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  1. riven is broken from begin,we should can choice one stats every couple roll or just choice them,that system need be changes at all rework or something,this idiot not realize its not fair changes something like that,doing sh** after 2 years its not ok,if its be work like that from begin and be change every week...month ok! not after 2 fu**ing year! i feel he making special platinum sink to ppl spend again more next 2 fu**ing year,that not fair at all i feel disappoint,im not even happy about Fortuna at all DE was stop listen players that's is a sad true better just fu** player wallet
  2. after 2 years when he should repair that system,he doing dispo changes after 2 fu**ing years,its to long time to habit player to dispo change,if he wanna do this like that,should change every couple week or month not after fu**ing 2 years,when everybady invest time for kuva farm and thousand of plats. DE was stop listening players for longer time...
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