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  1. TYPE: [In game.] DESCRIPTION: While doing any of the Railjack Survivial missions, certian Moas become unkillable and invisible. VISUAL: Will add it at the bottom REPRODUCTION: Doing any of the Corpus RJ survival missions REPRODUCTION RATE: Happens every time I go to do a Survival mission
  2. The Moas that shoot the red Lasers that cause fire Procs, and the Moas that shoot the double Lasers at you both bug out a lot during the Survival Missions. Regardless if its the Warframe or weapon, they can't be killed.
  3. Time for my opinion on Invigorations: I really do like the idea, using Helmith to buff your Warframes, however I do not approve of the RNG applied to it 3 warframes allowed per week, with over 40 warframes, means you will be waiting a short time or a very long time until yours get chosen for the buffs. Regardless of letting you choose which frames get buffed in that week after 10 Invigorations, the huge stat boosts they get is still overpowered in my opinion One thing i keep seeing repeated is that people won't let you join a squad if you don't have the Invigoration, and to me that seems like a huge problem, and a problem that will happen a LOT, specifically for Eidolon Hunts and other HIgh Lvl cotent. I also don't approve of RNG stats being given each week, that'll just cause more problems with people's builds, who don't want/need more power strength, or extra shileds etc etc. Here are the things I WOULD approve of for Invigorations: Allowing you to choose which Warframes to Invigorate for that week, and which Stats you want to boost Boosting a stat costs a consideral amount of resources, and Boosting more than one Stat will increase the resource cost even further Allowing a limit of Warframes to Invigorate in one week, with more Helmith Ranks allowing more Warframes to Invigorate in one week NOT giving such huge Stat boosts that it makes the Invigorations overpowered. No one needs a Excalibur with +100% Range and +300% Strength, thats just Absurd Thats all from me. For now....
  4. My Opinion on this: The 3 Melee mod nerfs are acceptable, I see why they would be nerfed, but that is still only part of the main problem. Glaive nerfs made sense, uncharged throws doing a lot of damage is not balanced, but once again, part of the main problem that wasnt looked at No Melee stat nerfs were said, which is the problem thats causing this huge divide. You can add all the damage buffing mods and arcanes you like, but it matters to nothing when I can equip this X melee weapon, which deals Thousands of points of damage in mere seconds, and spam the E button to literally eviscerate enemies with slash procs and elemental damage. One other thing I also didnt see, no changes done to IPS or Elemental status. The 2 main Status Procs that kill enemies the fastest is Slash procs and Viral Procs, and as long as those 2 are kept the way they are, most of these new mods and arcanes won't really matter.(Specifically looking at Hunter Munitions and Viral Combo, its just too useful).
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