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  1. Sorry DE, but even though Rhino Prime and his weapons are the only primes I'm missing, I'm gonna skip this nightmare of an unvaulting. I don't feel like running the same Void missions until I vomit just to have a couple of the unvaulted relics. The drop rate is insulting and the drop tables are too diluted. I'll just wait until next year when this is hopefully sorted out.
  2. Quick and easy solution for all of the people who still want to Za Warudo, just make it an augment. Problem solved. I'm not sure why people think the change to Limbo would be OP without the duration nerf. Enemies inside the rift are frozen and can't fire anyways, so nothing changes there. Bosses can still move in the rift but would be able to fire now, that's a small nerf right there. We could already kill things frozen in the rift super fast, it was just annoying as **** for anyone not Limbo. The duration nerf was not needed at all.
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