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  1. yes a mag bubble currently obliterates anything pretty incidentally, it fits in.
  2. if you play in pub games there is no point camping a lich if it is not your own. You want to piss off your lich so you want to kill your thralls, and atm ranking up your lich is worth it if you have the gear to still steamroll Tier 5 liches, wich results in significantly harder in missions. Starting from my 10th weapon or something I started hard detroying any lich spawning in pub games. At a point it leaves itself. Now about thrall conversion: it really depends on the layout and spawn points. Sometimes it is not even worth it, sometimes it rains conversions and it is definitely worth it. The more people are in the party the less it is worth it to camp thralls in terms of murmurs/hour 🙂.
  3. I think it really depends on the level of the mission. You're not supposed to incidentally os the highest lvl ones. What was the mission level?
  4. My expectation for this year in four words: Gender Fluid Dating Sim
  5. The game is completly broken atm. Most of the time you pick a weapon for it perks more than anything. But new weapons are still new things to grind, new motives for influencers to produce videos, it's not the worst :). There was a time when new weapon was really thrilling, back in the day when Amprex or Dakra prime got released it was a big thing, Fragor prime is aging and is still widely considered as a monster weapon. But even if they release a melee that has more upfront finisher damage than Fragor prime or better AoE clear than our most used primaries and kuva nukor, I don't think it would make a difference, the game is melting already. I don't even know if I'd invest forma on that lol.
  6. Credits has very low meaning in the game and farming credit may see counter intuitive for a newer player who progress its startchart. The truth is that when grinding your account, you should go to proper credit farm spots. Actually atm one of the best credit farm strategy is doing rj missions. You go in veil proxima, gather intrinsics etc and get efty credit rewards, you don't really need to be minmaxed either. However there are other spots that give more or less the same returns. I would not recommend index, even if it is good for creds it is good only for creds. And sadly, like many things in the game, having a booster is a big QoL, having a booster, a kavaat and chroma in double credit week-ends will net you quickly more credits than you'll ever need.
  7. Granum void doesn't have to be fixed atm. It takes on average 3 hours of "optimal gameplay" getting all the rewards from there then you never go back.
  8. Sony has a pretty consistent backlog of screwing every franchises it acquires.
  9. Crimson add me in game, I'll show you how to play :). You are poluting the forum with half baked thoughs 🙂
  10. There should be a meme with a 2:15 mission chat: << Who does not do the side objectives? Who does not engage crewships? Who does fix the small breach? Who is waiting for a boarding party? Who is the weakest link? >>
  11. I'm a big sci fi book fan actually but things Star Wars I never really liked, and SG1 I hated it since the movie(that is one of the earlier memories I had with my dad still, who actually +- liked it actually). What can I say :).
  12. In current "meta", I believe that berserker is the poor man primed fury. Usually when you are looking to play melee only(wich is not high end at all, melee sucks in the grand scheme of things due to the mechanics of beeing melee even with primed reach + riven), the value of attack speed mods is generally lower than other ones, so you either use a frame buff(and you have a lot of choice there) or an arcane anyway. The proper "meta" choices are already better than berserker if you focus on minmaxing your melee dps. I tend to value primed fury for heavy attacks builds way over berserker for obvious reasons and to some extent I think that regular fury is even better as well in this scenario, and the fact that it speeds up any melee animation is also a pretty good incidental feat. Even if you use your melee only when incidentally near enemies, you'll probably destroy them fast enough. Don't even know if berserker would be an effective dps gain tbh. Berserker was very meta in the past, nowadays it got really eaten alive by powercreep, you never have to whack for days enemies, even very high level heavies die kind of extremly swiftly. However the drain is low and it stacks up fast even with low crit chance, so perfect for low mr players and unpatatoed weapons that receive 0 extra buffs from your or your team.
  13. I'd be surprised if it goes out in the next year. They have a big backlog with just tenno con announcements(like the 2019 announcement is for 2021). Also since RJ rework with veil mission beeing easier than old saturn ones...
  14. Mr 30 beeing solo against hydrolist would be a decent one 🙂
  15. Gara looks imho the best in the starchart and in general I'd say it is the best frame around. With an AoE nuking that goes way beyond what other frames bring constitently,insane survivability and incidental melee killing. Even Scarlet Spear I was bringing Gara in Murex, and long story short I was doing more dps than the Mesas with all the splinter storms stacked at same place chipping everything pretty well. Requires a pretty minmaxed build to go this far, you need a certain strengh breakpoint while investing in range and a bit in duration for confort. I even slotted natural talent and a 10/10 parkour mod on mine to be faster. A statstick riven is required to one shot lvl100+ enemies. Honorable mentions(frames that have well established niches): Saryn is great all the way in ESO, not only she easy soloes it with good affinity returns, but it also greatly enhances what nuke frames can do for even more affinity per run. Volt is kind of the hill for eidolon farming, 2 volt meta atm. Half the team beeing volt and instant cycling eidolons while the 2 others provide healing and lures. However volt is +- poor in the starchart atm. Fun saying that because during coptering era he was the best in capture/rescue/sabotage/assassinate... Wisp 3 very relevant buffs that have no opportunity cost wich makes the frame great as a one of in basically any comp but sux solo Rhino Most versatile damage buff in the game. Makes you function pretty well half moded. The best poor man frame, good also basically everywhere, it is even good in eidolon hunts when learning the fights, very strong as long as your team derp on limbs.
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