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  1. Oh didn't suppose they would remove them, I would have bought before.
  2. Were daH*** are gone Kubrow cosmetics gene pack Nart-Deer and Nistlebrush? Can't find em anymore in market!
  3. This is a way to make ppl play other than voids, like is going right now. So u need to farm lot of synd points before you can play a T3/T4 void. Also consider the day limit to synd points, Lower MR ppl will hardly get T3/T4 keys. So less keys around, less synd weaps, less synd mods, because lots of points will be spent in keys. Don't really know if this is good or what, we will see soon. For sure will be good for traders, less supply will make prices grown fast.
  4. Silent night Silent Ash, holy Mag all is Volt, all is Prime, round you Loki, Limbo and Mirage, holy Banshee, so strong and hard. Kill in heavenly peace, Kill in heavenly peace. Silent Ash, holy Mag Oh great Vor, kill 'em all. Dual Zoren is coming from Mars With my Kubrov i kill everyone Rhino, lord of the war Rhino, lord of the war
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