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  1. They released a weapon that get stomped by 1 balance/bug nonsense(gas damage) and 1 feature nonsense(stagger). So the gas change was imho not wanted, they just released a broken things and the code is maybe too spaghetti to be fixed in a money-viable amount of time and the self stagger was not something aimed to zakti and few other guns that still get retrograded from B or C tier to something that you need to build around to be played on top of beeing bad-ish. So maybe to fix this non sense: - copy paste the old gas damage calculation - remove the automatic self stagger from AoE
  2. Man you are a bit arsh. I have lots of friends who play this things. There are lots of video games around that are degrading crap but look pretty so they get people hooked into them. Genshin impact and so on are games that will always be defended by very casual players, kind of person with often average to low IQ but more importantly no addiction issue and absolutely now ability to conceptualise or forsee anything, it is like that since the first p2w korean games. I'm happy that there is a lot of resistance to this kind of games in occidental countries. Gotcha games are extremly degrading.
  3. Wall runing will probably never happen in a world with operator void dash. If you are moving on a straight line, you can use void dash. Actually if you bullet jump then void dash with zenurik/naramon passives you can go through basically anything in the game except open worlds(and sometimes it is faster in open words than summoning aw for small distances). Then about the Jupiter tiles, wich promotes parkouring on walls, the faster way to traverse those tiles is to simply void dash as well. The parkouring aspects of warframe are kind of dead, bullet jumping is 90% of the time faster t
  4. The glass ennemies are not exciting enough to be that much hinted etc in missions. Also the nw interface is too much active when not needed. It really needs ui tweaks as it polutes too much the gameplay for no reason. However the acts and the final were fine, the nw standing missions and the in mission mechanics are very bland but nothing is really punitive for no one.
  5. Warframe is its own sequel. Look at the game evolved since its release, most licences do not evolve as much in 5 generations. The only things that is crappy since day one is the netcode, and it would still be S#&$ :).
  6. I really like her as a NCP. The issue is more the way NW interface with players. A new season start and we are all about getting rank 30 then most of us stop caring after that. Same for glass enemies, she should not intervene each time a glass fissure happen, maybe glass fissures should not happen when everybody is 5/5 as well.
  7. The issue with ranged weapons is easy to solve. Either make CO a core functionnality of the game (you have statuses you take more damage) or you release CO mods for them
  8. Primed cryo round is a stapple against greeners, corpus and profit taker fight. Against infested it is another story but they would die to half moded weapons anyway(except in deimos obviously)
  9. Y it was pretty nice. And yes it is not difficult but it would feel bad for some players. Also probably easier with kb mouse. It was still engaging, good design. Seems like the pyrol hell wasn't over :)
  10. 2206 hour in warframe I did not even knew it existed. I suggest you try playing with a combination of bullet jumps and slides at first, it is faster in tilesets and as manoeuvers they reduce AI accuracy. Rolling is a defensive manoeuver but it's a bit slow(better than dying). Also it may be redundant but atm in the game(even is SP but harder), corpuses can be destroyed out of sight, I haven't fought regularily corpuses since quite a while now.
  11. It was making sense early on because of the wow effect of a beautifull randomly generated universe(well different tiles assembled), also there is a budget situation, warframe did not had the budget for that at all so it took another approach wich also has merrits, everything is done in a kind of solo player style with some kind of host connexion features that are probably due to a framework so DE barely or never touches itm(it is an assumption, at least it feels like it ^^'). DE has a lot of issues with server and api oriented things. They are very good a scafolding engaging and modular things
  12. Not really. Loki is still the lazy choice for spy runs when you know what you are doing as he is faster than ivara and can short cut as fast as void dashing pretty often. + you can fail void dashing when trying to go fast as f, while loki does its tp pretty quickly and pinpoint: relaxed and reliable. OT you guys should really try just once slotting mobilize somewhere and trying to bullet jump diagonally while moving, then compare how it flows on average(depends on the layout) compared to running forward with a volt buff / molt whatever, I'm pretty sure you'll end up pretty surprised. Scal
  13. At a point you should just not play her it seems ^^'. She is strong in SP because she has 2 automatic CO sources, her 1 ramps a lot(better than in eso), the damage scales faster than enemies ehp wich is funny because at a point it will kill too fast like in eso and shrink back(but it's still corrosive stacks and it still kills infested), and the ult is an AoE cc that puts a free viral stack wich is, spoiler alert, pretty good everywhere except mb on greeners because you'll want viral on wep anyway so it's not as good CO wise on them(still she was absolutely shredding greeners in Sedna with a g
  14. Keep in mind that bullet jump is a manoeuver and thus makes use of parkour speed. I couldn't do without parkour speed and all of my build use it(worst case I slot in mobilise on a regular slot on a leveling non exilus unlocked frame), and sadly regular speed is kind of very vanilla since 5-6 years(the end of coptering), it is a relic from a glorious old age of hyperspeed you have no idea about and it is now a big noob trap. As powers that improve speed, infested mobility is quite nice but the duration is a bit overwhelming, I use it on AoE frames that overpower content, if you are running
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