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  1. yes probably:D good to know
  2. oh the entire battery falls down ..didnt notice at first ive gottten this bug with baruuk aswell with his restraint meter while dualwielding.. u can actually see it my baruuk picture above
  3. oh i've never noticed that 😄 although i havent been in the plains much
  4. this is how big it should be 😄
  5. in the picture u can see in my right hand the meele weapon it is suppose to be bigger and shown as (active weapon) but instead it shows as holstered(inactive) .. since u know glaive prime u should know the difference between the weapon being held in your hand and when it get holstered on the wrist and shrinks to fit on your arm.
  6. also its the girl in the tower that was gara's friend not the tower itself .. altho i guess they are almost the same at this point. u can see her story in the warframe comics
  7. this happens all the time.. i ask team to stay and capture a base so we get new and fresh bounties .. everyone goes "u can do that ?" and im like palmface DE needs to implement this better
  8. oh cool we had the same idea 😄 yes lets hope
  9. oh right ! sure but its kinda weird that she would block while in her assimilate at all .. but i get what u mean
  10. does it block even tho u are in assimilate ? or something
  11. that works .. but it wont matter if u are using a Min- range build
  12. play it and tell me how much of a god u feel like:3 sure u can tank dmg forever or until an ancient mag procs u.. but its useless unless u want to cosplay as a invulnerable turret
  13. it worked for me vs the infested on a random public extermination mission
  14. yes i did ! 😄 .. and that may be true i havent tried it with other throwing melee.
  15. Hey all So i came up with this idea when i was thinking about raids and difficult content in warframe..we know that raids are coming back with a fresh coat of paint on it wich is great but i wanted to make / have a different kind of mission so this i my suggestion. I want a mission that takes commitment / time and teamwork to complete. now in Orb vallis there is a game mechanic that not alot of people even knows about or doesnt use because its unefficient (slower) and that is to capture an enemy base to get new bounties. what if we expanded this mechanic so its a battle between Nef and the teeno to capture and hold all the bases with Nef's forces trying to take them back.. so the plan is to join a squad and then get some time to talk to your teammates about fframe synergy and aura stacking and overall strategy and only start the mission when all players have clicked READY.. To start the mission u simply head out on the Vallis and capture 1 base the enemy lvl is 10-30 at the start (normal vallis lvl) but when u capture a 2nd base thats when the Base capture mission UI will popup and along with Nef talking about stopping u and keeping fortuna under his control.. when the mssion has started set enemy lvl to 100 and for each base we capture increase the enemy lvl by 30-50... on your map and UI u should see progress bars for each Base and be able to see the enemy reinforcements being deployed to take back a base so that u have time to to fly over to that base and destroy the enemy bataljon.. when u are holding all but 1 of the bases Nef should send in Orbital bombardment from his capital ship in orbit wich will 1-shot u unless u hide in spoiler mode or enter the rift i want this game mode to take time 1 hour minimum wich is why it should be slow to capture the bases so that u actually have to defend it as a team and kill of all enemies that are inside it and immediate reinforements.. and we can have bonus objectives .E.X. kill all enemies inside the base that u are capturing before its captured, wich would force 1 teammate to take a risk and go into the base alone since the others are needed to hold the base on the surface.. for some risk / reward / teamplay action. maybe this could be an 8 player mission since u will need to spread out over the entire Vallis map and it might be imposible to survive unless u send a dps frame together with a support / tank frame. 8 player would allow your squad to team up into 2 pairs if u need to leave to reacapture a enemy base or to defend it .. this should provide a big amount teamwork oppurtunity and chaos wich inturn will ceate spontaneous reactions from teammates and therefor there will always be a sense of "anything can go wrong "... This game mode should Not be for anyone except those that have all the frames and have completed all quests and startchart .. including reaching max rank with Little Duck and Solaris Completing this Game mode should be an achievment in it self. since only the best and most cooperative teams will complete it.. this is just a basic idea , a template if u will. with lots of room for expansions or other ideas... and DE it's ok to make a gamemode that actually kills players makes them fail the mission. feel free to commment on ways this could be made better sry for typo's my keyboard sucks here's a picture of a (most likely) untouched base capture panel over at Reflector control Base .. wich i believe nonne has activated since fortuna launch.. dont quote me on this.
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