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  1. He still has a major issue. Most of the synergies of his kit revolve around the weakest and most useless part of his kit, living thralls. Dead thralls are pretty usefully now, but living ones are almost useless in team play. If you look at each part of his kit minus the synergies, he's just passable. But if you look at his kit as a whole there are problems everywhere, all going back to the thralls.
  2. Apples and oranges. With the exception of Nyx's Absorb and Banshee's Soundquake, all of the abilities you mentioned don't make the frame stationary. Absorb is a god awful ability without the augment that let's you move. And Soundquake IS a boring ability.
  3. Woah, woah, woah! So DE has no problem increasing Oberon's energy pool. They have no problem increasing Hydroid's energy. But Mag, who gets a couple of threads a week (all of which agree she needs more energy), gets the shaft?! DE, why do you hate Mag so much?
  4. Look at my avatar. I love Mag. I take her to a bunch of missions I probably shouldn't. I build and forma weapons just to use with her. But she's not in a good place and needs a second look. There are a lot of frames better than Mag right now. I've made a couple of threads about her. I've even made a reddit post titled "DE must really hate Mag". Just because I like her doesn't mean I'll overlook her problems. Music is subjective, a frames' usefulness is not.
  5. Smite isn't bad, but it's not super good either. It's just kind of there. It's not a reason to pick Oberon for anything. The radiation procs don't mean anything. I can take a radiation build Ignis, spin in a circle, and apply more radiation than Oberon can. When I look at what frame to take to a mission I ask myself, "why should I take this frame"? When I look at Oberon I just don't see any reason to. The only thing he has that's really helpful is Renewal, and Trinity's Blessing beats that hands down. His weak CC and below average damage don't make up for being a
  6. Wasn't trying to bash him, I was just trying to make a point. Renewal is the only thing that Oberon has.
  7. Try running a sortie without Renewal. Does he still feel balanced? Every time someone defends the rework they're only talking about Renewal. Yeah, Renewal is great (though I still the energy drain is too high), but I kinda wish the rest of his kit was useful too.
  8. This^^ They should just remove the "per allied healed" and make it a flat amount.
  9. DE makes Cataclysm too powerful Community asks for tweaks DE smashes Limbo's kneecaps with a sledgehammer Way to over nerf guys. You might as well have removed all damage from Cataclysm, it would have been easier. Oh well, at least I can still use Limbo in solo missions. God knows you can't use him in a group, his abilities are the very definition of troll.
  10. As a solo Ghost Clan that just completed the research, I feel I can now tell DE: Fix this garbage. That cost is beyond ridiculous. You wouldn't hurt my feelings, or lessen my sense of accomplishment in any way, but it may help to clean some of the egg off your face.
  11. Kind of what I was thinking. If your reticle is over and ally It's a single target. If your reticle is not pointed at an ally it's an AOE that does not affect allies.
  12. Ash was one of those frames that had a good kit, but had one ability that was so OP that no one even looked at the rest of his kit. Try increasing his duration, keeping his range at 100%, and using Fatal Teleport. You can still mass murder very easily, it just takes more than one button now.
  13. So, any plans on getting rid of the tear Limbo makes when dashing? Because it's annoying the piss out me. I keep accidentally putting myself back in the rift when I don't want to. If I dash out of the rift to hack a console when I was in front of it, now I have to wait for the tear to go away. Following behind a Limbo who dashes a lot means you're dodging his little land mines he leaves everywhere. It needs to go. Also, I'm not sure the cone aoe for Banish was a good idea. If you play with a Limbo that actually uses Banish (which is a rarity after
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