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  1. Can't wait to see Garuda in action!!!!!! I have some question for you people: 1. Any plan on adding a new energizer warframe? 2 only feel not enough sometimes... 2. Ideas for a Vauban rework? To me it's the only warframe who could use a (almost) full rework...
  2. Hey, good to see you again guys :) My question : Will Vlad (the sentient-inspired Warframe) be able to restore allies energy? I feel a lack of energizers in the game, only 2 (Trinity and Harrow) is too few in my opinion... PS: HYPE
  3. Thank you so much for the Skeiron skin 🙂 now the 22.20 is just perfect 😄
  4. thanks for the fix! But please, give the Zephyr skeiron skin its matte texture back!
  5. Hello DEv's! 1) With the scythes becoming heavy blades (soon?), will we get some buffs on some of them? The reaper prime and the caustasysts are ok to me, but I feel like the Hate needs something, like more damage or status chance... More, I guess they'll all get a range buff? 2) I'd personnaly love to get new archwing content, maybe archwing sortie mission? Or just a new archwing? :) 3) Dethcube Prime!!! Edit: Forgot to thank you for the Sanctuary Onslaught, It is amazing!!!
  6. If you DE don't want to remove any ability, here is some stuff that could work: -Venari: Here as a passive ability, with maybe a little less health, and recastable with the 3rd ability when dead (for maybe more energy and a cooldown) (And if the Hunter mods doesn't work, they HAVE to) -Strangledome: Since we all assume the core of Khora's gameplay is Venari, make the cat literally destroy every enemies caught by the dome. Venari could also "push" the enemies onto the dome We can already give orders to Venari with the Ensnare, why not with the ult...
  7. I do like the tweaks to her 1st and 3rd ability (just, I'd like to be able to spend like 100 energy to recast venari if he dies), but the ensnare and the strangledome... They suck! Ensnare: this ability is too slow to be used in a normal situation. Unless you ask your mates "Stop shooting! I need to wait 'till all the enemies are hit by my 2!", you just can't use it on more than 2 targets. I understand the purpose, but honnestly, it doesn't work without full range and duration. More, you gain nothing using your 2 + 1 combo, since it's a complete waste of time. Use your Whipclaw alone, it will work better and be faster. Strangledome: Here we go... I think we have here the WORST ultimate of all warframe ultimates in the game. I mean, just have a look at the Khora's Warframe Profile video and see what's wrong. Khora's ultimate is literally worst than Vauban's 3rd ability (bastille). This power has just nothing to do in her kit and is off-topic. Sure it looks good, no problem with that, but it costs too much energy, is too slow to cast (even with natural talent, using the strangledome is a complete waste of time), is too small... And it gives no protection for those inside. In fact, this power is nothing but a poor CC, poor utility and poor DPS. The only feeling I have about the strangledome is that you had a stock ability in the shelf, you needed something to replace the exalted whip (I'm don't want to debate is an exalted whip is good or not, other topics do that very well), and you put this skill instead... The best way to buff the Strangledome is to remove it from her kit, and find something to replace it. Exalted whip, dual whip, taking control of Venari, with a simple afternoon of brainstorming I know you'll find something good for her kit.
  8. Like changing the Khora's 2nd and 4th ability? Take your time to finish this, we can wait :p
  9. And at this point I realize, are we sure they will be mods? I don't remember seing anything about that, maybe we'll have a kind of weapon exilus who knows? Let's wait for the update
  10. This are temporary, limitted stuff, and more important, auxiliary custom items! It could be in fact nice to have, on any weapon, in the custom screen, a kind of "FX auxiliary" slot, where you chose between default, flower, or any special effect mod... People usually say "if you don't like it, don't use it", and this will be the case for almost every player. I know that I will not remove a serration to put the flower stuff on a weapon that in fact needs firepower
  11. Lmao, this is not even out yet, and it already needs some changes. Well, as long as DE gives us the possibility to turn off the visual effects of this, it will be fine. I want to play Warframe, not Minecraft or Fortnite
  12. I wonder why they didn't built the whole warframe around the kavat; currently this power is lost among 3 random skills
  13. I'm glad too see I'm not the only one thinking that :p
  14. @Xydeth I agree, wait and see, but the thing that bothers me is the lack of new and innovative powers... I absolutely love her 3rd power (the kavat), but the rest of her kit is déjà-vu... But as you said, let's wait and see if they tweak some stuff. But I still think her 4 is wasted
  15. Khora is not even out, she already needs a rework, her kit is really inconsistent... Her 2nd and her 4th power are only jokes
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