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  1. I figured that might be that case, which is why I included the "or fix if it didn't work" bit. Either way, I want it.
  2. Can I request that this be reverted (or fixed if placing it caused bugs)? I would like to have a boot standing on the floor of my aquarium. I will give up a fish slot to do so.
  3. Can we get the Lift Together song for the somachord? I'd love to have that playing on my orbiter between missions.
  4. To answer what I assume the question is: No...? I'm having a little trouble working out what you're asking. If you're asking if I would trade my profile rank for Excal Umbra, which is what I assume, I have to ask: why does this thought even occur as a possibility? Where'd you get this? TL;DR: What...?
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