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  1. I just put that on my operator... getting some Kerrigan vibes there. lol
  2. Welp, I'm guessing a bit late post here, but if any of you by any chance haven't seen this and still looking for Somachords. Here's an archived topic:
  3. Guys, there's still gonna be two Deluxe Skins for each warframe... (I'm not even gonna mention some really great TennoGens) do not worry. I'm also not entirely sure about that Equinox... yet. From the very left side of the picture, not exactly fan of this kind of legs. However I don't like what they did there with Harrow Deluxe as well or even Limbo Deluxe, not to mention Atlas one. Not everything is perfect for everyone obviously. For me even though I love/like or dislike some other deluxes, so far the new Ash Deluxe and Garuda Deluxe - both skins shoved all other deluxes under the carpet basically. Of course it would be perfect "for me" if all Deluxes would look like new Ash deluxe or the Garuda one, but I would guess that's more like Devs choice. You also forget Ivara's only theme isn't just huntress she's also goddamn Thief. Her Deluxe has kind of elf ranger like vibes. So I'd say it's good enough.
  4. Welp, guess I'll throw in my 2 cents. I tried to make something Cyberpunk-ish.
  5. It's Commodore from Zephyr Prime Access.
  6. Try her Delusion skin... energy glowing elements are still all BLACK... T_T
  7. Umm so where is it? I can't see it anywhere... ;_;
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