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  1. I love this, but I reeeeeallly wish you had put this up before I blew all my quills rep this morning...
  2. Glistening Magnificence: if you've ever seen the sparkle effect that Teddy's human form does in Persona 4, its that but on all the time.
  3. When is Excalibur coming to smash bros?
  4. Why was this a problem if it doesn't put you in a squad until after you enter the elevator?
  5. I'm not for naming and shaming and whatnot, but given that this was said a week ago, I thought I should alert you that he also does this, apparently. I don't think this was a real life emergency.
  6. You should literally call this one "23.10.0: The Meaning of Mainline"
  7. You could try my Limbo Build. It's called "Pip, Pip, Cheerio"
  8. Is it going to require the Switch online subscription to play?
  9. How will blazing chalkrams augment work if you can charge the ability to do basically what the augment currently does? Otherwise, nice changes Pablo! Especially love the firewalker change, considering I build for the passive.
  10. The Ludoplex is Warframe's Gamecube. There shall be no arguments.
  11. Is warframe switch edition going to get a Yoshi kubrow skin?
  12. Not to nitpick, but this disturbs me.
  13. As a Limbo main... DEAR GOD, THANK YOU!!!!! I'll gladly take the duration reduction if it makes people stop *@##$ing when I bring Limbo into missions.
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