice, these features are blocked by the game client though. However, it should be possible to add a 'chat' section in the options menu, where several check-boxes could be presented to let every user ch
  3. Upvoted SableSonatas post as I agree with whats written there mostly. Most important for me is: Remove the movement of the menus when browsing through arsenal / codex. It makes me dizzy. Really. After fusing some modes or looking at the codex, I usually have to look out of the window for 30 seconds until that uneasy feeling passes. On a general note: The new UI is first class eye candy. Compared to the old one, it steps up the visual appeal manyfold. Thats the positive part. From a more critical perspective, I have to say that - for me - the new UI lacks usability. In particular, the
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