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  1. Well, I'm not sure what to say about the rework. His passive, Celestial Twin and Cloud Walker, all seem fine. But Defy and Primal Fury just seem worthless. Everyone keeps saying "wait to see the numbers", but if past reworks are any indication the numbers are gonna suck. Defy just looks clunky, and seriously DE, DAMAGE REFLECTION IN WARFRAME DOESN'T WORK. So in the end Defy will end up never being touched after the rework. When I look at Primal Fury I keep concentrating on this line " comparable to top range Zaws". So, what you're saying is I should just use a Zaw? On top of any warframe being able to use Zaws, they don't require any energy, can use Rivens, arcanes, and Shadow Debt mods. Primal Fury doesn't have a gimmick, it's just a stick. There's just no reason to use it over the melee we already have. This rework doesn't address that at all.
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