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  1. In the beginning we had alerts, and what were alerts? They were designed as short missions that gave an easy to access reward. In the begining these rewards were pretty meh at best, and sometimes you would get an ok reward once in a blue moon. Over time the rewards did get better but do to the random nature it could often times be very hard to get what you wanted to get without having some 3rd party application letting you know what alert was up when. So What was Nightwave suppose to do? Well i believe the idea was to fix the alert system and make a new system that was generally more fun and engaging. What it actually does in practice though is become more of a bother and annoyance and a GIANT ass time sink then anything else. Alot of the missions we are handed feel so gamey and out of place alot of the immersion of alerts made them at least feel like part of the game world. But why am i doing 150 bullet jumps again? why am i forced to do silver grove content over? this becomes the biggest issue with nightwave, it doesn't fit seamlessly into the game and feels like more of a chore then a fun aspect of the game. While those rewards are nice... the tedious nonsense we have to do to get them makes the whole experience an unfun mess. Before when i wanted a reactor, or a cosmetic helm, i could jump into a mission spend 10 minutes doing it and come out feeling pretty satisfied. Now to do that same thing i need to literally do HOURS of game play to even come close to the same rewards. On top of that the actual game play we are being asked to do isn't very immersive... we aren't doing missions for nora, we aren't expanding on the story she's telling, we aren't learning anything along the way. It's just an arbitrary list of activities you expect us to cave and do... but the worst part of it is i have to ACTIVELY go out of my way from my normal routine JUST to do this stuff. Often taking entire days or more to accomplish as it quite often requires us to gather plants, or use forma... just to complete them. This new system took a system that while not great WORKED and completely made it an unfun, and unimmersive mess... I literally haven't touched the game since i gave up on nightwave and coming back to the new nightwave made me hate the game all over again...yes... nightwave single handedly killed warframes for me... i don't know what DE is trying to do but, this is getting old so fast... i love this game i do but, i don't have the time or inclination to sit down and play it every single day just to get things i use to be able to get no problem... something has to change... nightwave is a failure... a big stinking mass of infested dung... seriously, i don't understand what they were going for with this... and why it has to be so tedious and time consuming... it's the first time since i started playing where i threw my hands up and walked away from this game because i was upset at something about the game itself... i'll probably always come back... but man nightwave is so bad--- i love Nora! alot but the mechanics of nightwave just strike a nerve for me...
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