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  1. Honestly, I do this too. "Time to smash some a$$."
  2. I put Terrify on Nyx. My night goddess, born of chaos and feared by all, is closer to being complete.
  3. My thoughts are Ignis Wraith Radiation/Viral. Point in general direction and hold trigger unless reflect is up.
  4. Looks like they just changed the font, for whatever reason. Everything else looks pretty much the same. Wait, Dark Theme is gone? Hm, could've been a mistake or something, then.
  5. Welcome to Archie's Spacejunk Emporium, where YOU set the price! That's right y'all, I ain't here to gouge you for all you're worth. Here at Archie's, we're primarily interested in helping out those who're a little light on both plat and time. And if you don't have plat, don't worry about it. We also accept trade. And hey, if you see someone asking for something I don't have and you're of a similar mind, go ahead and make them an offer! As long as it's in the same spirit of helping others, I don't mind others working out trades here. A note before buying or trading: Make sure you know abo
  6. I'm gonna experiment with putting Terrify on her. Double down on the CC and make a true Nyx. Goddess of night, feared even by Zeus.
  7. You should be able to, just edit the OP. Edit: And hit the "use full editor" button belowe the text field.
  8. I got 3 stasis chamber out of nowhere. I assume it's a bug so I'm not using them unless DE says otherwise. I just bought a couple extra slots beyond the four needed for all four breeds to see if I can get a more interesting appearance for whatever breed I hatch.
  9. Regarding primes? Clan weapons are easier to get. But you're right. We should just eschew all non prime weapons even in the market because they all might get primes eventually. Oh wait.
  10. Depends on the situation and playstyle.
  11. I'm surprised there's no mention of Zephyr yet, honestly. Turbulence is incredibly useful, built for duration and range. And both her health and shields reach 1110 with maxed out redirection and vitality, so she's pretty frikken tanky even without Turbulence. I've been farming for Glaive Prime blades lately on T3s with a friend, and the only reason we didn't keep going past 20 mins was because we didn't feel like it. I was able to keep his Nekros built exclusively for Desecrate (no health, no shields... my carrier had more health and shields) alive pretty much indefinitely as long as he stayed
  12. Supposedly if it's loyalty goes low enough it'll run away during a mission or something (just a rumor as far as I know). Don't give it any mods and take it to high level missions, see if that works.
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