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  1. I'm curious can you link the riven please? I typed out of intuition and I'd like to be proven wrong.
  2. Tenora prime: 16% more damage(just from base dmg) and better crit stats and status stats. Yes there is a huge difference in disposition, but the prime one scales way better from riven wich is to keep in mind. You'll need a decent riven to compensate for the difference in raw dmg and living stats. Pandero prime: 44% more damage(just from base damage) and few minor improvements. It would probably not get even close with a god riven, but still 44% base more damage and 24% vs 10% status chance kek. There is no way after the next balance pass that you would consider the normal over the pr
  3. It is a shame that after investing so much into console market instead of scaffolding better things for PC :D However I think that the discrepency is mainly due to the players. You see that on the lower part, 1400 best at barely the orphix cap speedrun means that actually they were extremly few chasing for the big scores on console. It is sad that the very high end is that much spread tho, but it can make sense from a technical PoV(spawning is probably weaker on consoles, pure speculation there).
  4. All that reasonning applies only to greener. There are balance issues within the game between factions. Since helminth it is easy enough scalling a nuke frame for infested and corpus content in SP. There are dozens of ways farming greeners in SP that do not include meleing, and most of them are on youtube :).
  5. Evasion is not random, there is few documentation or research on it but is actually a multiplier to things that reduce enemy accuracy wich are I think mainly parkour moves. For instance boosting titania evasion acts as a multiplier to the reduced accuracy ennemies have while she move around while flying.
  6. To be fair, I haven't logged in since the last event start. I'll get back on the game to farm the next prime but in terms of updates it's no good, I'm currently boycotting that nonsense ephemera event and I'm in no rush for the intermission either. I mean I haven't even tryed Lavos yet lol. It's in the foundry since the event. Cedo however was fun. There are too much good games around...
  7. As a founder you bought a limited offer that included exclusive cosmetics. There are good chances that other players with you in missions have things you can learn from, especially if you had hiatuses here or there. You may feel obligated to them but actually you are less veteran than them. Most other founders I cross path with are actually what I'd consider subpar players, guys with 1 or 2 loadouts of things that are not maxed nor meta and with a lacking gameplay. (also they are often rude or associal) Honestly I feel pretty sad that some rewards are founder exclusives. I don't
  8. It is a european thing from the middle age(Pious people scared by witchcraft). Most of the writtings on that come from France(tempestaires), but obviously, most french people don't have clue about it :). Biz, Little duck, Onkko, grandmother etc... There are lots of open world characters that have S#&$ty and loose enough lore, that is an open door to basically anything DE can wish for, 50cents story telling perks :).
  9. Path of Exile went for something quite interesting with twists on the maps that can be adapted to the startchart misison generation. Maybe DE can take example from that, as WF has a more "predative" business model and as rewards act against it, maybe propose it at b2p content. Riven crafting can be a part of that, as lich content or old event based contents.
  10. I think that there will be a lot of forced synergies that trap players in a certain playstyle. I believe this frame will have a huge power level but no real serious practical uses except if its kit rekts bosses mindlessly better than augmented valkyr and so on. It is kind of similar as nidus imho because there is a lot of natural scalling from spells, he has a pull(probably less powerfull) and some nukes that may be stronger number wise. The frame will probably look great, as always with DE. Most of the things they release are there to amuse newer players, Xaku was a kind of exception tho.
  11. I think it is good for you going there alone and advancing at your own pace, but if you want to gear up, just take an intrinsic high level enough to tag in veil then do 4 men veil missions. You'll get right to the good gear and you'd want to farm vidar reactors 3 asap anyway... RJ is getting dated, it is meant for 4 players squad and the fun of the squad depends al lot on the ship optimisation. So long story short, you're better getting to parties and I would not recommend crafting anything before rank 3 gear. Early on, most of us were doing the heavy lifting with archwings in saturn and
  12. Nah you missed the arch tempered fights as well. MHW devs got a lot of backlash from the community, there are only 2 fights atm in the game that provide kind of a challenge and the rest is too easy, especially if you use SOS or grop plays. Fatalis level gear is necessary for arch tempered velkhana actually, you can go there without it obviously but with no source of high elderseal everything os you after 5mn of fighting.
  13. I think you overestimate DE. They are mostly clueless about the actual balance of their game. Look at the recently posted charts. The money come from newer players, DE don't even have to care about those things, and as they are profit driven, they won't think about it if they don't have to.
  14. You are thinking with a reverse logic imho. You take the problem for a solution. In video games you can make wholesome character concepts without introducing forced synergies in their kit. It is why in DotA, there are characters that went up end down top tier to mid tier(over soon two decade) with 0 synergie line or even obvious link between their spells. The reference imho makes sense imho because character spells are important in both game, and as dota is imho very obviously a more intricate game(because it has to be balanced toward a competitive scene, it started having the issue of beeing
  15. It is possible that the existing focus related code is made by someone not at de anymore. This could explain such a long hiatus on the topic.
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