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  1. So now that Vauban and Ember are basically out of the way, what about a small change for Rhino? I would say that as much as I have liked Iron Skin, it doesn't provide any synergy with most of his augments, except for Ironclad Charge. Would you guys basically change it into a damage reduction ability like Shatter Shield and such, or would you give it its own special functions?
  2. Some of the new Set mods affect Exalted weapons: Motus Setup seems to affect Ivara's Artemis Bow, but not Valkyr's Claws or Baruuk's Desert Wind. Proton Jet also effects Ivara's Artemis Bow, and is more noticeable when you use Concentrated Arrow. Proton Snap also affects Excalibur's Exalted Blade, as well as any other Exalted Weapons, it will proc the Toxin and give it extra Status Chance.
  3. 1.Any news on the Wukong rework and/or Vauban rework? 2.Is Khora planned for any changes since she is getting a Deluxe skin? 3.Whatever happened to the Zephyr Deluxe Skin? 4.The last faction to get a themed frame is the Grineer. Are there currently any plans for a Grineer themed Warframe? 5.What is your opinion on allowing Warframes to use their Exalted weapons outside of the ability? Example Given:Excalibur can use his Exalted Blade to replace his melee weapon, however the ability is disabled and the Blade has its stats/functions altered, Mesa can use her Regulators as a secondary but Peacemaker is disabled and stats/functions are altered, etc etc. (optional)6.Do you have plans to reduce standing costs for decorations in Cetus? While I would also want more decorations(the glass chandelier, toy Grakata,etc), I find it really difficult to spend 100k Standing on a Cetus Post, or a Pile of Spices.
  4. Only suggestion I have for this is Rhino Stomp. Have it increase in range and damage the higher your up. That is all.
  5. What is your opinion on allowing Frames with Exalted weapons to use them outside of their 4? Mesa would be a good example, as not equipping any secondaries would allow her to use her Regulator pistols instead. Since Heldryn is a Sheild themed Frame like Harrow, will shields be looked at again? Will POE be given a Alert system like Fortuna? Where the more enemies you kill, the more powerful enemies spawn in and such? One of the things that does push me away the most from POE is the standing cost for Decorations. Are they going to be reduced, because 50k standing for a Spice Pile is kinda excessive. Wukong rework progress? I am more interested on how Defy and his Ult will be affected.
  6. Nyx is now a Walking Nuke.....excellent.
  7. Alrighty, haven't asked some questions in a long time, lets see here: 1. Since we currently have warframes that are themed around certain factions, what about a Grineer themed warframe? 2. A suggestion, but what about allowing us to visit the creator of the Rivens, Samodeus, where he can offer us Veiled Rivens for Kuva, and we can give him back Rivens for Kuva? 3. Are there any plans to make Rhino's Iron Skin function like Nezha's Warding Halo? It would allow his augments to be used more, since they mostly involve using his Iron Skin. 4. Have you guys considered making "Old-tech" weapons in the game? Weapons like the Tigris, things like bolt-action rifles, slow firing lmg's; Weapons that are around Ww2 or Modern. 5. Is there a time-frame for the next few things being added on to Fortuna? Things like the new Eidolon, Amps for the Spiders, Melee 3.0, etc etc.
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