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  1. I like that Titania gets a rework and a lot is pointing in a good direction. On my agenda for Titania I can only name a few things that I would love to see adressed. Razorwing form with Set mods does not work as one would imagine it would. Only tested with Strain Set but most likely will be the same for any Set mod and also gave a nice insight on how companions are not worth taking with her at the moment. When the Helminth Charger is equipped with the set mods he grows cysts at a treshold he drops them and they become maggots. On start of the mission the timer begins and cysts grow. If you now switch to Razorwing, the companion is put into a different dimension. While in the dimension the set grows more cysts, on the treshold the maggots are spawned at the last known location of the helminth charger. So basivcally at the beginning room of the mission or the entrance at cetus / fortuna. After that, if one is to stay in Razorwing form there will no new cysts or maggots as the Helminth Charger is threaded as none existing and thus does not grow new cysts. Also the mote set (when all 3 are used) gives 100% immunity to knowckdown while airborne. The wording on the mod indicates that it should work like aviator which was made to work with titania ( A big thank you to the person deciding that). So this might be due to one of the mods being an Shotgun mod but I can still be knocked down as Titania, despite having all of the mods equipped. If it is due to the Mod on the Shotgun beeing removed in Pixie form I would like to now if a change to "Shotgun / any Weapon" can be made so that it is equipable on her pixie weapon, Setmods not working with her is one of my points which "limits" build diversity slightly on a frame where build diversity is perceived by people as already scarce (many people believe there is only Razorwing build and I talked to quite a few people on that topic (around 20 in my clan)). The next and for this post final point on my list is about consistancy. Limbo's rework made it, that people could interact with items while rifted or in cataclysm. When I am in razorwing mode, I can not interact with consoles, excavator batteries, datamasses in mobile defense, Airdrops in survival and I can not revive teammates. To do any of these actions I have to leave either razorwing or to go into operator mode (which I am gratefull was made to be accessable while in razorwing). This might be not ideal if you are either not able to go into operator mode (it is questlogged after all) or are not able to withstand the damage that is going to be aimed at you (you lose 50% evasion outside of razorwing) In an environment like for example the Orb Mother fight where there are lots and lots of enemies you will always be seen as "useless" as the second you leave razorwing you are practcally dead. If for consistancy we could get a rework to the ability that would enable this "trivialities" I am sure a lot more people could enjoy using Titania. While there are a few more points on my list to "improve" Titania I said I would stop and the aformentioned points are the "most pressing" to me. Also I am aware of the problem that it is easier to make something broken, than something balanced, as such I am thankfull for looking into her kit and changing it as far as it was changed so far and hope that my two cents might be considered or adressed. Thanks for reading this, please feel free to pm me spelling and grammar mistakes I am in a hurry at the moment but I will later try to edit them.
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