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  1. Time for my opinion on Invigorations:

    • I really do like the idea, using Helmith to buff your Warframes, however I do not approve of the RNG applied to it
    • 3 warframes allowed per week, with over 40 warframes, means you will be waiting a short time or a very long time until yours get chosen for the buffs.
    • Regardless of letting you choose which frames get buffed in that week after 10 Invigorations, the huge stat boosts they get is still overpowered in my opinion
    • One thing i keep seeing repeated is that people won't let you join a squad if you don't have the Invigoration, and to me that seems like a huge problem, and a problem that will happen a LOT, specifically for Eidolon Hunts and other HIgh Lvl cotent.
    • I also don't approve of RNG stats being given each week, that'll just cause more problems with people's builds, who don't want/need more power strength, or extra shileds etc etc.

    Here are the things I WOULD approve of for Invigorations:

    • Allowing you to choose which Warframes to Invigorate for that week, and which Stats you want to boost
    • Boosting a stat costs a consideral amount of resources, and Boosting more than one Stat will increase the resource cost even further
    • Allowing a limit of Warframes to Invigorate in one week, with more Helmith Ranks allowing more Warframes to Invigorate in one week
    • NOT giving such huge Stat boosts that it makes the Invigorations overpowered. No one needs a Excalibur with +100% Range and +300% Strength, thats just Absurd

    Thats all from me. For now....

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  2. My Opinion on this:

    • The 3 Melee mod nerfs are acceptable, I see why they would be nerfed, but that is still only part of the main problem.
    • Glaive nerfs made sense, uncharged throws doing a lot of damage is not balanced, but once again, part of the main problem that wasnt looked at
    • No Melee stat nerfs were said, which is the problem thats causing this huge divide. You can add all the damage buffing mods and arcanes you like, but it matters to nothing when I can equip this X melee weapon, which deals Thousands of points of damage in mere seconds, and spam the E button to literally eviscerate enemies with slash procs and elemental damage.

    One other thing I also didnt see, no changes done to IPS or Elemental status. The 2 main Status Procs that kill enemies the fastest is Slash procs and Viral Procs, and as long as those 2 are kept the way they are, most of these new mods and arcanes won't really matter.(Specifically looking at Hunter Munitions and Viral Combo, its just too useful).

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  3. 1. Recent arguements I've been noticing is that: Prime weapons with minimal stat increases perform worse than Base weapon + Riven. While I'm not expecting Prime variants to have huge stat increases, how does one balance that? Since Rivens can be extremely powerful on weapons with high Disposition? EG Corinth Prime, Baza Prime, Volnus + Astilla Prime.

    2. More directed towards Scott, but what is your opinion on Iron Skin? As a Rhino main since '15, Iron Skin has always seemed to be the focus of his Builds, while the rest of his kit gets little attention.

    3. Any planned reworks for Warframes or Companions? I remember awhile ago of a mention for a Pets rework, but nothing was shown from it.

    4. Is the 3rd Orb Mother fight still in Limbo, or is it being put on the back burner for now?

    5. This is more inspired from other games like FF14 and Genshin, but what about letting us own a house or something like it? I know we can decorate the Orbiter to our liking, but something thats more peaceful and not drifting around in space would be more pleasing.


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  4. 8 hours ago, Surimichad said:

    Okay thx I thought when my fire rate is too high the reaload speed isn't enough to recharge it fast enough 

    Do I need primed fast hands or is the normal one enough? 

    Since I don't have primed Fast Hands I can't test it for you. However I would still say no, Fast Hands should be enough.

  5. So i decided to jump into the simaculrum to test this, and it looks like its working just fine now. You can fire endlessly with as many fire rate mods as you want, it just looks like you experienced a Bug that was fixed.


    So after retesting this, you cant add any fire rate mods when you have Fast Hands equipped, because youll fire faster than what Fast Hands can regenerate the ammo for.

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  6. Broken War has

    187 Damage, 35% crit chance, 2.2x Crit Dmg, and 20% Status chance

    Assuming you have enough standing and resources from Cetus to make a Zaw, the Best one has

    Ooltha Strike (Mewan has more even stats) with 224 Damage, 18% Crit chance, 2.0x Crit Dmg, and 18% Status chance, the Korb Grip with +28 Damage, but makes your Zaw swing slower, and the Vagreet II Ruhang Links with +14% Crit chance, +14 Damage, but -8% Status chance.

    So by using this build, you deal more Damage per critical hit, however you lose out on Status chance and Attack Speed.

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  7. Iron Skin rework 

    Reason for change: As a long time Rhino user since acquiring him in 2015, I have noticed that most builds are mainly focused around Iron skin. While I don’t want it to be completely nerfed, I’d thought I'd come up with some ideas so that his other abilities get more use, while letting Iron Skin apply bonus effects and changing how it functions. 

    Ability Description: Rhino hardens his skin, protecting himself from damage, while boosting his other abilities depending on how much damage is absorbed. 

    Detailed Description: Rhino Is invulnerable for 3 seconds as damaged is absorbed. This functions differently, as it’s converted into an ability strength bonus based on how much damaged is absorbed. Iron Skin now only applies a Damage Reduction, decaying over time as Rhino is receiving damage. Damage Reduction starts off at 95%, then drops over time before depleting, allow Iron Skin to be recast. 

    Decaying Damage Reduction formula: Has a base health pool, for where every X amount of Damage received, Iron Skins’s damage reduction drops a percentage. Damage absorbed during the invincibility time is added to this health pool, with numbers being rounded up. (Eg A health pool of 20,740 is rounded up to 20,800)

    Ability Buffs formula: Damaged Absorbed during the Invincibility time is converted into a max 15% Ability strength bonus. While this Buff is active, using Rhino’s other Abilities during this time apply new benefits to them. 

    Ability Buffs: (Cannot be stacked, modified, or refreshed during duration times) 

    Rhino Charge – Enemies receive 25% more Damage from all Sources for 10 seconds.  

    Roar – Enemies are briefly stopped in range, halting movement for 3 seconds, unable to attack. 

    Piercing Roar Augment change – Removes enemies being stopped effect. Now applies 3 Impact Procs if Iron skin is active. 

    Rhino Stomp – Enemies suffer an Accuracy Debuff after the forced Tumble effect, -25% Accuracy for 8 seconds. 

    If you happen to have any suggestions or comments about these idea changes, please feel free to let me know. Thank you for reading this. 

  8. Sadly won't be watching because of work, but it will be on my birthday, so this is exciting. As for the questions:

    • Will there be any changes to Revenant with the deluxe Skin?
    • Is the Synergy with the Cedo glaive + Catalyze on Lavos intentional? It seems very overpowered for how easy it can be spammed.
    • Are there any other planned changes for Warframes?
    • I want Gun for my birthday
    • I have seen that along with the Corpus railjack update, they once again have new weapons that we don't have access to. Along with the Nox's gun, will we be given these weapons to use or are they for enemies only? (New Corpus have a Arch-gun style weapon, Machinists have a flamethrower, Nox's have the toxic gun etc etc.)
    • (more of a personal question) I bought the Deimos supporter pack, only to find out I cant use the Pistol skin on dual pistols, and the Shotgun skin on all Shotguns. Is there a way it can be allowed on dual pistols and all shotguns? My main problem with this is becuase its a decent chunk of money to spend on special skins that are limited to certian guns.
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  9. While I do enjoy playing Sevagoth, I do have some problems with his current Kit:

    • His amor increase still does not feel like its enough, especailly in Pluto and Neptune RJ missions. I would increase his armor to 250, and add 100 Health to both him and his Shadow. This would help keep them alive longer in those missions and others.
    • I do like using Gloom, but I feel like its range is short for what it does. I would increase its max range to 20 meters, and change its synergy of "Enemies in range increase the Death well by 0.1%" to "Enemies killed in range increase the Death Well by 2%". Gloom is used to make enemies kill you slower, and combined with Sow or Reap they die a lot faster, so they don't really contribute to its current Synergy.
    • Sow and Reap are also pretty good to use. It would be nice if Reap could target enemies more accurately when cast, and Sow could not have the diminishing damage per second on range when its cast. Another synergy I would reccomend is that: Enemies affected by Gloom and have Reap or Sow cast on them further increase the lifesteal to 7%.
    • The Exalted shadow is actually pretty good on its own. One thing I would change however, is that during the Bleedout phase for Sevagoth, both Melee and ability kills contribute to reviving him. The Consume dash is a little wonky to use, especially in close quarters.
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  10. TYPE: In-Game

    DESCRIPTION: Grineer Missions with Anomaly's active will not create void storms

    EXPECTED RESULT: Attempting to run a Grineer mission with an Anomaly active will bug out and prevent void storms from occuring.

    OBSERVED RESULT: description Above


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  11. Thaumica and Necrathene need to have their drop rates increased. I have more Xenorhast and Embolos than the past 2 combined, and those are meant to be very rare ores. Finding random comments have said that certian areas of the Drift have a higher chance to give those ores, but that doesn't help the point that they aren't being weighted properlly in the drop tables.

    Even with the Scintillant being added to isolation vaults and Mechs, its still just a damm mess to farm for. Scintillant is not gauranteed to spawn in Vaults or drop from Mechs, and the drop rate for it is too low even with it in multiple places to farm for it.

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  12. Lesion

    Reason? Its a status Stick. meaning the Status chance is so high almost every hit or so your gonna proc something. It has a buff where if you proc a status effect on a enemy, you get faster attack speed and added Toxin damage, which will increase the Gas damage even more, because it mixes with whatever elemental build you have on the Melee. The range of Polearms are fine enough, and it does enough damage and swings fast enough to Proc a lot of Statuses.

  13. (Good lord no wonder Gram rivens cost a lot)

    First of all you need to have Point Strike somewhere in that build for even more damage. Regardless if a riven takes up a mod slot, a mod like Point Strike is a mandatory mod. The same thing goes for Organ Shatter, as I see you don't have that on there either.

    For now I recommend removing Berserker and Gladiator Vice, and replacing those 2 with Point Strike and Organ Shatter. Point strike would give you more melee damage, and Organ shatter would increase your critical damage even more, especially when your using Blood Rush.

    Do NOT change your riven at all, it is fine like it is because Status Duration won't matter much when your dealing that much damage to them.

  14. Some of the new Set mods affect Exalted weapons:

    Motus Setup seems to affect Ivara's Artemis Bow, but not Valkyr's Claws or Baruuk's Desert Wind.

    Proton Jet also effects Ivara's Artemis Bow, and is more noticeable when you use Concentrated Arrow.

    Proton Snap also affects Excalibur's Exalted Blade, as well as any other Exalted Weapons, it will proc the Toxin and give it extra Status Chance.

  15. I have decided to take your build, run it through armor calculations on the Wiki, and have given you a more optimal build here:


    The problem with your build is that its hugely inefficient. You builded too much into power strength, and you don't have the streamline mod. With the Umbral mods and less forma, the new build has even more damage reduction and allows some flexibility.

  16. While you can't make Iron Skin invincible, you can add some certian mods to make it last much longer than its base health.

    Iron Skin is affected by:

    Power Strength Mods

    Armor Mods

    Ironclad Charge Augment

    Arcanes that Increase Armor

    Ironclad Charge specifically makes Iron Skin's health huge. Each enemy hit by Charge with the augment increases your Armor by 50%. Depending on how many you can hit, then cast Iron Skin, and you can make it have a health pool of around 60k.

  17. Nothing quite turns on that bit of "Ugh really?!" feeling, more than completing a difficult or easy mission, just to be awarded with a measly 5k or 3k credit "caches". Now then, you might think that this is the perfect amount for newer players, until you realize end of mission credits are around this size, and dark sector missions always give out 25k when you finish those.

    Obviously, the most easiest way to fix this is to just simply remove them from the droptables. If not, at least remove them from the higher level tables, as they are simply there to dilute the rewards and lower your odds of actually valuable items. If they are going to stay, credit caches actually need to become a "cache", not a high amount like 50k, but range between 15-30k depending on if they are going to stay in high level missions. That's all I got for now, let me know what you'd suggest. Thanks for reading.

  18. Assuming you don't have Argon Scope, use Serration, Split Chamber, Point Strike, and Vital sense.

    You also have to add Elemental mods to your build. Go to the wiki if you don't know what to mod for.

    As for the empty slots in your build, you can either use more elemental mods, or some Utility mods, like Speed trigger or Ammo mutation.

    And aim for the head too, it increases damage and your critical damage as well.

  19. Since Loki prime can no longer be farmed and goes for a hefty price in the trade chat, Id keep him and use him more as a challenge to build around. Only mod Loki for health when your first trying to learn his kit. When you master Loki, he doesn't need a health mod.

    It would honestly be recommended to buy Excalibur if you have the plat because your new. He is currently behind a huge grindwall that requires some pretty decent gear in order to beat the boss that drops his parts.

  20. Honestly, I dont even know the prices of melee rivens because I haven't been in the game as of lately.

    Lets see, the War is a pretty powerful sword, with that extra crit damage and melee damage, its worth around 2-300 plat. However, due to that negative attack speed, it can hurt the price a bit. But that shouldn't mean you should reroll, that is a great combination of stat boosts, a negative is not always bad.

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