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  1. A Lunaro fix ? this has definitely something to do with a certain streamer playing lunaro on stream :3 #makeLunaroGreat
  2. PLZ allow Invigorations to be applied without having to equip the proper Warframe, explanation : when visiting helminth u are presented with 3 invigorations options, I would like to be able to simply press (apply) on these options without having to go back to the arsenal and equip the corresponding Warframe.
  3. TYPE : in-game, arsenal DESCRIPTION: when Fusing a new Lich weapon (tenet) onto a low rank weapon it will show in the arsenal that the low rank weapon is max rank after fusing. but the weapon is not max rank and you are unable to forma it. REPRODUCTION: grab a new lich / sister weapon from foundry > apply fusion to another version already in inventory (must be 0 < 29 rank) > after fusion the weapon will say max rank.. EXPECTED RESULTS: weapon should remain same rank as before fusion. OBSERVED RESULTS: weapon in arsenal says max rank after fusion. REPRODUCTION RATE: 100%
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