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  1. Welp, guess I'll throw in my 2 cents. I tried to make something Cyberpunk-ish.
  2. Yea I guess get use to it... for now? She used to do T-pose with her Molt then Devs fixed that. Wouldn't call that a fix though cause shes still doing the same just except T-Pose its this default idle pose now. It's going on for months and still no "proper" fixes. Also that's Host sided bug if you are not hosting the game it seems to be fine for some reason.
  3. Good to know might have missed this one as switchable option - quite a lot of them there. Still some people might like to run with that option ON too. Doesn't mean it shouldn't be fixed. I have this option ON for long time now and never seen this happening. Guess I'll turn it OFF for now indeed. But still hope DE will find a while to fix it. EDIT: Also with that option turned OFF Warframes/characters don't cast shadows on the ground/floor anymore and that's a bit weird looking.
  4. Ok. First off I thought it's gonna get fixed somehow, but seems like its gonna go for months and no one noticed that yet or at least reported? Well except for this 'Tenno': So I see it since April? Anyway, first time I saw this low-poly or at least it seems to be low-poly based bug was on FORTUNA: Orb Vallis - I thought it's just some temporary glitch that restart of the game will fix or some hotfixes. What the shenanigans? Then I saw it on my Saryn's boots(cause painted TennoGen Skin white) And now I also see that on Wisp's umm ASSETS...? Friend's point of view: I've also noticed that on Floofs especially in places when shadows/lightning is casted in certain ways I guess... Beside that I've asked few of my friends and they all see that too. It seems to be not so visible on darker colours. So some of them haven't noticed that. But I know plenty of people there use white and/or other bright colours on their frames. It's just weird nobody said anything so far. It's really kinda gross to look at these blocky shading? Based of low-poly models... triangles and squares? Ugh. And yes altering settings to whatsoever doesn't really do anything. Hoping for a fix DE.
  5. This happens on all warframes... I have it on Saryn on Wisp on Mag etc. etc. especially if you set colors to bright ones like white. It also happens on decorations like floofs. I'm surprised how people are blind to bugs like this... you are the first person to report it and no its not just "us" pretty sure everyone have it. I can see it and my other 3 friends as well. It's low poly model bug of some kind...
  6. It's Commodore from Zephyr Prime Access.
  7. Try her Delusion skin... energy glowing elements are still all BLACK... T_T
  8. I have the exact same problem. DE please do something. T_T
  9. Umm so where is it? I can't see it anywhere... ;_;
  10. 50+ Somachord Spots marked on the map. Good job guys! However I won't be updating it anymore as of now, but by all means you guys can continue this for your own convenience. Good Luck! I also have suggestion for DE. Dear DE, if you guys wanna keep Open World Somachords the way you made it, but make it easier for some people... then at least choose some permament spots and place them like for example all 4 Somachords for 1 song in one "sector" on the map, so it will be possible to find them all by entering Orb Vallis only once. I personally don't mind looking for them it's actually cool thing to do for me, but reentering Orb Vallis every time to find only 1 Somachord was indeed a bit annoying. I understand the same system was used here as it is on normal maps, but in reality it's not that good. Even though I found so many spots alone and with friends and have all the songs already I still think permament spots would be better idea.
  11. Don't look at red circles I had totally different idea for it and thats why I marked them. But now since there is so many locations, it doesn't matter. So yea post where you found it on map.
  12. If you use the methods I described and check marked spots on the map here, you surely find them without any bigger problems. Besides you don't have to enter every cave, like I said use Archwing and fly low above the surface, it will detect somachord even in the deepest caves anyway. I was pretty surprised myself but it worked well. Also visual clue? You got the minimap in game.
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