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  1. It would explain the out of the hat Deimos last year.
  2. With Warframe beeing owned by Tencent there are probably intersection issues with PoE league start later today. So probable announcement within 15 days, and I'd be very surprised if it doesn't happen within the next month. It really seems like it is already done / ready to be served.
  3. I get how people can find having a 90% dr ability coupled to armor destruction beeing good but it is truelly not that good. I think you should more bank on having the 50%ish reliably than trying to max out to 90% with this mechanic alone, damage reductions are meant to be stacked and a single 90% dr is clearly not enough after a point and it gets absolutely useless meta wise on builds that are actually meant to spam. Also there are other armor reduction options in the game.
  4. Gear: zekti shield with best shield delay possible(worth fusions), for propulsion what you are the most confortable with, additionnal bonuses are to be taken into consideration Mods: 3x speed mods, artillery cheap shot + utility(like ordnance cd and efficiency and revo reducer wich is useless if you are never breached) + eventual turrets stuffs Aura: Forge boosts / AW / anti breach are imho the best spells: it depends on the level of the enemies and whenever or not you are solo, the cloak is strong solo weapons: it ultimately depends on the faction but apoc on the front and pulsar or other hitscan weapons are good on the side, basically you want hitscan for other players, all mk3 if you host pubs. A player with huge delay will be able to hit normally using hitscan stuff that is why. Atm there is still nothing bulky enough to put rjs to the test in the starchart and there is nothing that requires particular damage investment, most enemies are cleared through spells, crewships are destroyed through artillery(cheap shot makes it so you don't have to go ham on the forge) and you want to be able to move faster from pack to pack or objetive to objective. I like to use ordnance liberally as well, I mean if it is there it is meant to be used ^^.
  5. Hydroid is the current rock bottom of the foodchain. There are other frames that are exceptionnally niches and overall underwhelming for what they do, but Hydroid is at a point where everything it provides is either extremly outshadowed, dysfunctionnal or impactless. He was already pretty underwheling at its releaesd, used for camping and could not handle scalling. Lots of players made their first materials with it, now with steel path bonuses it is not even a good idea using him to farm materials and his ultimate is one of the worst loot enhancement thing you can use. Then there is the rest of his kit, every one of its non ultimat abilities is meh, it's warframe there are thing you can do but ultimately it is meh and on a defensive PoV the frame doesn't bring anything. It is so far behind that even using helminth doesn't bring anything potentially meaningfull in current metagame. That said, it is not the worst frame to roam around with at very low mr in the regular starchart, far from the best either but it's ok for very new accounts/players who don't have mods or reactors, it has some beef.
  6. Gaming on mobile is unhealthy. As a diehard game since my childhood(30 years of intensive gaming) I really don't understand that urge people have to play in their bed instead of reading a book or sleeping) or outside. ^^'
  7. Influencers are only as good as the game they create content for. But imho only Mr Warframe guys puts meaningfull content, and the guy is just trying to meme.
  8. IG tutorials suck nowadays. Most players, especially the one that are likely to pay online, are following YT influencers. When warframe was released, tutorials would have helped maybe, nowaday gaming is more about mimetism and you don't have to understand anything to mimic something. How long can you make players mimic influencers you pay for your game. Also Wiki has always been well updated for this game and generally speaking wikis are way better than any in game tutorials. Somebody not able to search and find infos on a wiki would still be lost with in game help text, UI wise the game is pretty good, it is a strong feature of warframe imho.
  9. Maybe not on top of the next expansion but if they spoke about it, it is in the making for sure.
  10. People who traded lots of itemss have very likely bad plat on them. I don't think DE look at transactions that seem fair. You have been probably caught because you use a non meta trading method and are likely making trades that are completly bs in terms of value.
  11. It is a rendering and element existence issue. It's the engine who puts you OOB when you move to far from the referential or the camera or whatever, not a 3D expert but the fact that you get OOB issues that ruin buffs and make you respawn on the same position(in quite a few tilesets, and since basically years now), is itself the proof that it is not fixeable, so is an engine limitation, either that or everybody working on warframe is a retard wich is statistically not really plausible.
  12. It is imho one of the many engine limitations WF has been built upon but it is certainly EXTREMLY disturbing. I hate that as well.
  13. Those are not that great however they come as free while farming meta weapons and they do cool stuff if you make them survive. They released quite good companions over time and imho some sentinel precepts are really cool and are usueable and shaked the meta last year with HoD companions wich are busted but not busted enough so feel like you actively want them over kavaats most of the time. The sister's pet come already built in when you kill a sister and their precepts are kind of cool as well imho, it's not meta breaker but it's fashion frame and it does cool stuff.
  14. There are some grinds in this game that are a bit out of touch, however thousands of players have managed to perform Fortuna grinds without beeing mad about it. Yes, you may had bad rng like everybody did at this stage on the fortuna grind, I actually vividly remember it to be dicey and experimental as well, but comparatively to the rest of the game or comparatively to other rng gated farm mechanics you can find in others game it is far from the end of the world. You find my answer passive agressive and replied with something you felt appropriately violent as well, must feel good to SJW zerg on gaming forums because you arbitrary find that a cursor is too grindy for you. PS: Fortuna content sucks and there are heavy rewards gated behind ranks(there is meaningfull content that you can leverage still very end game for plat or other resources), ofc there need to be some bottlenecks(and those are extremly easy ones to solve as well IMHO). The more a piece of content sucks in wf, the more it is gated.
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