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  1. I would certainly admire your spirit of contradiction if you were not as shortsighted. Yes feeling are irationnals. But there are some pretty dense arguments on that thread and honestly most are rationnal. Something rationnal is not always true(complotism is a decent example of that) but when there are arguments you deal with them and not the state of mind of the persons who throw them, the thread is not about the Bramma and for the record I never said anything about the Bramma on the forum, I had no business breaking already open doors on the topic. Long story short you make the same mistake as the previous person, same type of condescending/shortsighted/borderline mansplaining gbage :). And it would amuses me if it wasn't a reccuring mistake people make more and more. Our occidental societies are in a pre fascist state and your take on discussing with others is nothing more than a symptom of that.
  2. Because they honestly feel that the workshop is not ok, Reread yourself dude, what you are saying is extremly disdainfull. The bare argument of saying "you are not reasonnable so you are wrong" is one of the worst rethorical tool one can use... But if it makes you feel good throwing venom free at others on the internet, do as you please, I'm just a bit sad for you.
  3. - WTF are you talking about, copter weapons were one shotting everything with 2 mods early on and honestly even tipedo was good enough to be called overkill as well when it got released(it was the pinacle of the copter meta, before tipedo the vast majority of players did not bother even trying to copter as well ^^)... - I agree that DE wants players to use more and more formas(would be stupid otherwise) - Arcanes are not Mod slots - Most guns won't feel better with an arcane slot and there are lots of breakpoints where it won't change a thing in terms of player experience
  4. I agree with OP about the arcanes. I get why DE put arcanes there, it is monetization to be added but I feel it is on the cheap side. In terms of numbers the nerf is extremly big, it is a quadratic one for hybrid builds so the dps loss will be huge, some melee weapons were very good for SP but they were not blattantly op, the nerf will make them feel bad, some will remain viable with a big riven I think but that's it. The melee dice meta nerf is mostly impacting players with bare bone loadouts. There are dozens of way to "break" the game but for breaking the game with melee you just need 1 good prime weapon(quickly farmed, especially if you are doing the game as 3-4 friends) then you throw an hybrid build on top of it and it is done, you can rekt anything in the game, SP included. Honestly I don't get the change on melee, the game since its inception had op melee builds, and it made sense by the fact that going melee to kill is never good anyway, so "poorer" people would still kill stuff satisfyingly, while "richer" people would kill with spells just by moving(or/and out of LoS) or aoe from afar with guns(like with a multiforma amprex/ignis then later on with other weapons) There are dozens of others way to break the game, this patch with just change what frames I'll use in the future, but for more casual or newer players, it will be an issue.
  5. For the game yes it is but for DE it probably not even thinkable. De is the subsidiary, meaning that their ultimate purpose is to generate dividends, to generate dividends it means that it need to generate revenue, but more importantly it halso has to grow in revenues. Every feature that is not making profit short term doesn't generate growth on the ongoing exercice and so is probablematic. It is issue that most financiarised products have. At some points there are interest conflicts that ultimately occur at the detriment of the product itself. This is one of the reasons why I'm profoundly anti capitalism, but it's another unpopular opinion I have, and it also have nothing to do on general forum either ^^'. What some gaming companies do, is to incorporate R&D in their scope, in some countries it reduces taxes, on paper it helps dealing with this kind of "debt" in their games. Sometimes they make overcomplicated frameworks that make their game bug everywhere(Like Ubisoft with their Anvil wich seem to be terribly bad)
  6. The game state, including what you are actually doing is the responsability of the host, so yes in practice everything requires permission from the host. There are some workarounds on some actions that do not look like that because your client simulates that the host has the info so it looks smooth, it is why in some content and due to poor coding, you get hardlock in a transference or stuff doing nothing because some packets have been lost or corrupted and your state gets bugged out on the host side and no failsafe have been implemented for this particular exception. And it is also why there are often pretty noticeable delays in transference in and out when you are not hosting. And about resources and stuffs gained in missions, it is the responsability of the host as well and it is mainly sent at the end of the mission, I'm pretty sure it has been cracked by some players btw but it's a completly different topic. In terms of architecture it is clunky as hell and limits the game a lot, it was very smart early on for the game, obviously it got cringier and cringier over time and there are no easy fix for that. It would require a profound work on lots of thing and obviously it would have infrastructures costs as well, yes the servers can be hosted on clouds but it is harder than it looks as well.
  7. They can tweak breakpoint how they want to, unless they rebalance it drastically it is a non factor. An interesting take would be to stack a finisher buff on the player on kill or certain actions that would allow player to os things with mercy. Kind of a tension bar or something like that. However atm I have so few expectations from DE that adressing the elephant in the room would be more detrimental than anything. I've never had the oportunity to parazon finish anything in SP ever and I never saw a pubby doing one either. It doesn't seem a thing, it could become one if it was possible to parazon things reliably; I would do it at least sometimes because of the hit and run mod, blitzing is one of the things that made kuva lich fun for me.
  8. The last weapons I farmed, and it was litterally a year ago, took me always less than 2 hours getting starting from the larving farm and often it was actually less than 1 hour. Now consider that the weapons are also delivered crafted(+ are at least interesting to toy with) and you end up with the most generous system ever released by DE(minus the fact it requires 5 forma to mastery cap xd). I'm pretty afraid that the corpus weapons acquisition would be normalised and everybody would have to farm 3hours, instead of a variable amount depending on skill and will to go fast. I mean yes kuva liches started extremly wanky(with some very sadge and sadly probably on purpose design flaws) but it got patched and it is imho basically the best system released since 5-6 years, it is true to the core of the game and it expends the lore nicely.
  9. I learned a new word :). honestly it's ok, it's just my personnal opinion, I stick with it, and I won't refrain notifying someone when I feel there is something wrong with something even if ultimately I'm not omnicient and can be wrong. If it is "buzzkill" it means that it makes sense to some degree, otherwise it would just be flat ignored :). Have a great day and thanks for the vocabulary.
  10. It is more about letting people figuring out stuffs. There is really 0 point making guides about underpowered materials, as warframe is f2p, each type you put hype on something or youtube you are at the risk that a newer player would go on warframe market and buy the thing. Let DE advertise their game plz. This sub weapon type can be fun for some players but if it is not meta it is because it is really not that good, not good doesn't mean not viable in Warframe, tons of things that suck are kind of viable. Some players have used ferrox on their day to day gameplay, if it works for them it's great ultimately but at the end of the day it's more gimmik than anything rly.
  11. tl;dr; void dash is more badass and stronger than old wall running Movement is one of the rare things that I feel are still really good in wf(and it will probably be the most memorable features of the game), ofc like most players I loved pre parkour thing, however current parkour mechanics are pretty neat because it requires some degree or precision to get things right in many tilesets and it's generic enough so all frames, especially the slow ones, can move pretty well assuming the player knows what he is doing. On that regard wall running makes no sense anymore, we are bullet jumping all the time from different trajectories or void dashing, wall latching is a o S#&$ manoeuver that let you stay there and keep moving slower. wich overall imho makes more sense on vertical surfaces and is kind of balanced as well "oh so you are bad, I guess you'll have to climb".
  12. gating stuff behind timers seems like an alarmingly increasing norm, they even added arbitrary timers in some corpus rj missions for good measure ^^'. Not to mention that there are a ton of them in heart of deimos content as well.
  13. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Amprex This weapon has been the meta gun for a very long time. Meta changes OP, you have started the game probably late but Amprex was king of the hill when nightmare missions got release(it was a long time ago) also if you speak about meta back then mag was OP in in corpus and void missions because it was deleting everything offscreen with one cast of her second ability. Nowadays Mag is great but for other reasons(or a mix of reasons ^^') and Amprex, while still having a kind of reasonnable dps, doesn't compete what so ever with anything. So yeah meta changes drastically and can make U turns over time, Kuva weapons are a big part of the current weapon metagame(they are still the tools to beat even further updates down the line for certain playstyles) and I except that at least few of the corpus lich weapons will be on top and scramble powerlevels quite a bit. However even if I truelly loved the Greener liches mechanics, I'm afraid for other reasons according to what has been said in dev stream(for instance the fact that you will face your lich only once at the end makes me feel more like it is a normalized arbitrary grind more than a skill/game knowledge test wich really sux). I disagree firmly with almost every recent implementations in the game, and I dont expect anything good of the new lich and reworked system. However be sure I'll be there day one to try this new system out because I really loved the kuva liches and I'm a persistant fan.
  14. The acolyte mods were out the charts when they got released and we are at the same point mods wise since then. The issue is not the melee mechanics, imho melee is very well tuned actually for a power fantasy game. I'm sorry to speak about SP, but in SP most melees, even well moded, are underwhelming; there are few chosen ones and for others you need frame buffs for them to feel ok, and for a majority it's no future mastery fodder land. The issue is imho everything else, melee is imho not the elephant in the room, it is the quality of the content that is noticeably decaying over years. The proper answer to melee imho would be through newer content. Historically we had points where some weapons were out of the charts, like amprex then synoid simulor(it got nerfed) or some warframe powers basically making most content non content and all those issues have been solved most of the time by throwing content that make those obsolete for it. DE has even released boss fights with require gunning but completly different form of gunning than your average builds. Nerfing melee(yes it is a nerf not a smart rework with new mechanics) just because it is atm strong is imho a sign that DE has no interest anymore in elevating their own title. FBM. For the record there were meaningfull mechanics appearing within story arcs in the past. The big sentient arc started 6 years ago(july 2015), before then we had no business with this faction. Operator was a 2016 things. Right now, we are in the new war sub arc since 2018, and tbh the content around it seems milked to oblivion as well. What we still have are frames, primes and problably very soon a new open world like last year because the cost is easy to manage and people spend plat on it. Compared to older eras of the game, it's borderline pathetic :). In those circumpstances, I get why the want to abritrarily scramble the metagame, way easier than expanding on top of it.
  15. Y it's true it is categorized as a shotgun and it is ok, however it doesn't play at all like a shotgun so I forgot about it, it kind of goes with the point I made however.
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